Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 199

The People In The Trees by Hanya Yanagihara | First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen | The Only Child by Andrew Pyper


I’ve managed to stay away from the bookstore this past weekend so I don’t have too many to share with y’all. This is good, though. Gives my wallet a break! LOL. I’d like to thank Simon & Schuster Canada for my review copy of The Only Child. Looks to be another good one from the author of The Damned. Excited to read this!

I started First Frost last weekend, but I got sidetracked by other books. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far and I’m looking forward to continuing. The People in the Trees looks interesting and hopefully less angst-ridden than her other book (A Little Life). I saw these books at the bargain bin two weeks ago and couldn’t resist.


Undecided was on sale for like, $1.52 on Amazon so I downloaded it. The Girl Who Shot First was free the last time I checked. Oryx and Crake was on sale on Audible; Pretty Face was a request from Net Galley.


I’ve had a great reading week.

The Burning World completely eviscerated everything that was cute and fluffy about Warm Bodies. I swear to you, this world and story line got a makeover from hell. And it was fucking awesome!

Undecided was exactly what y’all have gushed about since it came out. It’s so good. I can’t believe I waited until it went on sale before downloading a copy. I’m definitely getting a physical copy. 

The Bastard Billionaire was good, too! It makes me want to read the rest of the books in the series. 

Under Rose-Tainted Skies Gah. My heart. Love, love this book to pieces. Norah’s plight was so heartbreaking. 

Illuminae Gosh darn, y’all. Had I known how freaking awesome this book is, I would’ve started long ago! Can’t wait to read Gemina. 

So yeah. This has been an amazing reading week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue this streak. What about you? How was your week?

  • I’ve just started Under Rose Tainted Skies and I’m really enjoying it 🙂 I loved Illuminae and now need to get around to reading Gemina!

  • I desperately need distraction. Going to try Undecided and maybe Under Rose Tainted Skies if I can handle heartbreak…

  • Yay, soo glad you loved Undecided and Illuminae. I read Under Rose Tainted Skies recently and was surprised by how much I liked it too.

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

  • Jasprit

    I can’t remember the last time that I went to a bookstore and bought all the books, I’m really lazy lately or I never have the time, so usually pre-order the heck out of everything! But I’m so glad to see that you enjoyed Undecided, it definitely was one of my favourite books too. I’ve also become a huge fan of Parker’s books lately, she mixes up the romance and witty charm really well! I hope you have a great week Joy!

  • Yassss Illuminae is amazing!! And Gemina is even better if you can believe it!! I hope you get to read it soon 😀

  • Argh! Of course Undecided isn’t on sale anymore! Looking forward to your review of it.

  • I’ve had Gemina on my shelf since forever, and I still haven’t gotten around to it yet. And I need to read Under Rose-Tainted Skies, as it does sound amazing!

    Glad you gave your wallet a break Joy! Hahahah

  • Natalie

    I love good reading weeks! I STILL need to finish Illuminae; I started it ages ago, and then just set it aside for some unknown reason. Hope you’re having a great week!

  • Karen

    Ya for good reading weeks!

    I keep wanting to pick up Undecided (book #2) but I already neeeed to read so many other books. But….temptation. lol

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  • I’ve read and enjoyed Undecided. It was great. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m curious about Illuminae! Thanks for sharing! I’ll check out the rest. 😀

  • I loved Oryx And Crake! Will be interested to learn how the audiobook turns out

  • RO

    Hope you’re able to get some reading and relaxation in this week, and that all is well. Hugs…

  • sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

    That was a great price for Undecided and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I just downloaded the sequel/companion that I’m looking forward to reading soon.

  • Yay for awesome reading weeks!! So glad you loved Undecided and Illuminae. Two of my favorites. I’m going to have to get a copy of Pretty Face.

  • Oooh, Oxyx and Crake. Its really good, but hella disturbing! Happy reading. 🙂

  • Yep, you had a great reading week and a good haul!! I also need NEED to pick up Gemina. Damn, I do think you have me wanting to get that one soon. I need something to drown myself in (in a good way)! 😀

  • Fine! I’ll get Illuminae! I have a B&N GC to blow lol

  • OMG DROP EVERYTHING! Pretty Face is so damn good, for real. Possibly even better than Act Like It? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that one! Illuminae surprised me with how awesome it was, too. 🙂

  • Yay! I’m happy to hear you loved Undecided! It was soooo good! 🙂

  • I think I’ll read Undecided next!

