Life Lately: Early Onset of Winter Ennui


Blood Kiss by J.R. Ward | Heartache and Other Natural Shocks by Glenda Leznoff | About Grace by Anthony Doerr | Brutal Youth by Anthony Breznican | Last Mile by Katie Ashley | Empire by John Connolly & Jennifer Ridward | Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong | The Brillian Light of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow | Beastly Bones by William Ritter | Dreamstrider by Lindsay Smith | The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton | The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford | Conquest by John Connolly & Jennifer Ridward


I’ve been trying to film a video for the last two weeks, but it’s all crap. I think I’m sticking to regular blogging for now until I find the courage to show my face to the world. Anyway, these books are a small part of the haul I got from Book Outlet. And when I “a small part”, I mean I have three more boxes that I still have to show you guys. Like I said, I’ve been a bad, bad girl.

How’s your December so far? Mine is off to a crappy start. On Wednesday, my dad was rushed to the hospital with breathing problems. It turns out, the stents that were put in his right and middle arteries are both 90% narrowed. So he’s going to have his second bypass surgery on Wednesday. My dad is 72 years old and he’s been a smoker since he’s a teenager. Everyday, I’ve waited for such a phonecall from my mom, but I’m never ever going to be ready for when it happens. Needless to say, I’ve been out of sorts this week. He looks like himself when we saw him on Saturday, though, so it’s good to see.

Winter is finally here. White stuff on the ground is here to stay. I hope it’s not going to be a bitterly cold winter, though but I highly doubt it.  I’ve put up my Christmas tree, wrapped most of my presents on Saturday night but I’ve got a few more that I have to buy for. It’s hard to get excited about Christmas nowadays. But honestly, when was the last time you were excited about Christmas?


This week, I read three books that have been sitting on my TBR for a while now. Thanks to an Audible sale, I was able to finally get them off my shelves. I know there are only two books in the picture, but I can’t seem to find my copy of A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. It’s been a good reading week despite all the suckiness that happened this past week.

Well, I think this is as good an update as any. I hope you’ll have a fantastic week!

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