At Home: Achieving the Boho Style

I’m one of those people who’s not a fan of going stagnant when it comes to the decor of my house. So every Spring, my home goes through a transformation of sorts. I tend to drive my family crazy with the whirlwind of cleaning and rearranging to achieve the kind of look I want. This year, I opted for the style of the moment: Bohemian Chic. At first, I was a little hesitant to make the change because everything was about minimalism in my house last year. And to achieve the boho chic decor, you must shed your inhibition towards contrasting colours and textures; filling your rooms with house plants, and woven knick-knacks on every available surface of your house.


Both my couches are now littered with pillows featuring a variety of colours and vintage-looking prints of varying patterns. Anything that offers a contrast to the overall appearance of a room got me one step closer to joining the Bohemian movement. Persian rugs are also a must. Unfortunately, they cost a lot of money. But if you try your luck at IKEA, they have some great ones that are inexpensive. Of course, having vintage rugs are optimal. But I can barely afford a runner so I’m saving up for when I can get a big rectangular one that can over a wide area in my living room.


On my thrifting weekends, my eyes are always peeled to textiles and blankets. They may look like eyesores now but when they’re properly mixed with the overall aesthetic of your house, it works.

So yes, my house is an ever-changing landscape. I’m never satisfied with how it looks. Who knows what I would be into in the summer? What about you? Do you get bitten by the decorating bug quite often? What’s your style like? Come back next time for more about this Bohemian chic style. But for a few ideas about it, here are a few Instagram accounts that I follow:











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