  • ohwow, you did a great job in staying away from the bookstore! Yay for that!! I sooooo need to read Illuminae soon!! but I can’t right now ’cause I can’t carry that big chunk of brick in my bag. it’s too heavy!! hahaha Hopefully next weekend though 🙂

  • shootingstarsmag

    You got a lot of great books read last week. I’m jealous of your reading speed there. haha Yay for loving Illuminae. I love this series!


  • I am so glad that you enjoyed Under Rose Tainted Skies and Illuminae! I am pretty sure that I have also read and enjoyed First Frost. Enjoy your new books!

  • RO

    Yay to saving a little cash this weekend! I’ve heard lots of good things about “Millionaire”. Hugs…

  • Sara Walker

    I will never stop telling you how amazed I am at the amount you read. I’d love to get more than one book read in a day- haha. I hope you enjoy all the new books this week.

  • EEEEEEEEEK you read Illuminae! One of my all-time favourites! I loved Gemina even more – hope you do too!

  • I’m doing well – actually ahead of my GR reading goal because I’ve been reading what I want.
    PS Sorry that Freebie Friday hasn’t been clear – Canadian entries welcome! I’ll be sure to clarify next time….

  • Sam Kozbial

    I was the same exact way after reading Illuminae. I got it May 2015 and did not read it for a whole year. I did not make the same mistake with Gemina. I was reading on the plane ride home from BEA.

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Undecided! It’s amongst my favorite books and I’m curious to see how the companion novel pans out. I also love Lucy Parker so I can’t wait to see what you make of Pretty Face. Great post and happy reading, Joy!

  • Awww, I’m so glad to see that you enjoyed Undecided and The Bastard Billionaire. Both are books that I enjoyed as well. I’m hearing not so good things about Undeclared (Kellan’s book) so I’m a bit bummed about that. I’ll check it out myself though. I need to get Under Rose Tainted Skies.

    My favorite Crane brother is Tag so I definitely recommend the two books before Eli’s book. 🙂

    Have a great reading week, Joy!

  • thinking of starting The Bastard Billionaire sometime this week, I have a few others to get through first but yeah, I read her first book and really enjoyed it.
    There is a bunch of books I want and need to start but afraid they won’t live up to expectations >.< I hate that

  • I’m so glad you loved Illuminae! I haven’t read it yet but I’m dying to get to that one. I’ll probably wait until the third comes out. I haven’t read Oryx and Crake but I did read the second in that series: The Year of the Flood. They are standalone which is why I read it (and it was a book club pick). But it was so long ago. I really need to read all three.

  • I don’t know why, but this has been a really rubbish reading month. It’s not even that I’ve been busy this month, I’ve literally had one of the most unproductive months ever 😛 But it looks like you’ve been diving into some great reads! I can’t wait to try Under a Rose Painted Sky and Illuminae. Glad you could love them!

  • I wonder how many books are you reading
    at the same time? Lol. My personal record is three. I’m glad to hear you
    enjoyed Undecided, at least you were able to save your money with the sale. I
    haven’t picked Illuminae because it was so hyped, I think now that everything quiet,
    I can finally pick it up. I hope your next week will be as amazing
    reading-wise, Joy!

  • YES! I’m so happy to see Pretty Face in your haul because that book!! <3
    I'm excited you liked Illuminae too. I have to read Gemina soon. I'm so glad you liked Undecided too. I wasn't the biggest fan of Undeclared, but I still say go ahead and read it.
    Have a fabulous week, Joy! 🙂

  • Looks like you DID have a fantastic reading week!!

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    I look forward to your review of Illuminae. I have had my eye on that one for awhile. I thought First Frost was a pretty good read. It’s cute! I hope you enjoy it! Have a great week!

  • Illuminae is great, but i think the story is just meh…

  • Eee, YAY for reading so many amazing books 😀 Ahh, I cannot wait to read The Burning World. SO glad you loved it 😀 Is there romance too? <3 I hope so 😉 And yesss. I knew you would love Illuminae. <3 Best book 😀 Hope you have an amazing week Joy. <3 Hugs. Happy reading 😀

  • I am glad our one and only bookstore sucks, so easy to stay away then

  • I liked Illuminae as well, it was a nice book! I need to try Gemina