Whine About It Wednesdays

I thought I’d start something different this week. It’s called Whine About It Wednesdays. I’m giving myself this specific day of the week when I’m permitted to whine about anything in my personal life. It could be about work, about my husband, a book I’m reading or…heck, the grass, air, ground, the sky. Whatever. I think a glass of wine would be a perfect pairing while writing this post but since I don’t drink alcohol, a mug of coffee is my weapon of choice. But hey, don’t let me stop you. You do you. If you do decide to write one of these posts, let me know what you’re drinking, will ya?

This Week’s Grievances:

This aloe vera plant that’s on the verge of dying. I’m told I’m over watering it, but heck. I haven’t watered this plant for months. And yet, the soil is still wet and I’ve also taken it outside for a little Vitamin D and yet, it sits there limply like an overcooked pasta. Le sigh. Can you offer me any suggestion as to how I can revive this sad plant?

Now, you all know I love this author and her books. I own a small library containing most of her work (she’s written 68 books). She writes the best romantic suspense so I never miss a new release and try to dive in right away. But. But. When I get to like the last quarter of the novel, I freaking chicken out. My heart can’t handle the homestretch, when the FBI agent or the Sheriff or the lead investigator is coming close to apprehending the perp. I find excuses to postpone reading. Sometimes — brace yourself — I even skim to the end. Gasps! Then and only then do I figure out whether or not I should keep reading. Who does that?! What about you? Do you become a basket case when you’re nearing the end of a mystery/suspense/thriller read?

What’s on your list of grievances this week?

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