Well, praise be Jesus! Look who came back from the dead! (Again).

How have you all been? I miss the shit out of every single one of you. 🙂 It’s been at least a couple of months of book-less and blog-less emptiness over here in my house, y’all. *sobs* On Friday night, I was all of a sudden overwhelmed with the need to start writing again. I managed to write 3 reviews that night and continued writing right through Sunday afternoon. In case you’re not aware, it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so I have an extra day to actually schedule some stuff for you. I’m hoping to get back into commenting again during the week and see what you all have been up to. Gah. I’m missing so much, aren’t I?

I’ve been sick this week so I stayed home on Friday and decided to request a bunch of romance books on Net Galley. I read four in two days. Lol. I’ll have to share my thoughts on them in the near future.

The Beauty and Obese

So what have I been up to? Well, on my last update to you I mentioned that I was taking the time to get fit. I’m happy to say that I’ve reached my goal of a 50-lb weight loss in 4 months! I still have another 25 to go and since it’s the last few pounds that are usually the hardest to lose, I’m most likely going to work my ass off even harder than before. One of these days, I’ll have to share my before and after picture. The changes still boggle my mind.

For the better part of the summer, I clocked some insane amount of steps. My gym had a team steps challenge that I participated in. My daily goal went from 10K to 30K with a couple of days where I took 40-50K steps. I freaking walked everywhere – like a mad woman possessed! I’m happy to announce that my team won. I ended up with 1.17M steps during the 45 days of the challenge. I’m also happy that it’s over because between the four classes a day and the walking, I was exhausted for most of the summer.


I’ve also spent a lot of time rereading books. I honestly couldn’t start a new book during my time off. I went with the familiar or books that I’ve loved in the past. As pictured above, I reread a couple of Charley Davidson novels, Melina Marchetta’s latest, Sandra Brown’s Lethal, and The Hating Game. I reread a lot of romance novels as well.

The Downside

Because I haven’t been writing or reading, I think a couple of publishers have given up on me. They’ve sent me an email asking where my reviews are. Another downside? I went from being 25 books ahead of schedule to 12 behind. But I caught up soon enough. I neglected Goodreads so there were a few books that I’ve read before my break that I didn’t mark as ‘read’. I’m now a mere 2 books ahead of schedule. Lol.

Well, I think this is all for now. It’s gotten longer than expected. I just wanted to say hi and tell you all about my life so far. I also would like to send my love to all those affected by the devastating hurricanes, the massive earthquake in Mexico, and lastly, to the families of the victims of the Las Vegas terrorist attack.

I love you all.

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