[519]: Galgorithm by Aaron Karo


GOODREADS SUMMARY | Simon Pulse | ARC, paperback 310 pp. | May 5, 2015 | Young Adult | Contemporary Romance | Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

I like Hitch. Will Smith was funny and the advice he doled out made sense. It’s all about confidence, you see? And attitude. Respecting the object of one’s affection and a bit of hard work.  Shane was no Hitch though.

Shane is the dating guru of Kingsview High. Much like Hitch, he helps out socially inept boys who are clueless when it comes to dating. There is a science to it, or in this case, Algorithm.  It’s a formula he’d device to help out the geeks and nerds; the clueless and the hopeless.

I like the bare bones of the plot: Shane helps his peers get out into the world with some sage advice in girls, mannerisms, and fashion. His main goal is so that they’ll never have to suffer through what he went through in the hands of one cruel heartbreaker. There are usual teen hijinks and unlikely romances between what would’ve been impossible pairings in the real world. And yet somehow, it works. 

There are guys that needed to get their hearts broken a million times before learning the curve, but not Shane. It only took one, and unrealistically, he became an expert.  Shane is a smooth operator, suave for one who’d only ever experienced love once. He knows what to say to the ladies, and can anticipate their needs. He’s gained a reputation as a miracle worker. So much so that his Math teacher recruited him for help.

Books told in male’s perspective are rare in YA. Even rarer to find one that’s not quite as candid and enjoyable. In my experience, I’ve yet to find one that I didn’t like. Unfortunately, it sucks being inside Shane’s head. He didn’t have the right mix of pubescent maturity and ill-timed illumination that I find amusing in male POVs. Even his realization that he was in love with his best friend wasn’t convincing. I wasn’t convinced, and to be honest, they didn’t really have chemistry. 

It probably would’ve been sweeter to be in Jak’s head. She’s spunky; she’s got no filter which makes her even more hilarious. She’s the token best friend. They’ve been bffs since they were kidlets so they have a long history together. I like that she didn’t fall readily for ‘that guy’, even though it would only make sense.

Over all, Galgorithm was cute in some, but generally not that great of a read. I was really disappointed. If you’re looking for a quick, mindless read, this book is for you. But over all, I wasn’t impressed.

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On the Night Table [14]: Darker Shade of The Collector Solving Galgorithm in a Three-Day Summer.


I’m so excited about my reading pile this week! First, I found my copy of A Darker Shade of Magic in a pile of books meant for the cabin. Second, ARCs of a couple of contemporaries from Simom & Schuster; and third, The Collector by Nora Roberts  to which, I’m more than halfway through (like, like, like).

I’ve also started A Darker Shade this weekend, and I all I can say is,  Ms. Schwab is such a phenomenal story teller. I haven’t started the ARCs, but I can already tell I’m going to love it. Three-Day Summer has a Woodstock vive; and Galgorithm sounds so quirky and cute.


apr 27 on the night

Red Queen was a disappointment and a half. The Shadows was tiresome. The Fearless was relentless. Simon was unbearably cute. Mad About You was hilarious.

Since you didn’t get an update from me this weekend, here’s a couple of pictures of what my weekend was like:


I got my deck ready for summer. So now…


I have a new favourite reading spot!

What was your weekend like?
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