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Today, I thought I’d give you guys a break from my usual book reviews. I’m sure you’re tired of reading my nonsense, so what’s a better way than to chronicle my life outside of blogging by showing you pictures from my iPhone? I mean, I know I’m not going to be able to avoid posting pictures without any books in the background because it’s virtually impossible. There are books on every surface of my house, especially in my bedroom. Case in point: this stack of books beside my bedside table. I like that I can go to any random rooms and pick up a random book to read. Unless of course, I’m in the midst of a very good book, in which case, that book will be attached to me like an extra limb. What about you? Are books taking over your house?


Last Sunday was Father’s Day. I posted this picture on my Instagram account wishing every dad and single moms out there who are doing their thing day in and day out. My husband is a goofy dad. He hangs out with my kids any chance he gets. He’s hilarious and fun, but he’s also a disciplinarian. The kids know when it’s time to get serious.  Now that my boy is involved in baseball, they’ve been spending more time together. I like that they have this thing together so I try not to encroach. I don’t even watch his games and go to his practice. Is that bad? This picture was taken when we went to Hawaii 6 years ago. I can’t believe my boy is 9 now and my daughter is turning 15 on Saturday. Time sure is getting away from me.


I don’t know why we did this at the end of the school year. But we got his eye checked a couple of weeks ago and found that he really needs glasses. His eyes are worse than his dad’s. I asked the optometrist if it was because of the hand-held devices he’s into but apparently, bad eyesight is hereditary.  My daughter wears glasses, too. And she’s at -5.00 grade. So they blame me. *sobs*

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Photo Vomit [26]: San Diego According to My iPhone


At the San Diego Central Public Library where the boy satisfies his appetite for dinosaurs. FullSizeRender-21

This is one cool library, folks. An architecture wonder, in my opinion.


A shot of some of the books I picked up.


A view that will inspire creativity and productivity.


I adore these headboard art. US Grant is one of my favourite hotels among every other hotels we’ve ever been in.

I’ve taken oodles of pictures, but I don’t want to bombard you with all of them. I thought I’d pick some of my favourites instead.

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Photo Vomit [25]: On Instagram



I know. I was supposed to have my TBR numbers up once and for all, but I’ve got to be honest. After the 100 count, I felt too disheartened to continue. So today, I decided to post my favourite Instagram pics from September. I actually haven’t posted anything this week. I’ve been really stressing out about life and work. Thankfully, I’ve at least eliminated one of the two. Well, obviously, I’m still alive, so it’s the work. Lol. Officially tended my resignation today. I’ve been working for the same company for 15 years now, so it’s quite a shock to everyone when they learned that I’m leaving. But, things have been too stressful for me over there, and I just feel like it’s time to find another set of challenge for me.
Anywho, Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We’re driving to the cabin after work and coming back tomorrow morning. Hubby has some OT, so it’ll be and the kids at home. Which is great because I’ll get a lot of blogging/ reading done after my chores. 🙂
If you’re on Instagram, hit me up with your handle.
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Photo Vomit [24]: Skittles

DSC00429I’ve wanted to re-arrange my books according to colour for a long time now. I just couldn’t do it to the library I have in the city because there are a lot of serial books over there. Then two weeks ago, I was bored out of my wits.


There was no internet. The cell reception was spotty at best. It was the long weekend, and the kids were whining as per usual. So I recruited them to help me re-arrange the books in the cabin according to colour.


The shelves look pretty. But finding books is not that easy anymore. Who knows. Maybe one of these days, I’ll re-shelve them alphabetically. Which, if you think about it, is a waste of time. Because if you’re bored enough to re-arrange your shelves, you’re bored enough to have the time to read.

What about you? Are you crazy enough to do this?
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Photo Vomit [22]: Instagram Favourites







Hi. My name is Joy and I’m an Instagram addict.
  • If you ever feel like you’re posting too much on Instagram, DON’T. It’s your account. If your followers feel like you over-post, all they have to do is hit the UNFOLLOW button.
  • Those filters are your friends. Use them. But never use the hashtag “no filter” if you’ve filtered the shit out of your selfie. There is a way for your followers to call on your bullshit.
  • Remember when you have to upload your picture in an app that resize your photo to square? Well, Instagram finally listened! Yay, for landscape attribute!
  • DO NOT USE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY when you’re taking a picture of food porn. It doesn’t make the food look all that appetizing. If the restaurant is too dark, that’s a sign that you shouldn’t be wasting some quality time with your loved ones by doing close up shots of your food.
  • One sure way of getting people to follow you? LIKE, LIKE, LIKE. Yeah. But be honest. Don’t like the picture because you’re looking to score brownie points. Like the pictures because you like them.
Joy’s Guidelines to following an account.
  • Do I know you from somewhere? You look kinda familiar. Oh yes! You visit my blog from time to time, right? And remember when we fangirled over that book? Yes! Yes! I know you. So yeah. *clicks follow button*
  • God. Why are your pictures so perfect?! When I grow up, I want to be like you. Sigh. Yeah, I’m jealous, but heck… *clicks follow button*
  • You live where?! Finland? Norway? India? China? Australia? Sweden? OMG. I’ve always wanted to visit your country! *clicks follow button*
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. Your words are porn. I think I like you. *clicks follow button*
Do you have an Instagram account?
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Photo Vomit [21]: Summer Reading


