[605]: Cracked by Barbra Leslie


It’s been driving me mad for weeks. This book arrived at my doorstep weeks ago and still have no clue who sent it. At first, I thought Titan must be connected to Penguin Random House Canada or Simon Schuster. Because they’re the only people who send me unsolicited books for reviews. But I’ve yet to find the connection. If any of you knows, please feel free to enlighten me. In any rate, I’m thankful. Cracked had sparked my long lost love for pulp fiction.


is an unapologetic mess. After her marriage ended, she flitted from alcohol abuse to the oblivion that only drugs can provide. She has no intention of getting clean. Not even when she got a phone call informing her that her twin sister, Ginger was found dead in a seedy motel. Far from the rich neighborhood where she and her perfect family lived.

Armed with the determination to find her killers, Danny, and her brother set out to exact revenge to those responsible. In California, they’ll find their brother in law in jail under suspicion of murder, their nephews missing, and a trail of clues that will lead them to her ex-husband’s shady past.


Reading pulp fiction is always a different experience. Everything is raw and visceral; bloody with a tinge of humor only a few of us would be able to get. Cracked is exactly that. It was dark and ripe with violent tendencies. The heroine works hard to appeal to the reader’s sympathetic side and was somewhat successful for the most part. While I tend to be unforgiving with characters who knowingly walks the path of destruction, I am a bit more generous with those who has gone past the point of no return. Danny, bless her, has fully owned being an addict. It’s the fuel that drives her- the spark that electrifies her. Knowing fully well that it could kill her one day.

This book is not for the faint of heart. It is not afraid to show all its dirty parts. It’s an honest portrayal of a woman whose weakness could very well be what keeps her alive. In that, it’s a dangerous novel, but only to those with no appreciation of what being human is like. Barbara Leslie is a woman who knows a thing or two about being an addict. As someone who’s well on her way to recovery, she’s been in that position before; where the need to use wars with the need to survive.

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