Confessions of An Addict [45]: What My Kids Are Reading


From time to time, I’m able to coerce my kids (and sometimes my husband) for a feature post. I’ve done this particular one before where I talked about my kids’ reading taste at the moment. I thought I’d revisit and actually see what they’ve recently read, or currently reading.

My 15-year-old daughter recently picked up a book about a girl orphaned as a child and whose uncle sold into a prostitution ring afterwards. It’s all kinds of heartbreaking, to be honest. And I’m equally in awe and a little nervous with her choice. But I trust her and since I’ve never been one to censure, we’ll see how it goes. I’m not gonna lie, I actually like the sound of this book. I might just borrow it from her when she’s done.


On my last post, I’ve mentioned that my son has never been one to read a story book. So on his last book order before school ended for the summer, he ordered a Minecraft strategy book. I don’t know why¬†considering he hasn’t played Minecraft in a while. I asked him this question but he only shrugged and said, “it’s interesting”.

I’m always curious to see what other people are reading. Admittedly, my kids don’t read as often as I’d like but I’m trying to get them to read at their own pace. You can’t force these things. Today more than ever, I’m reminded of my failure to expose them to Harry Potter books as soon as they’re able to read at that level. Because I’ve noticed that kids¬†who grew up reading HP books are the kids that grow up as readers right through adulthood. I’m keeping my hopes alive that they’ll inherit my love for the printed word someday soon.

Were you raised, a reader?

What are your kids reading nowadays?

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