Confessions of an Addict 22: Preserved Reads

So question: Do you give a book an expiry date? As if you borrowed it from the library, and they gave you a time when you’re supposed to give it back? Do you abide by a certain rule that when a book has been sitting unread by your nightstand for an undetermined amount of time, you shelve it back for future read?

Right now, I have two books sitting prettily on my current reads: Che Guevarra: A Revolutionary Life by Jon Lee Anderson and Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. The first book has been sitting there since last year (October 17, 2013). While Cruel Beauty and I just can’t move on from where we stalled. I’ve yet to pick it back up since I put it there a over a month ago, and have read 18 books since then.

The thing is, I already know that reading a biography novel would take a bit of time, and with Che being as huge as he is (over 800 pages), I already anticipated that it’s going to be even more challenging. This is my first attempt at reading a non-fiction (I’ve read and finished one since then). I’m sad to say I haven’t gotten past page 5.

I really would like to finish this book sometime in this century. He’s a political and historical figure that has intrigued me since I’ve heard of him many years ago. The text is such a huge stumbling block for me as well (teeny, tiny texts).

Cruel Beauty is a book that I could’ve read within days of picking it up, but my problem is, I just couldn’t find the motivation to start over again. I’ve been told that I needed to be patient; that the book will show its greatness if I’d just keep reading. But I’m bored, people. It’s a boring book. At this point, I’ve only read about 16 pages of it. While I more than likely read Che, Cruel Beauty is another matter entirely. I just don’t think I have the time to wait for this book to blossom – so to speak.

I hate to quit on books, but seeing them on my night table – unread, makes me feel so guilty.

So how long do you let a book ferment in your currently-reading shelf? 

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