[784]: Well Met by Jen Deluca

Well Met by Jen DeLuca | 4 out of 5 Stars | From Penguin Random House Canada

Contrary to the general consensus about this book’s appeal, the Renaissance Faire isn’t really all that interesting to me. I was bracing myself for some archaic colloquialism, and men walking around chomping on turkey legs while accosting wenches at the same time. But I guess it slipped my mind that this book was, after all, a contemporary romance to begin with.

Well Met is, in a word, delightful. Despite getting off on a rocky start, Simon and Emily’s chemistry was undeniable. But they also have being both an English literature enthusiast going for them, which made for some witty and funny banter. That’s on the light side of their chemistry. On the serious side of the coin, both were dealing with some abandonment issues. Simon’s grief for his brother was compounded with his parents leaving him alone to deal with the loss. Emily, on the other hand, was dealing with an ex boyfriend who decided that an English major drop out was not a good accessory for a recent law degree graduate.

While Simon’s life was pretty much planned for him, Emily was a day to day situation type of deal. She was set to stay with her sister for the time being but her life and future couldn’t be more different from Simon. She was more the go-with-the-flow type of girl who only wanted to repair her relationship with her sister by helping out while she recuperated from her injuries. And it’s exactly how she found herself being a part of a Renaissance Faire cast and right in the path of one surly Simon.

This book was a surprise in such a way that it dealt with some serious stuff. While it was fun and games on the surface, it pinched my heart a little. I felt for Simon, most especially. He kept everything inside and he seemed like such a lonely person even if the entire town was rooting for him. In the meantime, Emily suffered some blows to her self esteem and Simon’s constant surliness towards her didn’t help at all.

Well Met is exactly how I like my contemporary lit. It was fun, surprisingly heavy, but romantic nonetheless.

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