Photo Vomit [18]: Basement Bookshelves


Last week, in a spur of the moment, I decided to rearrange my basement library. I wanted free up some bookshelves to make room for…well, more books.


It took bribery, a dash of cajoling, and threats of bodily harm to get my family to help.


At first, I didn’t think I have enough books to fill up the shelves (I know right?).


But I didn’t have anything to worry about. It turns out, there aren’t enough shelves. There are NEVER enough shelves.



Join me on my next moment of insanity, will you?

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Confessions of an Addict [#35]: Unrelated Observations and Pointless Conclusions.


Your bookshelf brings all the boys in the yard.

Have you ever heard of a blog called, No Book Unread Project? It’s the brainchild of an aspiring writer who, in an effort to improve his writing decided that the best way to do that so was to read more. In his post, he figured he has 175 unread books. And for someone who has read 188 books in 2014,  this is hardly an impossible task.

However, you need to consider the quality of the books in his shelves vs. what’s in mine. It’s not even close. He reads high fantasy books in the likes of R.A. Salvatore. More than likely door stoppers. The kind that has complicated, intricate world building. My TBR bookshelf houses a schizophrenic selection picked mostly on a whim, or because I gave in to the pressures of a particular book’s noisy buzz.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. One should never pit their reading choices against another’s. My point is, while my family and friends may think I have Robotic Reader Eyes, I tend to pick books that doesn’t strain my brain too much: contemporary, realistic, and sometimes, if I ate enough peanuts, literary fictions. So in reality, though it might look possible in paper, I don’t think it would be if we switch TBRs.

The TBR Dungeon.

In the beginning of the year, I must admit that I thought this is doable; that I can simply saunter down in the basement and pick a book to add to my reading rotation until all the dragons in the dungeon have  been slain. As soon as I cleared the cobwebs and fluffed some of the dust bunnies away, however, the problems soon start taking turns bitch-slapping me in the face. Like, 453 of them.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

These are books that have gone stale. They’re two to three years old. Unread. Old releases. Does anyone even care to read reviews of these old books? I think that’s the problem I’m having with at the moment. As a book reviewer, I want to post reviews that are relevant and new; not books that were published three years ago. But as a reader, I know that time is immaterial. Whether I read them tomorrow or a year from now, it doesn’t really matter. Because books are timeless. READING should not be constricted to an allotted time period, otherwise, it becomes a pesky homework and not…fun.

So now, I’m conflicted.  The hermit philanthropist in me is thinking: I can always donate them to my library, or the charity shop where I buy my books. The hoarder in me is thinking:  Are you crazy?! What if you’re missing something good? Something life-changing amongst the rubble of this neglected pile? The reader in me is thinking: shut up and start reading!

Such is the flow of my consciousness every time I’m confronted by my  gigantic TBR.

Do you think that your readership care about the publishing dates of the books you review on your blog?

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Confessions of an Addict [32]: Shelving Read Books


Let me guess. You arrived at this post thinking I have some helpful tips for you on how to shelve your books, right? That I can tell you that the most effective way of shelving your read books is by alphabetizing them according to author’s name. Am I correct? Or maybe, you’ve come here expecting me tell you to go ahead, unleash your creative side and arrange it by colour?

You will be wrong.

I have no words of wisdom for you, unfortunately. I don’t have tricks on how to make some room on your shelves.

Perhaps, now you’re staring at your monitor, and wondering if I would be asking your opinion on how to save space?

Again, you will be wrong.

Today, I want to relish in that euphoric feeling of shelving read books. Regardless of how awful the book was, nothing could dispel my bad mojo better than putting that book away. My house could be in a state, and I would be fine. As long as my books are neatly piled – doesn’t matter where – I get a tantric feeling of contentment seeing them all together. It’s like how my grandma feels seeing all her grandkids in her house. Even if her house is taken over by 30 or so kids, she’s happy, no matter how chaotic we are.

If displayed correctly, books are also a wonderful form of house decor. And provided that you have an answer when someone asks you what they’re about, they’re also great ice breakers.

So you’re out of space?


Who cares? Stack them. Stack them to your heart’s content. Stack them until the only thing that’s holding your middle shelf are books.


Either way, do what makes you happy. That’s the only organizational tip I have.


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Confessions of an Addict [24]: Oh ye, yellowing pages!


The sun is great, isn’t? Vitamin D, natural light…but when we get too much love from Mr. Sun, we burn, burn, burn. The picture above is the front windows in our cabin. It’s a very serene place to watch the sun disappear into the horizon. And while it’s very beautiful, it’s terror on my books.


When the blinds are open, the sun hits the books in all its bright glory. While I really love how bright it is, I never realize the how it ages the books quite hastily. I often sit on the couch and read, but I’ve never really notice how sun drenched most of my books have become. There’s a tell-tale sign that the pages are losing its original white colour.


