[725]: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Lord of Shadows
by Cassandra Clare
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2017
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

It took me a while to finish this book. Not only because it’s a huge volume, but because I prolonged the agony of reading the end of this installment – with good reason. It was one of those rare moments when I sought spoilers just so I could prepare myself for the worst. And after everything is said and done, I’m still raw just thinking about it. It hurts. Still.

This installment, per usual, is crammed with plots and subplots that were sometimes tough to untangle. But if you ask me the what the crux of this novel is, I say it’s about Julian and Emma’s parabatai predicament. In the meantime, conflicts around them continue to pester. There’s the fact that a group called, the Cohort is slowly gaining momentum towards a registry that could spell trouble for the Downworlders. The Unseelie King has never forgotten his son, Kieran’s betrayal. As well, Mark. But since Kieran doesn’t remember what had transpired, he was left with little choice but to help him when he was literally about to be killed as a punishment for his betrayal. The Black Volume of Death is the hubris that each warring powers are on the hunt for; each one vested in trying to acquire it all for the sake of gaining more power.

Honestly, there were so many things going on in here. It seems that every time I read a book by Ms. Clare, all my synapses had to be firing, otherwise, I miss out on important details about this universe as a whole. Regardless, she still does a fantastic job of seamlessly tying everything together. And half the fun of reading these books is the painstaking way of gluing all the pieces, anyway.

Oy. That ending, though. I don’t remember a time when I dreaded the end of a book so much. That is to say, the end of a Cassandra Clare book. I had a lump in my throat and a heavy anvil in my stomach. (Special thanks to Carina for preparing me for the worst.) But even knowing how it ends didn’t really help. I was still devastated.

  • what? this book is not the end!! you are scaring me…

  • I have learned after The Infernal Devices series that Cassandra Clare can gut you. I ugly cried and sobbed my heart out trying to write the review for Clockwork Princess. I will get to this series, SOON!

    • no rush, the cliffhanger is nothing to crow about

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    Know you’re busy, so just saying hey. Hugs…

  • oh I have heard many great things about this book here and this author. I really need to pick her up soon.

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    Hey Joyous Joy! Just checking in to say hello and wish you an awesome day! Hugs…RO

  • I’ve been wanting to read this series but I don’t think I can without reading the other one first? Either way, it does sound like it has a lot going for it o.o The world alone sounds fantastic

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  • Joy, do you have a way for me to follow your blog by email? I want to, because I keep missing out on posts lately šŸ™

  • Oh I don’t like the sound of that ending, but it does prove that you were invested. I have yet to read a book by her but I do have a couple on the shelves.

  • You know, I never got into this world of Shadowhunters. It just never appealed to me enough to make me want to read it. But I do love the covers and am happy for the author’s success. Nice review, Joy, as always šŸ™‚

  • I had to kind of skim over your review because…*hangs head in shame* I basically have all of TMI, TID and now TDA to catch up on šŸ™ Glad that you liked this one though, because I seriously am excited to dive into this world. Great review!!

  • sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

    The end is so heartbreaking. Sigh. I’m sure the next book we will feel how heavy the emotions are from everyone affected. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • I need to try this author!

  • I got the audiobook for this for review but sadly I had issues downloading the copy so I haven’t been able to listen to this one yet since I cancelled my audible account. I’m thinking of getting it again soon so I can listen to this among a few others on my list.

  • I’m not familiar with this “series”. I’ve read both MI & ID but stopped after those concluded. So are these books a new arc and does it have to be read in order? And in terms of tone, is it more like ID or MI? I ask because I can’t stand Clary and that whole emo bit. lol

  • That’s something that you still rated the book 5 stars even with a devastating ending. Glad to see it was amazing for you. I parted ways with CC after the ending of The Infernal Devices. I guess I kind of hold a grudge, lol. šŸ™‚

  • I sort of stopped reading the author back in the TMI days, but it seems that her latest series is really doing very well in terms of reviews! Might go back to the shadowhunters universe one of these days… Glad you had a good reading experience, despite the heartbreaking ending!

  • Aaaall the hugs. <3 I am SO PROUD of you šŸ˜€ Hih. <3 YAY for being able to finish the book šŸ™‚ You are amazing Joy. But ahh, yesss. The ending was the worst. So so heartbreaking and sad. But you did it. <3 Yay. Now we just have to wait forever and ever for book three.. how rude. But oh, I'm so, so glad you loved this book too sweetie šŸ™‚

  • I do want to read these – although I’d be more inclined if I knew how many books would be in this series. Three? or more? Because I’ve waited so long I already know the Big Spoiler but kind of forgot the exact details (synapse fail here) so maybe I’ll forget by the time I read this!

  • I decided to quite Clare’s books a long time ago because of how emo they always made me feel, haha. Based on your review here, seems like that’s probably still a good course of action for me. I’m glad this series is such an awesome reading experience for you, despite the pain!

  • I haven’t started this series yet, I have them all my shelf waiting for me…I read the beginning of your review and I was like Oh no…what am I letting myself in for. Great review Joy šŸ™‚

  • Greg Hill

    Wow sounds like a pretty intense read, and it’s always hard when a beloved series comes to an end. And I had to laugh- I’ve done that once or twice, sought out spoilers just to ease my apprehension about an ending or something. šŸ™‚

    Glad this was good.

  • I really need to catch up on my Cassandra Clare reading. I think I have only read one of her books so far. Glad you enjoyed this one despite the ending.

  • oh I am so glad to hear that you really enjoyed this one. I love hearing that this author does a great job of tying all elements together. Do need to pick her up sometime.

  • RO

    I’ve never heard of this author, but you give a pretty riveting review! Hugs and Happy Monday! RO

  • I’ve heard about the ending being super emotional too! I don’t know the specifics, but I’ve heard enough and I’m scared. I bought this one the day it came out, but I’ve decided to wait to read it because I hear book 3 isn’t out until 2019!! I can’t wait that long after a traumatic cliffie ending! I’m so glad you enjoyed the rest though. I loved the first so I have very high hopes here!

  • 5 out of 5?! Wow!! I think I’ll pick this one up after all. Thanks, Joy!

  • I’m such a coward! I own a copy, but I can’t force myself to live trough the emotional turmoil. I haven’t found any spoilers yet, but I know Cassie, and I know what’s ahead. She can be so cruel to us. I like taking my time with her books too.

  • I have actually never tried anything of hers

  • Wow 5 stars! I’ve never read anything by this author. Is this several books into a series? Anyway, glad it was such a great one for you šŸ¤—