Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 197

Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman | Tears We Cannot Stop by Michael Eric Dyson | Arrival by Ted Chiang | The Wangs Vs. The World by Jade Chang | They Can’t Kill Us All by Wesley Lowery


Where to start today? This past weekend, I’ve tried and failed numerous times to try to get some semblance of normalcy in my life. I logged on to the blog, fully intending to write a couple of posts or visit Bloglovin’. But every time I try, my mind wanders South of the border thinking about the people who are being held at airports everywhere. Two weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with pride that I bore witness to Obama’s presidency. A week after that, I was inspired by the Women’s March. But today, I’m angry and frustrated. There are no other words for how I’m feeling right now. The madman at the White House lost all traces of human decency. And I hope he knows that he’s now in the running for Top Ten Most Hated Man in the history of the world (Hitler tops this list, incidentally).

I’m worried and disappointed that hatred is spreading far and wide. Even here in Canada where a shooting at a mosque In Quebec City occurred shortly after prayers. I never thought I would see the day that we will be front and center of this despicable act. We are better than this and I hope that they’ll find the perpetrators.  My heart goes out to the victims of this horrible violence.

I do have to try, though. Even if what I’m doing right now feels so insignificant and pointless. Perhaps I’ll be able to find some joy in this somehow and forget how incredibly dark and joyless the world has been lately.

Book Club

Last Saturday, we had our book club meeting at my house. We weren’t able to exchange gifts back in December so we did that. We also talked about the latest bru-ha-ha on Twitter and touched on politics as well. I got The Wangs Vs. The World by Jade Chang and Arrival by Ted Chiang from Lauren of The Autumn BookshelfBoth books have been on my wishlist, so I’m so happy and grateful for Lauren’s generous gifts! It’s always great to see the ladies from my book club. 

On a more personal note

I didn’t finish any books this week. Sad, isn’t it? On top of everything else, it has been quite a whirlwind in my house. Last Wednesday, there were rumours circulating that a boy was going to bring a gun to school. So we kept my daughter until the administration could set us all at ease. It turns out that the boy was picked up at his home at 5 in the morning the same day. He was a former student who got expelled at the beginning of school year. It was very scary as this is a rare occurrence here in Canada. I’m glad it was all sorted out.

My son turned 10 on Thursday. I brought pizza and cupcakes for his class at his behest. And on the same day, my daughter had a dance recital. She introduced us to her boyfriend which freaked me out because she’s only 15 and I’m not ready for her to be dating. It bites, yes. But there’s nothing I can do about it. We’re not going to be one of those really strict parents whose kids end up rebelling. All we can do is guide her and let her learn her own life lessons. We’ll be with her every step of the way, regardless.

I think this is it for now.

Peace, love, acceptance and tolerance.


  • Giving you all the hugs sweet girl. <3 I totally understand not wanting to do things these days. America is not a good place at the moment 🙁 Or the world, for that sake. I hope things will get better soon. Hugs. Yay for good looking books, at least 🙂

  • A shame you didn’t finish any books, but understandable since the world is a little crazy right now!

  • Omg Joy that is so incredibly scary about the boy bringing the gun to school, I’m glad that you guys all stayed safe! Yeah I must admit I cried a bit when I heard what was going on with the ban.

  • Jazmen Greene

    Hey, I have The Wangs Vs The World. Had it for a bit, and like most of my books, it sits on my TBR until I can bring myself to read it, hope you love that one. I’d love to see what you think. And despite all the craziness, happy bday to your little one, and dating? Ahh, save yourself, save her. Lol. But I think you’re being very good about it. You never want to smother your kids. (too much) 😛

  • I had no idea you were in Canada…that is awesome. I have family in Alberta, so I have much love for our neighbors up north and of course those poutine fries hehe

    It is pretty heartbeaking what Trump has done. I know my church (I am mormon) offered to provide a safe place for these men and women to pray and not have to worry about discrimination. Which I thought was so great. It is so sad to see what he is doing because America was founded on refugees seeking a safe haven. But honestly I knew it would happen just didn’t know when it would be. I mean he talked about doing this through his campaign…its one of the things I was so afraid would happen. You are right though…he is going to be one of the most hated men. I still can’t believe half our country voted for him. I try to be as positive as I can but it can be so difficult. Its probably why I am immersing myself in my books and blog because I would go crazy and be so depressed otherwise.