Lately, I’ve been thinking and rethinking about the title of this feature. It just sounds so crass, and frankly, it more often doesn’t go well with the message of my post. Last weekend, I’ve consider what to call it instead. Some of the choices that I’ve come up with are:

  • Livres et Images (books and images)
  • Entre Líneas (between the lines)
  • Pages et Images (pages and images)

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Anyway, back to my post. Well, I know summer is coming to a close. So I wanted to go back and see how many books I read this past couple of months that were actually summer-themed books. Sadly, I didn’t read too many. I’ve never been one to discriminate when it comes to what books to bring to the beach, but I do look for a couple of distinct characteristics. One, the setting has to be on a beach somewhere, and two, it has to be a decadent novel. I also try go for books that do not put a strain in the brain, ‘knowwhatImean?

So going by those, I can only find three novels in my READ bookshelf.

22840182 22674105 23507478

Admittedly, I wasn’t really that surprise that I only read three ‘summer-themed’ novels. I’m not the type of reader whose reading choices are dictated by a particular season. I’m usually flying by the seat of my pants kind of reader. Though sometimes, I’ll give in to reading a horror novel in time for Halloween.

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is a book set by the beach. And with its mystical quality, I say, it goes perfectly well with the season. Plus, summer romance! China Rich Girlfriend and Villa America both fall under the decadent, luxurious category. I don’t think I need to expand on how. While I didn’t necessarily read them while sipping some piña colada (more like, on the couch in my living room), these books were perfect reads in your beach bag.

What about you? What did you read on your summer vacation?
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Photo Vomit [19]: More Happy Than Not

I’m More Happy than Not…


Running my fingers on the spine of my books.


Listening to the crackle of the record player.
Eating instant ramen noodles and listening to an audiobook.
Having my hand in the cookie jar without anyone slapping said hand.
Playing card games, board games…any games with the family.
And finally…reading, of course.

I’d like to thank Romi of Where the Writer Comes to Write for the tag! If you’re Joey, Kelly, Amir and Brainetag! You’re it. 🙂 

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Photo Vomit [18]: Basement Bookshelves


Last week, in a spur of the moment, I decided to rearrange my basement library. I wanted free up some bookshelves to make room for…well, more books.


It took bribery, a dash of cajoling, and threats of bodily harm to get my family to help.


At first, I didn’t think I have enough books to fill up the shelves (I know right?).


But I didn’t have anything to worry about. It turns out, there aren’t enough shelves. There are NEVER enough shelves.



Join me on my next moment of insanity, will you?

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Photo Vomit [17]: Book Photographs


This week’s post may come across as random shots of book photos. And you might just be right. When I decided to do Photo Vomit on the blog, I didn’t really have any set of rules. It doesn’t  follow a theme. I mean, I’m making it up as I go.  I pretty much post whatever pictures I want as long as they’re book-related/inspired. I haven’t done too many of these. But from what I can remember, my themes have always been sporadic.

Incidentally, I know Photo Vomit is a feature on the blog, but I can bet you anything there are similar concepts out there. Just in case someone actually tells me to cease and desist.


Back to my post, I took  these pictures a while ago on a day when I was fiddling with my camera; trying to see how close I could shoot without making out with my subjects. I thought they turned out well.

If you’re wondering what kind of camera I use, these were taken with my Nikon D3100. This particular camera has been with me for a while and is still a favourite of mine even though it’s broken. It won’t let me use the view finder to take pictures. Mostly, I use the screen. I’m surprise it still works however limited.

Lately, I’ve been rethinking about the photos that accompany most of my book reviews. I try to present it in such a way that would attract my readers’ eyes – ala Tumblr. Sometimes, it’s a little tough to do, because I’m never going to like every book that I read. And taking a beautiful picture of it while I yammer on about how awful the book was, makes me feel dumb.


I’m not an experienced photographer. Mostly, I like taking close up shots. I refuse to read the manual that came with my camera, so most of the time, I’m a bumbling fool. I just bought a new one for traveling since it’s much more compact and slimmer than the D3100. Well, I won’t bother you with all my idiosyncrasies, but do you dabble in photography?

What captured your eye this week?

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