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Before we get into Mr. Gray’s bookshelves, I would just like to apologize for the lateness of this post. I had promised to put this up on the 3rd, but since getting back from my vacation, I haven’t had the desire to blog or read emails for that matter. Totally my fault. Judith and her team has been incredibly patient with me and generously understanding. So, again. Sincerest apologies, Judith. 🙁

I have today JR Gray and he’d very much like for you to “touch his shelves” (love the raw wood, btw!). Take that for what you will but based on the pics he’d sent, I’m wholly tempted. *smirks* Also, I found another one, folks. A true fan of Ms. Reisz’s works. One of these days, I would need to get over myself and continue with her Original Sinners series. Damn.

On His Favorite Authors

I have a ton. Let me try and narrow it down. Tiffany Reisz. Maggie Stiefvater. Mercedes Lackey. J.K. Rowling. Brandon Mull. V.E. Schwab. Jane Austin. George R.R. Martin. Sierra Simone

On His Latest Book Purchase

The last paperback I bought was The Abyss Surrounds Us. I haven’t read it yet. Kulti is the last Ebook I bought, which I loved. Kulti will go down as one of my favorite characters of all times.

His Reading Spot

I love to read in my library. I can hide away in there, and it’s hidden enough I’m not easily found. 

The Most Controversial Books on His Shelves (or the lack thereof)

I’m not sure that I would consider anything on my shelf controversial. I have a few of Michael Stokes’ books. Lots of pretty naked men, but in my house it’s not really controversial. Maybe I should say one of Tiffany Reisz’s because of my favorite sadist priest.

You Should Read This

I recommend The Siren to everyone I know. I love the series, and so many of the characters from it resonate with me. Tiffany Reisz writes such beautifully broken and human characters. I found so many parts of me in her characters. They were like home.

Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Gray. Sorry again for the delay. Tiffany Reisz’ characters are an acquired taste but I’m willing to give them another go. 🙂

JR GRAY’s latest, Say Yes is already out. Help support an Indie author by purchasing and posting a review! You can purchase your copy on the links below:

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James failed.
He tried to be what they wanted.
He tried to deny it.
He tried to be a good Catholic boy…but it’s become too much.
He craves pain, submission.
He’s denied himself far too long, and it’s eating him alive.

Charles thrives off the exchange of power. He knows the world revolves around control. It’s given and taken like currency, in business and in pleasure. He won’t get attached, though, or so he tells himself, until James turns his world upside down. He’s defiant and snarky, but Charles can taste the submission on him.

Charles holds the key to his salvation but James has to Say Yes.

About the Author: 

When not staying up all night writing, J.R. Gray can be found at the gym where it’s half assumed he is a permanent resident to fulfill his self-inflicted masochism. A dominant and a pilot, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car. He frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns and conversations, to jot down notes or plot bunnies. Commas are the bane of his existence even though it’s been fully acknowledged they are necessary, they continue to baffle and bewilder. If Gray wasn’t writing…well, that’s not possible. The buildup of untold stories would haunt Gray into an early grave, insanity or both. The idea of haunting has always appealed to him. J.R. Gray is genderqueer and prefers he/him pronouns.


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