  • Lots of craziness going on in the world right now, and it’s so sad. I feel you on the dating thing. I’m not looking forward to those days.

  • Karen

    I wish I had something comforting to say. It’s such a scary, truly frightening time.


    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  • Wow, what a scary thing at your daughter’s school! Glad to hear it all got sorted out. Cupcakes and pizza? Can I be 10 again, please? I can empathize with the weird feelings brought on by a child dating. 🙂

  • Blah. You pretty much know where I stand. That’s terrible about the scare at your daughter’s school. Shit needs to stop. Keep us in your thoughts down here …..

  • (((((((Hugs))))))) Sending some cyber hugs your way, especially after that scare at your kids school. I’m so glad that things cleared up and that you guys are safe. Book club sounds like fun. I love my book club, too.

  • I’m in the US and wake up every morning with dread in my heart, fearing the latest news. It’s never good and it’s only the beginning and I am so very sad that our country is being ruined day by day. I’ve been burying myself in my books and on my blog. I try to keep things light but I fear depression creeping in.

  • I am a whole world away but the whole Trump thing is just…it boggles my brain, honestly. I’ve always been interested in politics, but now I’m being bombarded with it left, right & centre. By my American friends, by the Aussie media (who think we’re so much better than they are, but they would be wrong since, our human rights record + refugees is a disgrace), by twitter (I’m enjoying twitter this week, so many stories of hope amongst the crap) *sigh* this world. I’m really hoping we don’t have 4 years of this.

    I’m also starting to wonder if by the time I finish my degree there’ll be any science jobs in existence (our government also likes sacking scientists) :/

    As for books…they’re good distractions at times like these, but I’m also having trouble reading (I’ve not picked up anything for 2 days) 🙁 that’s so scary about the rumours of the boy + gun, gosh; I don’t understand how anyone could even consider doing something like that.

  • History is repeating itself with this…creature. He’s going to become the US Hilter, I swear to it.

  • As much as I’m sick of US politics, I can’t seem to keep it out of my sight because it’s literally every where and it’s an eyesore. It’s like everyday in the US is such a depressing matter.
    I remember when my 16-yr old sister told our parents that she has a boyfriend. They’re just trying to be calm and sometimes give her advice or such. Open-minded parents are the best 😀

    *sees another Fredrik Backman book on your haul* I just bought A Man Called Ove earlier this month and I am hoping to read it real soon ’cause of your review. Would really love to read your thoughts on Britt-Marie Was Here 🙂

  • shootingstarsmag

    It’s ridiculous what is happening in the U.S. right now. I don’t know how anyone can defend Trump at this point. I really can’t. I’m sorry to hear about everything happening in Canada. That’s really scary about your daughter’s school. I’m glad they got the kid before anything could happen.


  • It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I try to keep the TV off since it just depresses me. I am trying to stay on top of all the things going on in the world but I missed the shooting that you mentioned. It is so sad that some people simply have no regard for other lives.

    My youngest is 16. Watching your children date is hard! Enjoy your new books!

  • Braine Supie

    Can someone please impeach the orange dude already?!
    HBD baby boy and yikes! I know how you feel about the BF. Hopefully it’s just one of those light and flirty things.

  • Chantale

    I just keep thinking I’m going to wake up from a nightmare because this bullshit cannot be real. It’s ridiculous. I can’t even deal.

