November Wrap Up

Helloooo, December!

Wow. Y’all, we’re in the homestretch of 2019 and I could not be more happy. I am more than ready to greet 2020 and embrace it for all its worth. Not that 2019 was less than a stellar year, but a new year means new set of goals to crush. November was an outstanding month, reading wise as I read a total of 42 books. Blogging-wise, however, was so-so. Work is just being terrible, so I haven’t been able to find a steady ground. I kept finding myself trying to keep up. Anway, this is going to be a bit of a slog of a post, but let me break it down for y’all:

  • What Makes Us by Raffi Mittlefelhdt 4/5 Stars
  • Quichotte by Salman Rushdie DNF
  • The Kingmaker by Kennedy Ryan 5/5 Stars
  • The Nightmark by Tiffany Reisz 3/5 Stars
  • The Day the World Came to Town by Jim DeFede 5/5 Stars
  • The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan 4/5 Stars
  • Dirty Letters by P Ward & V Keeland 4/5 Stars
  • Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta 5/5 Stars
  • Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta 5/5 Stars
  • A Lie for A Lie by Helena Hunting 4/5 Stars
  • Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith 4/5 Stars
  • City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab 4/5 Stars
  • The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek 5/5 Stars
  • Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis 3/5 Stars
  • The Rainbow Comes and Goes 4/5 Stars
  • Three Women by Lisa Taddeo 3/5 Stars
  • Beard Necessities by Penny Reid 5/5 Stars
  • The Institute by Stephen King 5/5 Stars
  • The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi 4/5 Stars
  • A Higher Loyalty by James Comey 4/5 Stars
  • Tell The Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta 5/5 Stars
  • The Rebel King by Kennedy Ryan 5/5 Stars
  • Well Met by Jen Deluca 4/5 Stars
  • A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Bridgid Kemmerer 4/5 Stars
  • Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky 5/5 Stars
  • Say You Still Love Me by KA Tucker 4/5 Stars
  • Carry On by Rainbow Rowell 5/5 Stars
  • Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell 4/5 Stars
  • The Field Guide to the North American Teenagers 4/5 Stars
  • I Hope You Get This Message by Farah Naz Rishi 2/5 Stars
  • I Hear the Sunspots by Yuki Fumino 3/5 Stars
  • Worship by Ella James 4/5 Stars
  • Adore by Ella James 4/5 Stars
  • Heartstopper Volume 1 & 2 5/5 Stars
  • The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman 4/5 Stars
  • Kissing Tolstoy by Penny Reid 4/5 Stars
  • The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo 4/5 Stars
  • Royals by Rachel Hawkins 3/5 Stars
  • Permanent Record by Mary HK Choi 2/5 Stars
  • Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta 5/5 Stars

My fingers are cramping. Honestly, if I wasn’t so terrified of filming myself, this post would be less shorter and probably easier to do. Lol. Well, I don’t know about easier, as being in front of camera terrifies the living shit out of me. So yes, I read a lot. Honestly, even if I keep telling myself that I’m going to pump the breaks on reading, I seem to go full speed ahead regardless. Same is true for December. I said I’m going to slow it down, but as of this writing, I’ve already read two books. What’s a girl to do? Sigh.

Favourites of November: The Institute by Stephen King, Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky, and The Day the World Came to Town by Jeff DeFede. If you noticed that I wrote Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil three times, you’re not seeing triple. I did re-read the book thrice and loved every second of it. I think it’s fast becoming my favourite Melina Marchetta novel to date. I’m still not able to write a review for it, though. Maybe I’ll add it to my goals for 2020.

So I’m not going to keep you any longer. This post is pretty long enough as it is. I hope your December will be packful of books, love and family.

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