[708]: The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon

The Bastard Billionaire
by Jessica Lemmon

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I can never say no to the billionaire trope. And I’m not even sorry. I’ve seen this series around but I never paid much attention to it until I heard it call my name when I was browsing on NG a couple of weeks ago.

So glad I requested it.

The Bastard Billionaire is book 3 of Jessica Lemmon’s Billionaire Bad Boys series. I haven’t read the first two but rest assured it’s on my agenda this month.

In this book, we’ll meet Eli Crane, a former Marine who retired from service after losing a leg from an assignment that also took the lives of a couple of his close friends. The loss of his appendage and the grief of losing his friends lent to the closed-off, surly, and lonely disposition this bad boy presents to his family and to the world in general. He refuses any help from anyone let alone from a personal assistant. That’s why he goes through them like he goes through his underwear. Well, Isabella Sawyer has had enough. She’s run out of PAs to send. Come hell or high water, she’ll make him accept his responsibilities in the family business. And she won’t be discouraged no matter how badly he treats her. It looks like Eli Crane finally meets his match!

 Easy-peasy read and exactly how I enjoy my romance. Little to zero drama but heady with humor, of camaraderie, and a meddling family. You have a stubborn heroine and an equally stubborn hero that butt-heads every chance they get. A chemistry that’s off the charts and a banter oozing with sexual tension – the perfect recipe, if I may so myself.

Eli can be cantankerous but he’s never mean (which I like). I enjoyed seeing Isabella forcing him out of his gloomy shell of guilt. He carries a couple of them since he blames himself for the death of his friends. He’s also very resistant to the idea of accepting his position in the family business so Isabella had her work cut out for her. Good thing she’s the perfect person for the job.

Eli Crane needed someone like Isabella: beautiful, smart, stubborn, and ambitious. She didn’t coddle him outside of her responsibilities as a PA. She’s had enough of men trying to run her life so she knew how to handle someone like Crane. She’s a force of nature who didn’t wilt under pressure. They’re a match made in heaven. Overall, I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series. And I’m so thankful to have been introduced to Jessica Lemmon’s books.

  • I’m definitely not averse to the billionaire romance hero (although it’s not typically my favourite set-up), and this one sounds amazing! There’s something about a grouchy love interest that has to be brow-beaten by someone with a strong personality like Isabella that just really works for me. Plus, good banter! Heck yes. 🙂

  • It’s good that he never really ends up being flat out mean! Because that’s a pretty big turn off for me when it comes to books. I haven’t read many billionare kind of stories, I have to admit.

  • I love that she included a wounded warrior in a story. Anything to call attention to the plight of wounded veterans is great in my book. Funny that I saw an author who asked the question on Twitter if people would still be interested in the billionaire trope after having to deal with the orange shouty monster. I guess the answer to that question is yes. It has never really been my trope. I’ve read a few that I enjoyed, but not something I search for. Glad you can still enjoy the trope.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  • Jazmen Greene

    This actually sounds pretty decent–which to be honest is shocking. I definitely thought the billionaire thing was overdone. I might have to check this one out, finally a decent NA with a billionaire that I may not loathe.

  • RO

    I wouldn’t mind meeting a billionaire in person, but this is a trope I don’t read as much as I used to. still, I’m a sucker for veteran stories. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews, and plan to add the whole series to the pile. Hugs…

  • I do like this trope, I don’t know why. I’ve always liked the jerky rich guy and the strong-headed woman. Kind of like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. I know there is a major difference with that one, but I still love the shipping.

  • Yay glad you enjoyed this one too! I love grumpy heroes and (cute) meddling family! Eli and Isa are a great couple! Lovely review!

  • oh lovely review of this one. I do love the way this author writes her characters. They are so likeable and real. This heroine sounds fantastic though.

  • Ohh 😀 Yay for enjoying this one. <3 So glad you weren't disappointed 🙂 Lovely review Joy. <3 I hope you will love the first two books too 😀 Eee. Happy reading. <3

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    AHHH, this sounds so good! I love a romance with zero drama where the hero and heroine are matched up perfectly and the chemistry is off the charts. I need this in my life ASAP! Thanks for putting this on my radar, Joy!

  • I really liked the 2nd book, but skipped this one. Why? I have no idea. I love Lemmon’s writing, so I was just being lame. I’ll have to read this book and the 1st.

  • I’ll have to add this to the TBR! Billionaires are one of my guilty pleasure tropes too. 😉

  • I have seen a couple of good reviews for this book now. I may have to give it a try. I do find it funny how many books about billionaires there are anymore. This does sound entertaining.

  • I actually don’t gravitate toward the billionaire trope but you have me curious. I do want to read this author and so this might be a good way to get me into the trope. 🙂 I think what really sells me is the low drama. I have been seeking more books out with low drama in romance lately.

  • I don’t mind the billionaire trope, either! It’s not necessarily something I can’t resist, but I enjoy it. I’ve heard really good things about this book. So glad you enjoyed it. I need to give it a try.

  • Yesssss!!! This was a great romance and I adored Eli and Isa. I’m so glad to see that you enjoyed it. Tag is my favorite Crane so I look forward to reading your thoughts on his book and Reese’s. 🙂 Great review, Joy!

  • He doesn’t sound like a bastard at all. The “Bastard” in the title put me off, I am not a fan of bastards or a-holes, but your review makes me want to read it!

  • I still have not read anything by her

  • It was okay, I enjoyed it. I loved the first book more, but than I noticed she has a formula and I guess I didn’t enjoy it as much? I loved the beginning. But I thought the book mentioned that he went to military because he had no interest in family business and than the ending happens and /shrug

  • kindlemom1

    I do love her books, I really need to get back into reading this genre. Maybe over the summer time I can get into them again.

  • Lauren Layne loves this author and she references her books in her own books. I love the sound of the romance. You know what a big sucker I am for banter in a book. And ahh camaraderie and a meddling family? I’m so in! Off to buy this series! 🙂

  • Ah yes I heard nice things about this series but I confess that I haven’t tried it. Maybe one day

  • I have book one and it will be my first by her. You have me wanting to dive in as soon as possible which may be awhile. Glad you loved it!

  • Oh this sounds perfect for me, too,
    Joy! You know I hate super angsty, drama filled romances! I’ve seen this one around, as well but didn’t pay much attention until your wonderful review! I’m on the hunt now! 🙂