Clutter is not just physical things that constantly bog us down in our daily lives. It also comes from different sources that hinder us from having a clearer view of what’s important. Today, I’d like to talk about the clutter that we don’t see but have become blinders that we’re not aware of.

Sometimes, you have to take a look around at the people you surround yourself and figure out the role they play in your life. Just to be clear, people are not things. You can’t just get rid of them just because they disagree with your lifestyle, religion and politics. Personally, I actually find it fruitful when I engage someone in a debate about what they’re passionate about.  I don’t necessarily discount their thoughts right away but I try to find what I could take away from our discussion.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the people whose first instinct is to put other people down. I know a few. But just because I figured out who they were, does not necessarily mean I’ll ask them to make an exit out of my life. When I decided to take stock of who I am, I figured out that I let so many things and so many people control the person that I was supposed to be. And when I realize that only I have the power to steer this ship, I’ve come to realize that I can control how I react to the negative thoughts that are constantly bombarding me on a daily basis. In the same token, I can control how another person’s words affect me. I am allowed to feel hurt, but if I choose to wallow, then I’m giving it the power to turn into a festering wound.

When we’ve been hurt by someone close to us, our first recourse is to tell anyone with an empathic ear in the hopes that they’ll side with us. But the problem with that is we create a vacuum of hurt by involving people that had nothing to do with the problem to begin with. It doesn’t solve anything but only adding fuel to the fire. So the next time you hear a gossip or a negative remark about you, talk to that person directly. Don’t start a cloud of drama that will only worsen as more indirect people get involved.

It’s an odd thing to have all these time in my hands. But it sure is nice to be listening to myself and my thoughts for once. I’m not  thinking about deadlines and things I have to do for somebody else. The break sure is nice, but once in a while, I let the worry creep in.

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