Photo Vomit [5]: Hard Case Crime Books

If your bookstore is like mine, you should be able to find a stand filled with these Hard Case Crime books. They are hard to miss and even harder to ignore. The covers are simply gorgeous. Everything retro is all the rage nowadays so I’m not surprised that this genre is being given a new lease on life.

Mystery didn’t really go away or had become less popular. What is being revived here is the gritty, harsh prose and the cover art worthy of a showing in an Art Gallery. 
They are sold in mass market paperback format, trade paperbacks and the rare hardbacks. The last format, though, is scary expensive. I found one which I now regret ever buying. I opted to pick up the trade paperbacks because mass market is just not something I buy (personal preference – they look crap on my bookshelves. I’m anal, I know this.). 
The authors who have signed up on this venture are quite an intimidating bunch and whose works are, admittedly, something I’m not familiar with. The more obvious of all is Stephen King. I’ve never really given his books a first glance. I just know that it’s beyond my feeble mind. Michael Crichton as well and Lawrence Block. Right now, I’m in the middle of reading Choke Hold by Christa Faust. It’s a story about an ex-porn actress who got saddled with the son of an ex when he got shot in the diner where she was a waitress. Without writing too much about it, let’s just say there had been shootings, gore, and deaths within the first two chapters. It’s freaking awesome and not at all the kind of books I’m used to reading. 
I’ve found myself drawn to the covers of these books. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive. I’m not much of a crime/thriller reader so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to read one, much less the eight that I’ve managed to collect in the last few weeks. Lo and behold, I’m actually enjoying them. They are fast reads. From what I’ve noticed so far is that the authors are more interested in telling you the nitty gritty than going by the descriptive route.

Anyway, feast your eyes on these covers. 

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Photo Vomit [4]: Typography

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Photo Vomit. Today, I thought I’d talk about typography. I’m not proficient on the subject matter by any stretch of imagination but I am a fan of typesets that are unique and pleasing to the eyes.

While a lot of readers would be drawn to the covers of a book, it usually falls third on the list of criteria for choosing a book for me. This is most especially true when I find myself looking for Fiction/Literature reads. I don’t have to think too hard when I’m picking a book in the Teen section. I usually know what to get before I even leave the house. 
Adult Fiction is a whole different game altogether. I’m typically lost as to what novels to get. I think that’s why I rarely buy them; but for the last few weeks I have been inexplicably drawn to that section of my bookstore. 
The spine of a book is the first thing shoppers see when we’re browsing. I, myself have been guilty of picking up books without knowing what they’re about. The pretty letterings on the spine usually has to jump out of the shelves for the book to catch my eye.

Three of the four books shown on the left side image are books that I’ve picked up because I was attracted to their typesets: The Marlowe Papers, Palisades Park and Ready Player One. 

Aren’t they pretty? I am familiar with Jojo Moyes’ works so I have been looking forward to reading her latest (The Girl You Left Behind). But the other three novels were bought primarily because they would look pretty on my shelves. I’m sure they’re good pieces of literature as well. What about you? Are you drawn to typography as well? 
Thanks for reading! 
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Photo Vomit [3]: Black Out Poetry

Warning: Scenes of violence against books. Readers Discretion is Advised. 

Hello. Just a fair warning. Pictures may be disturbing. You may have heard of my obsession with Black Out Poetry. It’s when I take a page of a book, mark, highlight, blackened it in order to create a different line of thought. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a book and turn it into a book of Black Out Poetry. 
It’s been a challenge because you have to pick a book written with a somewhat poetic prose. Unfortunately, the book I picked is a bit elementary. And no, I’m not going to divulge which book it is I’m ruining. I read it a long time ago and that’s all I’m going to say about that. 
Borrowed Words, Borrowed Art is the creation of a very bored, albeit, inspired mind. So I thought I’d go ahead and share some pictures of what I’ve done so far. 
Unchecked thoughts hollered a smoke-roughened voice.

We would be Repulsive by midnight.

Mysterious invitation to human sex education.

his deranged truth was up for debate.

Your spectrum of words…
had never been about love.
It’s about indecent connotation.

I dream about a civilization
before the flash of
good reason.

He and I connected through
vibrating horror.

initiating the outpouring of my

Standing on the door of his
fabricated world.

music played inside a suicidal silence.

deep-chill swept through,
Eyes the colour of chrome.

He was a strangely familiar
I feel I should apologize for this but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I’m attempting to create something out of this destruction. I want to call it art but it sounds pretentious. I’m currently on page 71 of 369 or something like that, so I’m a long ways away. What do you think? Are you going to take away my book-lover membership card? Let me know in the comments. And be honest. Tell me how you really feel. 🙂
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Photo Vomit: November 5 to November 11


I’ve quite enjoyed taking these photographs this week and sharing them with you gives me so much pleasure. I have been on a quest to find my creative niche so I’ve been trying everything including drawing with charcoal. I’m not good at it but I’m still learning. 

Nat King Cole’s The Magic of Christmas
The Sound of Music soundtrack
 I found these vinyl for a bargain price of $2 each at a local thrift shop. I’ve played them and they hardly skipped so they’re practically unscathed. 
I had to take a picture this maple tree behind our lake house. We got here Saturday morning to find the back yard littered with black and white leaves. It’s quite a sight to see. They look like silk leaves almost.

thank you so much for visiting this post. 
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Photo Vomit [1]: October 28th to November 3rd

Hello, dear readers.

So with the influx of photo apps that makes photographer wannabes like myself feel like a pro comes the resurgence for my love to catalogue every single inconsequential moments of my life using Instagram. It’s amazing how some pictures come out looking like a masterpiece when really, just mere moments ago, it was nothing but a piece of gum stuck on your shoe.

This weekend, I’ve got this idea to show you, my readers, some of the ones I’ve taken this week. I take pictures – a lot of pictures about nothing and everything. But I also post my poems there. Depending on how creative I was that week, I can crank out at least two poems a day. Mind you, my poems are rarely long. So it’s no surprise when I’m able to write more than two a day. My initial offering for you this week is a mish-mash of poems, music and things that I found interesting. 

This is actually my daughter’s deranged creation. Scary. 
This poem is called, Of No Consequence. I was thinking about Religion and Science at the time and how insignificant I was in the grand scheme of things. Yeah, happy thoughts, I know. 

Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue was a favourite jazz album of mine. This one was his live sessions back in 1959. 

This page was out of my Wreck This Journal project. I decided to set it free to Lake Winnipeg. It’s amazing how clear the water is out there. 

This made me so happy. Caramel Brûlée latte is back at Starbucks! My favourite. 

I spent my Saturday afternoon buried in a creative mess. I’ve recently become a huge fan of black out poetry, thanks to Vicious by V.E. Schwab. 

This was my Sunday alliteration offering. It was not easy, I tell ya. I think I sat there mumbling to myself until I found the right order of words that would make sense.

So that’s it. If you’re interested in doing this as well, just leave me a link in your comments. If you have an Instagram account, follow because I do follow back. 

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