[726]: The Trouble with Twelfth Grave by Darynda Jones

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave
by Darynda Jones
Publication Date: October 31st, 2017
Series: Charley Davidson, #12
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

My perennial favourite series is here!

If not for my being horrendously busy for the last few months, my impatience for this book’s release would’ve been tenfolds. Also, had I not gotten an email from the publicity cogwheels working on this book, I would’ve completely forgotten that this was coming. Thankfully, they reminded me that it was forthcoming along with a link to NetGalley so I can request it. I downloaded this puppy right away and spent a few hours marinating in Charley’s sick sense of humour and Reyes’ out of this world hotness. Sigh. Everything is right in the world again, dear readers. I’m also extra thankful that this book reminded me of what I’ve been missing all this time.

So, about the book…(slight spoiler…maybe?)

Well, at the end of the eleventh book, Charley had inadvertently sent her husband to the literal hell through the god glass (with his permission and insistence). What they thought would be a two-way trip to the hottest dimension turned out to be an extended stay. Thanks to Reyes’ three other personas, he got lost in the shuffle. What came back was nowhere near the Reyes that Charley knew. He was Rey’azikeen, Elle-Ryn-Ahleethia’s immortal enemy and lover extraordinaire. While Charley was trying to get Reyes back, Rey’azikeen was hell-bent on finding the one thing that Reyes was desperately trying to hide from his own self.

Sounds a bit confusing, if you think about it. But it really is not. All you need to care about is whether this instalment delivers in all aspects that matter. Was Charley still wickedly funny? Yes. Did Reyes make me salivate? Fuck, yes. Did the major plot line and the subplots make for an entertaining read as a whole? OMG YES. This is perhaps, the only series that I don’t mind remaining in status quo for the remainder of its life. It will never bore me because Ms Jones keep finding ways to keep the dialogues fresh and the storylines, fabulous. I hope the next one instalment is close. I can’t bear to wait another year. Honestly, these books are my crack. I need another hit, like right now.

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