Waiting on Wednesday [14]: May Releases

It’s going to be a great month for book releases – which means bad news for my wallet. These are just some of the books that are coming out this month that I want to get. Let me know which of these will be worth breaking the budget for!

A Court of Wings and Ruin
by Sarah J. Maas
Release Date: May 2nd

Be honest, y’all. How many of you have already read this? Or made a special trip to the bookstore yesterday just to pick up a copy? For the first time in a long time, I might just be able to complete a freaking series.




The Boy on the Bridge
by M.R. Carey
Release date: May 2nd

I had the chance to watch The Girl with All the Gifts a month or so ago and have enjoyed it. I also read the book when it came out. This boy seems to have come out of nowhere to the delight of Melanie’s fans. I’m dying to get my hands on a copy if only to see if it will be just as scary.



Sons of Ares
by Pierce Brown
Release Date: May 10th

If I knew how to insert a GIF, I would have Stephen Colbert reaching out and begging you to give it to me.

From Goodreads: See how a forbidden love will set the course of events for the future and lead to the formation of the formidable Sons of Ares! 



The Names They Gave Us
by Emery Lord
Release Date: May 16th

I don’t remember ever reading her recent book but I do remember feeling a little disillusioned with the one before that. I’ve become wary of her books since but I’ve already seen a couple of great reviews from trusted friends so giving her another chance. Wish me luck.



In a Perfect World
by Trish Doller
Release Date: May 23rd

I used to be a big fan but Where the Stars Still Shine, though I enjoyed it, left a not-so-pleasant feeling afterwards. She forced me to like an otherwise unlikable character. So now I’m wary. I didn’t even bother picking up the book before this one. We’ll see what happens.



Lord of Shadows
by Cassandra Clare
Release Date: May 23rd


This tops the list of books I need to get this month. Shut it, haters. Readers gonna read.




Rich People Problems
by Kevin Kwan
Release Date: May 23rd

I swear to God, if Astrid and Charlie didn’t get back together in this installment, heads will fucking roll. I’m excited and anxious in equal measure, y’all. This family tends to drive me to drink and going by the synopsis, it sounds like same old, same old. Gah.



When Dimples Met Rishi
by Sandhya Menon
Release Date: May 30th

Blessed are thou who have read thee; for thou may know the greatness of thee.

  • I’m so excited to read When Rishi Met Dimple! It sounds absolutely adorable and everyone seems to be loving it so far.

  • I thought I wasn’t interested in YA anymore but there are actually a few in here I want to read. Emery Lord, Cassandra Clare and Dimple.

  • LORD OF SHADOWS! Oh my god, after that ending it can’t come soon enough. I mean when she said the thing and he… And you just KNOW it’s not as it seems but you can’t help but yearn for it like air. I need it so badly that I’ve already become super dramatic.

    I read When Dimple Met Rishi recently and cuteness overload. It’s just so lovely Joy. I believe it’s still up to request on Netgalley as well.

  • IN A PERFECT WORLD, THE NAMES THEY GAVE US and WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI are highly anticipated books for me too! I really want to watch CRAZY RICH ASIANS–the cast looks stellar (and it’s set in Singapore I think! That’s where I live!!). Hope you enjoy these when they come out and happy reading 😀

  • HOLY SHIT SONS OF ARES IS COMING OUT? How did I not know this I need to preorder it ASAP! I read an ARC of Rich People Problems and adored it. Enjoy your books Joy!

  • Braine Supie

    ACOWAR Wre-e-ecked meeee!

  • Greg Hill

    Looks like some good stuff. Hope ACoWaR is good. 🙂

  • I’ve not read any of these authors. I do still want to read The Girl With all the Gifts and then of course I will have to read The Boy On the Bridge. Enjoy these books!

  • I have a group chat dedicated to hating SJM and her books. LOL. It’s petty af, but we REALLLY don’t like her. Anyways, I’ve read 3 books from your list! Dimple, Perfect World and Names, and I really liked them all. I’m so freaking excited for Lord of Shadows. It’s going to be one big pile of romantic angst fest, and I’m here for it! I hope you love all of these, Joy! 🙂

  • I feel like everyone has been talking about the new Maas book lately. It’s practically exploded over all of my social media hehe. Some of the others I have seen around too. But I have been so out of it that none of these authors or books are on my list except for the Cassandra Clare one. I need to get back into the world of new releases!

  • shootingstarsmag

    So many great books are coming out this month. It’s my birthday, so if people want buy them for me…? I won’t complain. LOL I’m so curious about When Dimple Met Rishi!


  • Sara Walker

    Oh May is going to be a stellar month. I want to take the whole month off work just to read all the books (yeah right). I am eager to get to Emmy Lord’s new one. I have enjoyed them, but I don’t know if I have LURVED them. The buzz for her newest one though… ACOWAR, I have it, and I will read it- Soon.

