[694]: Eleventh Grave in Moonlight by Darynda Jones

More of the same but a fantastic filler for fans of the series, regardless.

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight
by Darynda Jones

The eleventh sequel to the Charley Davidson series finds our favorite grim reaper living with a newfound reality. That she is a powerful god whose immense power is greater than any god that ever existed makes her question the sanity of anyone who says so. And while she’s contemplating the impossibility of her prowess, I found that at times, I was in a state of disbelief myself as well. Because she doesn’t have full control of her powers yet, she’s hesitant to flex her muscles for fear that she’ll bring forth Armageddon unto mankind.  I mean, she did show some but I think we’ve barely scratched the surface of the scope of her powers. Other than being indestructible, she’s apparently a god-eater. Which means she could potentially retain the powers of the gods she’ll consume (or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here). Let’s hope we’ll find out in the next few books.

So little Beep is still ensconced under the protection of Charley’s army – both holy and unholy alike. I’m not gonna lie, I wish for more interactions between mom, dad and Beep. I want to read more than just a second-hand account of her growth and development. I mean, if this baby is as powerful as prophesied, I kinda want to see how she grows up. I’m itching to ask Ms. Jones when we can expect the inevitable spin-off. It is, however, so much fun to see Reyes bully Osh since finding out the uncomfortable truth about his future and how it relates to Beep.

 As much as this installment was a load of fun, the overall plot of the series didn’t really move. Aside from the cruel ending that is the precursor to the next book, the entire novel consisted of mini story arcs moving towards an intro to the 12th.  There was a brief but sad story of a toddler who died under a toppled drawers; Ubie being distracted by whatever was bothering him; a creepy stalker stalking Amber, and the emergence of a new character and his role in the life of Reyes’ abductors. (Whom by the way, finally got a somewhat satisfying comeuppance once and for all).

In truth, I was annoyed in some parts of the novel. I hate the unnecessary keeping of secrets as a device to stretch a story arc. It’s like, come on, people. We’ve all been here before. Secrets never end well for everybody involved! Thankfully, they didn’t let it fester for as long as they can. But heck, annoying just the same. Charley also grated on my nerve a little. Sometimes, her off-the-cuff humor was off-putting and not at all funny. I mean it was funny, but it was annoying because I feel like there should be a time for serious business.

Despite all my misgivings, there’s very little that could dissuade me from reading the next installments in this series (and I hope there’ll be lots). I’m a fan and will always be a fan so long as Charley remains the neurotic grim reaper that I’ve come to love, and Reyes remains the smoldering Son of Satan who singes the page whenever he makes an appearance.

  • Lovely review sweetie 😀 Yay for enjoying this one. <3 Gosh, book eleven? So many 🙂 But ahh, keeping secrets.. I can't help it, I also hate reading about that in books, lol. Sounds annoying. But glad you still managed to enjoy the book a lot 😀 Yay.

  • Jazmen

    I love a series that has all the characters I love, but I can’t stand when that series gets so far ahead, not much happens. I’m a little concerned about that happening here.

  • I’m so excited for this book. I preordered the audio. The question for me, do I start a new book that I won’t finish before Tuesday. Or, do I find some short story audios to keep me busy until Tuesday. Hm… LOL

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  • Gosh, this series had been going forever! Do you think she’s starting to run low on new ideas and possibly motivation? It sounds a little more filler than normal and I know how much you adore this series Joy. I hope the next book picks up the pace a little. How many books is the series supposed to be? Wonderful review Joy, looking forward to seeing how you enjoy the next series installment <3

  • Sara Walker

    I haven’t read your review yet. But I pre-ordered the audio book and cannot wait for Tuesday! So excited, so excited.

  • We are on 11 already!? Blimey I really must get one with this series ASAP! Loved the first 6 books so I’m quite behind now! Glad to see it’s still going strong for you. 🙂

  • I have been seeing quite a few reviews around for this book again! I am glad you’re still able to enjoy the series and this one lived up to the previous ones, even if it did have its dips at times. Great review!

  • shootingstarsmag

    I do get tired of the keeping secrets trope in books. Regardless, I’m glad this was an enjoyable one – even if it felt more like a filler novel than anything else. I need to read these! I just love humor in books.


  • Wait, eleventh sequel?!! This is a long series then!
    I’m the same with secrets being kept. I want them all to know and get on with more important things in the story! I’m glad you still liked it and plan to keep reading 🙂
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

  • I’m not familiar with the series, but your review piques my interest. I did add the first in series to my TBR! Great Review!

  • I thought this one was better than the last one, but still not as great as earlier ones

  • Yeah, I feel exactly the same way about this series. I’m gonna see it through to the end, but sometimes I want to throw the book across the room. I need more Beep, also!

  • Jasprit

    I’m glad that the issues you had didn’t put you off from continuing with the series Joy, so many people I know are hardcore fans of this series, I guess I’m just slightly concerned with the amount of books!

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I never got into this series but I’ve always wanted to go back and try again because fans keep consistently loving these books. Wonderful review, Joy–I need to become a fan ASAP!

  • Great minds – was just thinking this morning that I need to catch up on the most recent two books in the series! I get what you mean about Charley’s humour – sometimes it just feels like she’s trying too hard.

  • Dena

    I’ve never read this book, but it sounds pretty good. I’m not a fan of the keeping secrets for the sake of stretching out the story, either. It feels so…cliche. For lack of a better word.

  • Karen

    I’ve only read the first book. One of many series I need to catch up on. *sigh*

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  • This series is one of my comfort reads since it is really straightforward and you know what to expect. That said, it frustrates me when they get too fillery. I can’t wait for the 12th!

  • I need to get to reading this series! I own the first 6 or something but I still haven’t started reading them. Glad you are still wanting to read more.

  • Braine Supie

    Hopefully this is the year I keep up with the series… yeah wishful thinking! lol

    Happy hump day, Joy!

  • Yea, I don’t like the secrets trope either but I will never be dissuaded from reading (well, listening) to this series. I already can’t wait for the next one and I haven’t gotten to this one yet. LOL

  • Oh man, I’ve seen this series around here and there but it’s already on the 11th book? That’s a huge commitment that I don’t think I’ll get around to but I still enjoyed reading your review.

    How are you doing on your TBR pile? You can do it!!

  • 11th in the series? I wish I could hang in there that long. Just once ;(

  • as fun as it sounds, no point reading a book that doesn’t move forward much in the series, to me at least

  • I just had it so I’m crurious to get into the story!

  • I haven’t read any of these, but the series sounds interesting! The whole Grim Reaper thing reminds me of Dead Like Me, I really liked that show, so I will definitely check these out!