At Home: Five Things About My Week


How have your week been? Well, allergies are slowly going away. I’m still stuffed up but I don’t have nearly the same urge to gouge my eyes out in the last couple of days so it’s going great. My reading have slowed down just because I can’t keep my eyes open. A cold compress helped the itchiness a bit so I was able to sleep. It’s been a rough allergy season, I tell ya. Other than that, here’s how my week went:

Gave Up Coffee As My Pre-Workout.

I discovered AMRAP. It’s a preworkout supplement that helps me last longer during gruelling workouts. It’s carb-free and because it’s made with Stevia, it has natural sweeteners. I find that I’m not as sore as I usually am after a 3-classes session. So, hurray! I might be cured of my coffee addiction after all. Haha.

Reading: How to Survive A Summer by Nick White

…in A Gay Conversion Camp. There are no ghost stories around a campfire…or smores. What you’ll get is a dark, gritty tale of a son of a preacher man who was sent to this camp. The ghost story becomes his own horror story.

Watched Infinity War and Cried Within 5 Minutes of the Movie.

…because: (spoiler)LOKI.

Bye, Garmin. Hello, Fitbit

I was a FitBit girl to begin with but then I switched to Garmin only to realized Garmin is stingy with steps and calories. Steps – I don’t really mind but calories? During the last few months, I learned that if you’re not feeding or fueling your body enough, you are not going to lose weight. Weird, right? But what your body does actually when you’re restricting calorie intake is that your body goes into a survival mode wherein it hoardes all the fat in your body to sustain itself. According to Garmin, I was only burning 100-150 calories per half an hour session. When I switched to Fitbit, I’m burning up to 250 calories per half an hour session. I take at least 4 classes a day, so the calorie count makes a big difference. Hence, the change.

Hockey Playoffs are Killing My Mojo

Come on, Jets! I can’t believe we’re going to lose to a freshman team. We are better than this! Ugh. In a way, I hope they’ll put me out of my misery soon. So tired of these highs and lows.

What have you been up to this week?