Like these books, for example;


Or these –


I don’t know if you can notice, but seeing the ‘oxidation’ process up close is a different experience altogether. I don’t really know why I’m troubled by this; though, let’s not get carried away. It’s not the end of the world, these are books that have been here for at least a couple of years and then some. While I’m a fan of collecting old books, it bothers me when I see MY copies age. I think the problem here is, that most of these books haven’t been read.


If you’re a new follower, or have just met me, then you probably haven’t seen these shelves before. I did a post a while back about my bookshelves in the cabin and have mentioned that these shelves house books that I have put on the back burner for now (then). I’ve collected more books since that post. Right now, the chances of these books being read is pretty slim. Unless I’ve ran out of books to read in the city (our house), or if all the bookstores in the world closed doors (oh the horror!), I’m probably not going to drive an hour or so to the cabin just to pick them up.

I guess my point is, that’s the reason why it saddens me to see these books age right in my eyes.

And yet I can’t bear to let them go.

I need therapy.

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Confessions of an Addict [19]: My Shelves

I am a self-proclaimed book hoarder. I hoard books like it’s going out of style. This habit would be cheaper if I get books from publishers but because I’m a commitment-phobe reader, I tend to limit my ARC requests. 
I’ve always been asked just how much books I’ve accumulated in the last little while. And what better way to give you a perspective than showing you my bookshelves?

I actually have four of them: three in my house and one in the cabin. This one is in my basement. 

I have plans of surrounding my office with shelves and I’m happy to say, I’m almost there. These shelves consist of read books and unread books. There’s no specific organizational method. I just shelve them where I can find space. One of these days, I’d like to be able to organize them alphabetically by author’s name. Maybe when I don’t work for a living anymore or my kids have all grown up and moved out of the house.

That’s going to be a while.

You’ll notice that I use these shelves a lot:

It’s because they’re just the perfect height for me. Unlike the bookshelves I have in our living room wherein I have to use an ottoman to shelve books or to get books:
These shelves are my read books. They also house my favourites and series that I’ve read. One of these days, these shelves will literally turn into a wall of books. I planned on shelving all my favourite reads here until there’s not an inch of room left. Heck, maybe I’ll even move that TV off and fill the space with books. Same goes with that fireplace. 🙂

This is my TBR shelves in my bedroom. I have TBRs everywhere but these ones are the ones that I want to read asap. I know. It’s hardly a manageable pile but no regrets, no apologies. It’s my passion and one of my joys.

So that’s all the libraries of books I have at home and at the cabin. I haven’t stopped and I don’t think I ever will. Being surrounded by books is the second best thing in the world (first one – being surrounded by loved ones). 

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Bookshelf Tour 2.0


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but today I thought I’d give you a tour of my bookshelf. But this one is actually my bookshelves in my cabin. My predilection to hoard books is finally serving its purpose! My collection there consists of favourites, flounced series, can’t-get-to-yet, and planning to read. Of course, this bookshelf tour would’ve been more awesome had I’d grown a pair and film a vlog but I’d rather not scare the masses with my ugly mug. 🙂
My pretend ladder. As if my bookshelves are even tall enough! Lol. I somehow ended up decorating the cabin in Paris themed decors. As such, I’ve oodles of all things Paris. I’ve never been there, though I wish! My kids’ pictures are up on top along with some pictures of the lake.

This is the profile shot of my bookshelves. All in all, there are four free standing shelves that my husband worked very hard at assembling.
I have duplicate copies of books there that are my favourites. Surprisingly enough, I don’t have any Melina Marchetta books. I know right?
I also have multitude of books there that I’ve started but have long since quit on. In Blue Blood’s defence, I never read them but have decided not to read the series. I’m not into Gossip Girl type of books and this series screamed just that. Mark of Night (?) by PC Cast was just…too awful for words along with Thirst series by Christopher Pike.

Nightshade was good. Wolfsbane and Bloodrose were just ridiculous. Tiger’s Curse…I would need an entire post for that series. You’ll notice that even though I’ve flounced on these books, I still managed to complete the series on a couple of them. I’m a bit anal when it comes to incomplete series on my shelves so regardless of how much I loathe the books, I make it a point to complete it. Crazy. 
(Series I’m planning to read.)
I haven’t heard much about the Anita Blake series other than they’re overdrawn. I may still try to pick these books up but it will not be until the distant…distant…distant…future.

I read the first book of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of Underworld series and liked it. I haven’t had the opportunity to pick the books back up. Maybe someday…
(The most scandalous book on my shelf.)
A friend of mine from Norway (@Weegie_87) sent this book to me. Apparently, I need a bit of education as to the different types…and shapes. 🙂
So that’s it. My bookshelves at the cabin. 🙂

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