[502]: Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks

Avon | Kindle Edition, 307 pp.
Series: Slow Burn, #1
Published: October 7th, 2014
Adult Fiction | Suspense | Erotica | Thriller
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

I picked up this book in part, because I wanted to join in the Valentine’s event hosted by The Bookish Groupies; and also because I was in the mood for something spicy for Valentine’s. It was remiss of me to think that this book was going to be a romp in the sheets. I mean, sure it was hot. But because of the other dark themes in this book, I found myself unable to revel in all its erotic glory.

This book had me by the nose from the get go. It opens with Caleb barging in to Ramie’s hide out in the mountains. Caleb forces her to help him find his sister who was abducted by a depraved serial killer. Ramie has some abilities. I guess you can say they’re psychometric by nature. But while others can see the history of an object with a single touch, Ramie can only see through the eyes of one psychotic maniac.

The problem is, when Ramie touches the victim’s things, she also experiences every single torture that victim goes through. So, it’s pure hell for her every time. It’s the reason why she went into hiding in the first place. After she helped find Caleb’s sister, she took off again. A year later, the serial killer who was only biding his time until he can kill the one that got away, finds Ramie. Since she’d ran out of places to hide, she had no choice but to seek the protection that Caleb had offered her in the past.

As the serial killer gets closer to finding Ramie, the more she realizes that he has to be stopped. She has no choice but to use herself as the bait. Either way, the torture and the killings has to end. Even if it meant her inevitable, painful death.

I have read a few of Maya Banks’ books. She’s written a whole slew of them. If there is one thing that I’ve noticed about her stories, is that it takes .02 seconds for relationships (carnal or otherwise) to develop in her books. The same could be said for Caleb and Ramie. This was no slow burn. It took Caleb literally a few days before he realizes that he’s in love with Ramie. Now, I don’t blame the guy. I mean, if you were single-handedly the one person responsible for putting that woman in hell to save your sister, I think I can see why he would develop feelings for her quite easily. It’s a short trip from ardent admiration to lustful love.

Some of their interactions were a bit too sweet for my taste. Sometimes bordering on cheesy. It almost made me look forward to when the serial killer was in the throes of torturing his victim. And that’s saying a lot, because I’m typically a squeamish person.

I think that’s the only reason I’m rating this book three stars. Otherwise, it would’ve been a great read for romantic suspense fans. The best thriller reads are the ones that make a reader feel anxious to turn to the next page. I had sweaty palms, and my heartbeat was elevated while reading this book. A true testament to Ms. Banks’ success in creating the right environment for a suspenseful novel.


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Swoonuary: A Month for Romance

Swoonuary (1) Now, we all know I read and review just about anything on the blog. But I’ve also been notoriously guilty whenever I read books that are purely mind candy: tasty reads but you don’t get much “nutritional value”.

This month, I decided to join in the fun with the ladies of The Bookish Groupies as they celebrate this month of romance. How, you might ask? Well, since I’m only good for one thing, and one thing only, I decided to read a few romance books this month. This is funny to me, because before drafting this post, Carmel of Rabid Reads asked her readers if they’re “seasonal readers”. I said I wasn’t. And sure enough, here I am.

Anyway, who can resist reading sugary sweet romance books? Heck, you bet your Edible arrangement I will take advantage of any excuse to read them free of guilt! While I have been slowly easing away any former hang ups I might’ve had with reading romance books in the past, I haven’t fully embraced it! So this month, I thought it’s as good a time as any.

I’m going to attempt to read the following books:


Once Upon a Rose [La Vie En Rose, #1] by Laura Florand

Right. So I’ve been mildly obsessed with Amour et Chocolat  by this author. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve read most of the books and novellas in this series. Rachel of The Readers’ Den recently read and loved this book, so of course I had to download a copy! Seriously, Rachel and Jasprit are going to be the death of me. Any who, looking forward to reading this one!

20799724 Burn for Me [Hidden Legacy, #1] by Ilona Andrews

I’m cheating a little bit. This one is not really pure romance, but much of the ‘flailing’ reviews on Goodreads and the blogosphere touched on how fantastic the romance is in this book. I’m also killing two birds in one store here since it’s an Urban Fantasy; a genre that I decided to explore more this year. I’m dying to read this book!

20910177 Keep Me Safe [Slow Burn, #1] by Maya Banks.

I just know this book is going to be a sizzler! I’ve read a few of Ms. Banks books, and if those are any indication of what I’m in for, there’s no doubt that I’ll guiltily happily enjoy this one!


So I hope you’ll check out all the books that will be reviewed during this month. The ladies involved in this event are sweet bloggers who reached out to me to see if I’d be interested. Check out their blogs, will you?

Happy reading!

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