[733]: Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

A thrilling, amazing and bittersweet conclusion to a favourite series.

by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

It’s always tough to write a review for a book in a series that had easily became one of your favourites. Most of the time, your thoughts are jumbled, out of sequence and holding very little sense but to you alone. That’s probably why I did not even bother writing reviews for Illuminae and Gemina – both of which blew my mind.

Obsidio, much like its predecessors, used one an avant-garde method of story-telling. Utilizing hand written notes, witnesses accounts, and chat threads, the series was a delight to the senses. At times, it certainly felt like my eyes couldn’t keep up with my brain; struggling to follow the storyline written on the pages but already seeing in my mind’s eye what’s happening with our beloved characters. Still, I soaked it all in. Often even going back and forth as the story is being narrated on audio.

There were so many things I looked forward in this ending. Least of all is the demise of the evil BeiTech empire. Mostly, I looked forward to seeing how our teens have been faring while they try to find purchase in the galaxy. And I mean that literally, as their ship was barely limping to the next jump station or some such. Meanwhile, back in Kerenza, there are still pockets of survivors barely eking out a so-called life. Slaved by BeiTech invaders, starved and worked to the bone, there are rebels who are only too willing to forfeit their lives. Heartbreaking stories abound. I have cried a tear or two for the people of Kerenza.

In the end, there really isn’t much to say, is there? The authors gave us closure. These books may look daunting. I went through so much while reading these books, but oh, the labour of love was so worth it.  I bought the audio and the hardcover copies of the series. I wanted the audio for the number of narrators and ingenious way they were read. And I wanted the hardcover for the ingenious way they were presented.

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