Photo Vomit [19]: More Happy Than Not

I’m More Happy than Not…


Running my fingers on the spine of my books.


Listening to the crackle of the record player.
Eating instant ramen noodles and listening to an audiobook.
Having my hand in the cookie jar without anyone slapping said hand.
Playing card games, board games…any games with the family.
And finally…reading, of course.

I’d like to thank Romi of Where the Writer Comes to Write for the tag! If you’re Joey, Kelly, Amir and Brainetag! You’re it. 🙂 

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Photo Vomit [18]: Basement Bookshelves


Last week, in a spur of the moment, I decided to rearrange my basement library. I wanted free up some bookshelves to make room for…well, more books.


It took bribery, a dash of cajoling, and threats of bodily harm to get my family to help.


At first, I didn’t think I have enough books to fill up the shelves (I know right?).


But I didn’t have anything to worry about. It turns out, there aren’t enough shelves. There are NEVER enough shelves.



Join me on my next moment of insanity, will you?

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Photo Vomit [17]: Book Photographs


This week’s post may come across as random shots of book photos. And you might just be right. When I decided to do Photo Vomit on the blog, I didn’t really have any set of rules. It doesn’t  follow a theme. I mean, I’m making it up as I go.  I pretty much post whatever pictures I want as long as they’re book-related/inspired. I haven’t done too many of these. But from what I can remember, my themes have always been sporadic.

Incidentally, I know Photo Vomit is a feature on the blog, but I can bet you anything there are similar concepts out there. Just in case someone actually tells me to cease and desist.


Back to my post, I took  these pictures a while ago on a day when I was fiddling with my camera; trying to see how close I could shoot without making out with my subjects. I thought they turned out well.

If you’re wondering what kind of camera I use, these were taken with my Nikon D3100. This particular camera has been with me for a while and is still a favourite of mine even though it’s broken. It won’t let me use the view finder to take pictures. Mostly, I use the screen. I’m surprise it still works however limited.

Lately, I’ve been rethinking about the photos that accompany most of my book reviews. I try to present it in such a way that would attract my readers’ eyes – ala Tumblr. Sometimes, it’s a little tough to do, because I’m never going to like every book that I read. And taking a beautiful picture of it while I yammer on about how awful the book was, makes me feel dumb.


I’m not an experienced photographer. Mostly, I like taking close up shots. I refuse to read the manual that came with my camera, so most of the time, I’m a bumbling fool. I just bought a new one for traveling since it’s much more compact and slimmer than the D3100. Well, I won’t bother you with all my idiosyncrasies, but do you dabble in photography?

What captured your eye this week?

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Photo Vomit [16]: New York in Black and White




Nope. I’m not in New York this week. I took these pictures last year when I attended BEA.
Are you feeling a bit jealous of those who are in attendance? Well, I thought I would be jealous too, but the more I reminisce about my experience, the better I feel. I do hope everyone’s having a great time out there. The madness is just not my thing. The city is gorgeous, but overwhelming. If you’ve ever felt alone in a sea of people, that’s how I felt the four or five days that I was there.
In NYC’s defence, I’m the kind of person who always feel out of sort without the company of my brood. So it doesn’t matter where, really. If I’m not with my family, I can guarantee you I’m not having a good time.
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Photo Vomit [#15]: Instagram Tags


Book and a notebook. Tagged by Amir of Not so Literary!


Book and lipstick. Tagged by @crochetandbooks on Instagram.

DSC_0990Pressured reads. Tagged by @mariannelee_092 (Boricuan Bookworms) on Instagram.


Books with plaid. Tagged by @booksandbaby (Educating Elsa) on Instagram.


Bookish breakfast. Tagged by @lilytales on Instagram. Tea, strawberries and a granola bar.

I’ve been horrid at responding to tags on Instagram, so I thought I should try and catch up. If you’ve tagged me in the past and I have not responded to it yet, don’t fret. I’ll make it up to you soon. I’m on Instagram, in case you want to see more of these bookish pictures.


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