Temptation: Audible First of Series Sale

audible Audible knows the right marketing ploy to get me to buy their wares. They also know when to hit me up so it’s almost a sure thing that I will download their books. I mean, any time they send me an email announcing a sale of some sort,┬áit’s guaranteed that I will spend some time scrolling through the titles.

Last week, they had a bunch on sale for first books in a series. So of course, I was excited! I’ve always wanted to try reading these, but I can never squeeze it in my reading rotation. So I thought, what better way to do that than listen in? And at $4.95 a piece, I thought it was a steal.

Feed [Newsflesh Trilogy, #1] by Mira Grant

I’m pretty sure I’ve been told by many that they’ll revoke my booknerd privileges if I don’t read this right away. I also own the trilogy in paperback, but they remain untouched in my shelves.

The Mayfair Moon [The Darkwoods Trilogy, #1] by J.A. Redmerski

It’s been a while since I read a werewolf book in YA, and I’m sort of familiar with the author’s work. That’s pretty much the only legitimate reason why I downloaded this.

The Poison Princess [The Arcana Chronicles, #1] by Kresley Cole

I’m almost positive this book will drive me crazy. I heard this features an annoying love triangle. Honestly, the reason why I bought this is because I already own the hardback copy. It would be nice to finally get it off my TBR.

All Lined Up [Rusk University, #1] by Cora Carmack

I honestly don’t know why I downloaded this. But there’d been so many positive feedbacks about this series that I wanted to see what the bid deal is all about. Also, I love football. Unfortunately, this book bored me to tears. I read it and gave it a paltry 2 stars.

First Grave on the Right [Charley Davidson, #1] by Darynda Jones

This I like. I read it already, and I must say, it’s quite addictive. Soon after reading this first book, I ended up scouring Amazon for the hardback copies. Yesterday, I received book #4.

A Hunger Like No Other [Immortals After Dark, #2] by Kresley Cole

I just realized this book is the second in the series. Something tells me I need to make a big stink over at Audible. Harrrrumpph. I’m currently listening to this, and it’s a bit of an oddity for me. I’m intrigued, though. And because I’ve never read the first book, I’m also lost.

I’m on to you, Audible! You’re trying to get me to read the first book in the series and see if I can like them enough to read the rest. Case and point, Charley Davidson. Sigh. There are 7 books so far to this series, and like I’ve mentioned up above, I bought all 7 in hardbacks soon after I read the first. Well played, Audible. Well played.
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