    Happy Reading, Joy!

  • Jasprit

    May is definitely one epic month! Even though I didn’t really enjoy A Court of Mist and Fury, the curious reader in me still needs to find out how things go down in this latest book, so I couldn’t resist getting a copy! I also can’t wait to read When Dimple met Rishi and Doller’s new book too!

  • I seem to be having bad luck picking up series that everyone loves, I just DNF-ed Written in Red *sigh* so… I haven’t read Sarah J Maas nor the Red Rising (I hated Cassandra Clare btw, so that’s out), now I’m afraid to try!!! But, great list – the last one looks really cute – I was contemplating it.

  • These are some Great New Releases!! I need to check out the Crazy Rich Asian series everyone just loves it. Everytime I think of trying Sarah J Maas I just think Romance so I stay Away!!

  • I’ve only read the first book in Maas’ series. I hope to pick it up and finish the series out in one sitting. I kind of forgot about everything that took place in the first book.

  • Yessss. LORD OF SHADOWS 😀 EEEEE! I am dying dying dying to read it. <3 But ugh, Sarah books are not for me at all, haha 🙂 But I hope you'll love it sweetie. <3 And ahh, The Boy on the Bridge. I cannot wait to read it too 😀 Once my pre-order arrives. <3 So excited. So many lovely picks Joy 🙂 I hope you will love all of them. <3

  • The Bumble Girl

    I cannot believe that the Blackdagger Brotherhood Series is still going on, what is it now, 16 books with a few novellas? I think I made it to book 5, lol! But I’ve been itching to re-read them and was wondering if I should start over or what… I’m reading ACOWAR now! So far, it’s delicious! I hope it doesn’t disappoint any of us 🙂

    • The Bumble Girl

      Sorry! I saw the Brotherhood Series in your other post and included my comment here, just in case you were confused, lol! My mistake 🙂

  • Hi Joy – Thanks for reading my post with all the wwwwwwwwwwww. What the what? I have no idea how I did that?!
    Great books this week – but I still haven’t read the second book in the ACOTAR series!

  • Oh yes I heard about many of those!

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I’m reading ACOWAR rn (like half the world!) but When Dimple Met Rishi is super cute! I’m really excited for both Lord and Doller’s books but also Flame in the Mist comes out later this month and I can’t wait! Wonderful post, Joy–looking forward to seeing what you make of some of these sequels/companions as I have yet to pick up the first book.

  • No hate, Joy! I’m going with the “readers gonna read” lol! I read Where the Stars Still Shine years ago and had mixed feelings. Hope you love her newest! 🙂

  • I loved The Girl with All the Gifts but had no idea that there was a book related to it coming out. I just found out through Goodreads that it’s not a sequel but a prequel 🙂 I loved Emory Lord’s The Start of Me and You but didn’t like Open Road Summer and thought When We Collided was okay so am also wondering whether to give The Names They Gave Us a shot. I read When Dimple Met Rishi and could relate to it a lot, but wasn’t sold on the romance.

  • I have got to pick up the second Maas book. Seriously. I’m tempted to try the Clare books, too!

  • I bought the Maas book. Peer pressure. Lol. I’m hoping to pick up book 2 soon, since I haven’t read it yet. And I have the Emery Lord book, which I hear is good!

  • Oh yea, all of these. Plus after reading Red Rising, I really want to catch up to Sons of Ares. Love that cover.

  • It seems like every month I have a pile of books that I want to add. I will probably read The Boy on the Bridge and the newest Maas book but I need to read the earlier books in the series first.

  • I’m dying for The Boy on the Bridge and still waiting on my pending Netgalley refusal, lol.

  • Karen

    When Dimple Met Rishi is on my TBR for May. I so excited for that one.

    For What It’s Worth

  • Seriously dying to get my hands on When Dimple Met Rishi! Also, I still need to read ACOMAF, lol.

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    Ahh! I know! I feel like allllll the books are coming out this month. I already bought Court of Mist and Fury as well as Always and Forever, Lara Jean. I can’t wait to read both. I am currently reading The Names They Gave Us and so far it’s good. In a Perfect World also sounds like something I’d enjoy!

  • So many great books I’ve heard of and SO MANY I HADN’T SEEN YET!!! Like, I’m about to go on an 11 hour car ride and I need the sequel to Girl With All the Gifts!!! I’ll be reading A Court of Wings and Ruin… but I NEED A BACKUP JUST IN CASE MAAS GOES ROGUE.

  • I pre-ordered Sons of Ares!! that’s my most anticipated release since Iron Gold got moved to next year. I’m also looking forward to When Dimple Met Rishi 😀

  • I have an ARC for the names they gave us and when dimple met rishi so I’m beyond excited to read them both! I really need to get to them soon 💖

  • I have only read 2 Kwans! I need more