  • Jasprit

    I’m with you with all the crazy stuff going on, seriously I haven’t hated somebody this hard in a long time. And then our own Prime Minister doesn’t even condemn his behaviour, what it up with that, I was fuming these last few days. Books are the only things keeping me distracted these days. I hope you’re able to get back to reading soon. And woah you’re kids are growing up way too fast! I hope this week is tons better! *hugs*

  • Sorry the white hair is going to set in with the boyfriend issue. 😉 I hope it isn’t bad and he turns out to be a great guy. Also sorry you had to go through so much turmoil in your country and especially with your son’s school. 🙁 ((HUGS))

    As far as the rest, what I’m seeing is rogue accounts from the government (I don’t believe all right away but it does seem that a good number have been legit). You also got to love that a forest service person basically gave him the finger. You also look to those that have shown up to the airports to cheer those who have been detained and lawyers donating time for those people as well. Also love the federal judge who defied the president. Even if those orders in some cases have been ignored, my hope is that will make the case stronger to get the puppet and the supremacist and the rest of the neo-nazi crew out of the WH. I am also hoping it is the downfall of a number of prominent republicans (and a kick in the pants to many, many democrats who are also getting yelled at. YES!). It has also made some republicans openly defy him (about time! YES!) We will weather the storm and we will pull though because there are more of us out there than them even if it takes longer than it should to overcome them. I’ll give the neo-nazi crew this: he HAS united us more than ever before, just not in the way he wanted. 😉

  • RO

    Many years I visited Montreal and fell in love with the scenery and people, and still think about coming back to visit or even living there, so I was so sorry to hear about what happened in Quebec. Those poor people. I remember when I was 15. My parents were super strict.(lol) I’m just glad that my son is grown and on his own, but I remember when he was 10 and 15 like it was yesterday for sure. Still reading James Rollins, which is keeping me on the edge of my seat, and trying to get this job thing going. I had no idea you even had a book club. Where in the heck have I been?! (lol) Hugs…

  • sigh, yes what is the world coming too

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    You know I feel the same as you when it comes to what is going on here in the US. It’s very upsetting and everyday there’s new info that it even more depressing. I am trying hard to do what I can and find people who feel the same as I do. Happy Birthday to your son! 10! 10 sounds like a fun age. And your daughter is dating?!?! Wow! Also, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Wangs – I have that book on my shelf and I am excited to check it out!

  • Yeah I just can’t deal with the politics anymore. I’m so so sick of racism and bigotry winning. It’s not the kind of world I want to live in at all. I hope they impeach his ass soon as well as Paul Ryan and Pence, because they are just as bad. What pains me more though that elected government officials have quit pretending that they even remotely care for citizens. Time for all of them to go. I worry that the protests and demonstrations are going to get violent.

    That is really scary about the kid with the gun. I’m glad it got resorted so quickly. And I can imagine how weird it must be for you now that your daughter is dating. But good for you for being so open-minded about it!

    I really hope this week will be better, but I’ve quit hoping. Take care, Joy.

  • Joy I am so depressed about Trump and all that he has done in one short week and 1 day.He reminds me a lot of Hitler so it’s interesting that you mentioned him. I really think he has mental problems and I KNOW he should not have the nuclear codes! It’s scary.Interestingly, I posted a letter to the world that someone shared on Facebook about how sorry we are because of him. I had a bunch of people like it and now when you go to the site, the site has been suspended. Who suspends websites? Is his reach that big already? I wouldn’t doubt it.
    That sounds so scary about the boy with the gun. It happens so much in the U.S. but it sure is horrific every time I hear about this stuff. I am glad your son had a good birthday at school.

    Your book club sounds fun. I belonged to one for a short time and then it just kind of disbanded. The Arrival? Is that the book the movie is based on? I wanted to see that really bad over Christmas but they were only showing it at night and I don’t like to drive at night. Well hope you have a better week than this weekend was!

  • Hearing about everything that Trump has been doing this past week makes me feel so horrified. Honestly… I can’t believe it. Even a five year child being stuck on a plane for five hours alone because he doesn’t have the right into the country to see his parents… the smallest incidents I am hearing about hurt the most. I hope this changes.

    And hopefully normalcy can return to you too.

    I also really hope the best for your daughter <3 She'll find her own way ^^ And a belated happy birthday to your son!

  • good luck for everything and happy reading! have a nice week!