Waiting on Wednesday [15]: November Releases


I know we’re halfway to November already so this post might just be a bit late as all of the books on my list are already out in the wild. But as an effort to keep my consistency going again, I wanted to make sure to make this becomes a thing on the blog again.

So today, I have a few books that are on my wishlist. It’s so crazy how things have changed for me this year. Before, this list is what I typically call as, my “shopping list”. Meaning, I more than likely will go to the bookstore and pick up copies. But things are different for me now. Financially, I’m not able to spend hundreds of dollars a month on books. All I can do is hope that someone (and I really mean, my husband) will see this post and gift me books for Christmas or my Birthday. Lol. Crossing my fingers.

November 2nd, 2017

November 7th

November 14th


What are you waiting for this week?

  • As always, I rarely keep up with upcoming releases as I am trying to curb my TBR rather than grow it lately… but I have to say I’ve seen This Mortal Coil around it sounds soooo good!

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    Ohh! Love the Obama book….would make for a great holiday gift/coffee table book.

  • I’ve been seeing Mortal Coil a lot, and I’m interested now? Can’t wait to see what you think about it.

  • Greg Hill

    Oh my gosh I can’t WAIT to read Into the drowning Deep, in fact I might read that one next. Looks fabulous. Almost Midnight looks great too.

  • I am needing to get my hands on the Mira Grant book. So many great books lately!

  • I have loved everything I’ve read by Rainbow Rowell so I am interested in Almost Midnight. I have no idea what its even about and that really doesn’t matter much because she’s so good!

  • shootingstarsmag

    I do want to read some of these like Almost Midnight, the Obama portraits, and Into the Drowning Deep (I keep reading GREAT things about this one!)


  • heard nothing but good for most of these, looking forward to reading them myself

  • Adriana C

    I´m going to check the blurb of some of these, I like their covers.

  • Karen

    A few of my friends have liked This Mortal Coil and now I want to read it!

    For What It’s Worth

  • I’m very curious about Mortal Coil! Been hearing some interesting things about it.

  • I’ve read Artemis from Netgalley, definitely worth it

  • RO

    I always love that you have such a varied book list, so there’s something for everyone to get into. Hugs…and hope all is well! RO

  • some interesting ones there!

  • Aw, fingers crossed he will get them all for you 😀 Yay. <3 They all look like awesome books. I have Almost Midnight, and it is so tiny and gorgeous.