2017: The Year of Reading Religiously

I think it’s safe to say that 2016 was when I hoarded all the books. I’ve gotten a steady supply from publishers, bought all the books I wanted to buy, re-discovered Book Outlet with great fervour, and in the hopes of reading some pretty stale-dated books in my TBR, picked up duplicate copies of said books in audio form. I must say that I’ve considerably curbed my requests from Net Galley – so that’s progress. But the buying of physical copies still is an incurable addiction.

I don’t think I can remember a time when I bought so much books than I have in 2016. And that’s not good news if you consider the number of books I read this year. So I’m making a concerted effort to read more in the coming year. I will not be inundated by a certain number, though. I will keep my goal of 150 (which I’ve done for the last 4 years) but I will try my best not to fall into a rut.

Goals, Reminders, and Things To Do

  • If I’m not hooked by the 3rd chapter, I’ll move on.
  • I will try to keep a better handle on the books I receive for review (i.e. be aware of the publishing dates)
  • Be more honest with the publishers, publicists, and authors. If the book doesn’t interest me, I MUST graciously decline.
  • Stay the fuck away from bookstores. SERIOUSLY.
  • Un-haul some books by selling them. I would donate them, but I could use the cash.
  • I’m going to armed myself. If I have to go to the bookstore, I’ll read the reviews on Goodreads before I buy. This is like going to shop for clothes and never trying on any of the stuff before I buy it: a disastrous and a nasty habit of mine.
  • Read more prized literature. I know, I know. This is not that is something most people with whom they aspire, but I really think I’ve grown as a reader this year. And that’s not only because I’ve gotten tired of the usual books but 2016 is the year that I’ve become more engaged in/aware of socially relevant issues. I think it’s time.
  • BookTube is an evil vice I must quit. Ugh.
  • Read more non-fiction books.
  • I need to cross-post reviews more regularly. I’ve been pretty good with posting reviews on Goodreads, but I’m severely lacking in posting on Amazon and Chapters.

These are just some of the things I want to work on for 2017. I’ve done my share of imparting my New Year goals and aspirations, but considering how 2016 made a basket case out of me, I’m using that as the flint to set my 2017 on fire.

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