[704]: Chain Reaction by Tara Wyatt

Chain Reaction
by Tara Wyatt

Book 3 to Tara Wyatt’s Bodyguard series features the story of a Hollywood royalty in need of protection from her own family.

There are a lot of things Alexa didn’t know about the name Fairfax. The legacy of her name, while synonymous to glitz, influence, glamor and riches, hides a dark history borne out of greed; a dark history stained with blood and a trail of dead bodies who were stupid enough to get in the way.

When she inadvertently overheard about the murders that her father has ordered and orchestrated, fear and shock had her running out of the house and into the protection of one Zack de Luca; a Mixed Martial Arts fighter who moonlights as a bodyguard for Virtus.

Alexa hasn’t had the best relationship with her parents, to begin with. She has a disturbing past that she’s been trying to escape. The horror of what she’s been subjected to growing up cannot truly encapsulate the kind of monsters her parents are. They only know her as a timid character who is easily manipulated and can be used as a barter in exchange for acclimation, award, prestige, and sometimes, even movie roles. Did I mention how monstrous they are?

There are some truths to her parents’ life-long assessment of their daughter’s timidity, though. Frankly, there’s not much to her besides being a Hollywood princess who spends her time volunteering at a children’s hospital. There’s not a lot of depth that I can glean from her personality and character. The same goes for Zack. I feel like he tried to be an alpha male character at times but consistently failed. I just can’t get behind this pairing, to be honest. Their chemistry feels numbingly forced. And I swear I wanted to scream every time he mentions how “sweet” Alexa was. Like, dude. I got it the first 5 times you mentioned it.

Her family is evil. I can’t believe father dear was willing to use her as an incentive for one of his henchman. That’s messed up, man. And Alexa’s reaction to this news? Horrifically nonchalant. Perhaps it’s because she’s been through it many times and that she’s used to it but either way, it was sad how lacking her reaction was.

Despite my deceivingly adverse reaction, I think this series is worth further looking into. I mean, sure we got off on the wrong foot but I’m not necessarily a one-and-done kind of reader, so yeah. I’m especially curious to see the relationships between the other characters mentioned. Overall, expect to see more about this series on the blog.

  • Wow… this certainly appears to have a lot of twisted aspects, but it still sounds good!

  • That is messed up but you wanting to continue tells me that I could deal. 🙂 Hm… I may have to try out this series.

  • RO

    Will you be watching “When We Rise” tonight and the rest of the week? I can’t wait to see this series. Hugs…

  • RO

    As you know, I stay away from series these days, but this sounds pretty interesting, and different. Hugs…

  • gah not sure how I feel about the evil family ;/

  • Sounds like this one missed the mark a bit! Alexa’s family sound almost too over the top evil to be believed, and Zach and Alexa themselves sound underwhelming. The most important ingredient in any kind of romance is strong characters, so it’s a bummer that they were so “meh” here!

  • Gorgeous review sweetie. <3 This one would not be for me at all, but I'm glad you ended up not hating it, haha 😀 I hope you will love the rest of the books more 🙂 Fingers crossed.

  • This sounds as though it had so, so much potential Joy but I just can’t get past the watered down characters. Her family sounds absolutely horrid. That incident with her father could have been used to give the poor girl the incentive to grow and stand on her own two feet but sadly left unrealised. Sorry you couldn’t have enjoyed this one more Joy, but fabulous review darling <3

  • I read a bodyguard series years ago and loved it. So much suspense and romance.(I can’t remember the authors name right now) Sorry this wasn’t better for you cause those I couldn’t put down. But at least you liked it enough to read more. Had you read the first two in the series?

  • that’s nice to see you’re now curious about all the other characters

  • Bummer there wasn’t more to inspire with this romance. I’m sure the family would disgust me. Glad you felt enough interest to continue the series. I hope the other books are more impressive, Joy. 🙂

  • What a horrible family! Too bad this one had so many problems. It is good that you are not giving up on the series though.

  • That sounds really frustrating!

  • Something about the cover (smug look of the guy, perhaps?) is screaming “No, no way!” to me. Plus it’s a series and I can’t do a new one but great review 🙂

  • I feel like this series is one where it can get more interesting as it goes along, and that’s what you’ve been feeling lately. I am glad you’ve been able to enjoy it a bit more, and I hope future installments don’t mess it up!

  • Karen

    I’ve seen this one around quite a bit…another book to get to at some point lol

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  • Eww that cover.
    The family seems like such a delight! That poor kid. Bahahaha! And omg mentioning how sweet a character is or how innocent they are is super annoying to read about. Once is fine, but by the 3rd time I’m done.

  • I will wait for more then 🙂

  • how did monstrous parents raise a timid kid… on other hand I do not want to know….

  • Okay, but IS Alexa sweet? lol