Confessions of an Addict [20]: Bored Children were Bored

We try to spend our weekends at the cabin as much as we can. And when we’re there, we’ve got nothing but time, silence and each other to occupy ourselves. The closest semblance of civilization is about twenty minutes away and there’s no WiFi for the kids’ hand-held devices. In short, they tend to get bored and they make sure to tell us this sentiment at a 25-second interval. It’s the most tiring thing, second only to, “are we there yet?”

We were there this past weekend and things were pretty much status quo. After about the 2,234th time that they lamented how bored they were, I gave my oldest my iPhone and told her to do with it however she pleases. What was I thinking? She grabbed her brother to the backyard along with my book bag. I didn’t bother asking her what she was going to do with it. She knows the rules; she knows that the books are to be treated like it’s a third child and therefore, their sibling. It took them about half an hour to film and another hour to fiddle with the edits.

Before you watch the video, I feel that I should apologize or explain myself somehow. Please know that I don’t claim to be the perfect mother. We do our best to be the best parents we can. We make sure they mind their manners but give these kids enough freedom and they’re sure to shock and awe. I’m equal parts proud and mortified by what these two kids have managed to do with the iPhone.

Please excuse the following:

  • My six-year old’s milk moustache.
  • His affection for the word, booger.
  • His affiliation with the gang called, PEACE.
  • His spit on your screen. 

I’ve watched this video so many times and have debated whether or not to post; but, man. I can’t resist. I like that my daughter thought my blog was weird and my book haul, an abomination. My son has seen way too many You Tube videos since he’s asked that you subscribe to a channel. I have a channel but I don’t post videos. At all. Until this one, at least.

Again, sorry for everything. Lol. 

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