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With the unfortunate news of the FBI Director’s attempt to influence the American election, the changes Book Expo is about to implement, and the rumors that HarperCollins will only be sending physical ARCs to Booktubers and Bookstagrammers, this past weekend can only be summed up in one word: itΒ sucked.Β Now, before I get people riled up, I don’t care all that much about BEA ridding of the book blogger con altogether, nor do I care about the ARCs that I wasn’t getting from HarperCollins in the first place. I only care that the book bloggers’ role in the publishing industry is being marginalized and underappreciated – disrespected, even.

Some of us have been doing this for years. It’s become a responsibility and a job most of do not get paid for. We do our part to keep the hype machine running. So the exclusion stings. Last week, Jenny of Supernatural Snark decided to leave the book reviewing blogosphere, and I’m not gonna lie, after the weekend spent feeling sorry for myself, and questioning whether or not it’s even worth the effort anymore, I’ve been contemplating on following her footsteps. It’s not because of the ARCs, never that. After all, HarperCollins don’t even know I exist and I certainly didn’t start blogging because of them. It’s just…it really hurts to feel rejected.

I think it stings more because the last time I attended BEA, there was a panel on the popularity of book tubers who basically said readers would rather watch book tubers than read blog posts. And this past weekend, it hurts to come to terms with the fact that a publishing house such as HarperCollins in one way or another gives that claim some credence.

But we are a resilient, forgiving bunch, aren’t we? We are also not revengeful. We’re not going to quit buying their books just because we want them to feel the same sting of rejection. At the end of the day, we need to recognize our reasons for blogging in the first place. If you’re like me, I use my blog as an outlet. I have things to get off my chest which just happens to be feelings – good or bad – over a book. If my opinions helped someone decide to buy, borrow, skip a book, then my job here is done. And that’s all I have to say about that.


I’ve had a slow month but I’m about 7 books away to reaching my Goodreads goal of 150 books for the year. November, I think is going to get even slower. I feel like I need to reevaluate this book blogging thing. I’ve been feeling uninspired lately, anyway. I want to find a steady ground so I can decide what I want to do once and for all. I don’t think I’ll ever stop reading, but I feel exhausted and burned out. I’ll keep y’all posted.


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I hope you’ll have the best of November, dear readers.

How was your October?

  • Hugs. <3 I hope you are doing good sweetie. You are awesome πŸ™‚ And uuugh, so much bad news lately : I also do not like how they are being about bloggers. No fair at all. I have blogged for five years already, and yeah. I wish to feel more loved about it, haha πŸ™‚ Lovely post sweetie. <3

  • It is a sad, because I’m just not a Vlogger… I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch my face! lol But like you, it is a way to get things off your chest. But I like to do it, and will continue to do so for now. Australia is usually behind the times, so I should still be able to get arcs! 😁

  • Don’t leave πŸ™ I try to take a few days off if I need it and it helps. I don’t understand the decision to favor booktubers. I have never watched one of those reviews but I have bought tons of books based on written blogs. It makes no sense.

  • Gah, it appears I missed much while I was away! I loathe video as a medium in general – written posts or graphics all the way for me. But I get that’s not the issue – being sidelined and disregarded by the book publishing industry is a sucky move.

    • Exactly. I have nothing against book tubers and bookstagrammers. I have something against exclusion.

  • I read another news for Book Expo and apparently they are letting book bloggers in. Apparently, they used to let everyone in without really checking if they were book bloggers or librarians so now they will be checking all of those things.
    The HarperCollins thing. I never get books from them and like Nereyda said, most of them haven’t been that good (from the e-galleys I do get).
    It does suck that the bloggers aren’t getting recognized for their hard work. We spend so much time writing reviews. Not that I’m complaining but it’s the fact that these publishers don’t see that. We aren’t just saying “read the book. go buy it. it’s awesome!” Anyone can do that. We try to show our love for books through the reviews we write.

    I loved Bittersweet so much! I’m on the fence with Our Chemical Hearts. I’ve read okay reviews for it so my excitement has gone down for it.
    Have a great November, Joy!
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

  • karina

    It sounds like you need to step back from the blogosphere for awhile, J.! You blog for yourself in the end of the day, and they can say whatever the eff they want, so as long as you don’t listen it shouldn’t concern you. Your readers and friends love you and you enjoy the books you read and talk about, as far as I’m concerned this is it in a nutshell. Nothing else matters. Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Much needed, for sure. It just seems like I’ve been taking a lot of these breaks lately. Sigh.

  • Yea…it hasn’t been too fun recently. While I won’t dive any deeper into it, the only consolation I can offer is that I don’t think I’ve ever watched a book review video. Always read blogs. haha

    • Hi, Robert. First, thanks for stopping by. And second, there are a lot of book tubers out there that are worth the follow. I don’t really have anything against book tubers or bookstagrammers alike. My issue was with the industry who are marginalizing our roles. But anyway, I also prefer reading book blogs anyway. I feel like the thoughts are more structured and complete. To each to their own and what not.

  • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about HarperCollins. If you blog for the right reasons, you probably love the ARCs if you get them, but it’s not why anyone does this. We want to talk to others about what we love! It is sad, however, to think that a company like HarperCollins would cut off such a large group of people, seemingly without thought to how that would make us feel or react. I don’t mind it so much, because I rarely get ARCs from them, and most physical ARCs are kind of a pain. They’re hard to get rid of! I guess we’ll see what comes of all of this, and what the future of the bookstagrammers and booktubers is!

    I hate to hear you’re burned out, but I know how you feel. With news like that and when life gets complicated, it’s hard to muster the enthusiasm. I hope you won’t ever stop though!

  • Rachel

    Hold up, where did the HarperCollins rumour come from? Video is the biggest media craze right now, I get that. But I also feel like blogging is here to stay, and good blogs get loads of attention too. There is more than one communication channel, you know? I disagree with the idea of instagram being a massive channel. Maybe I’m wrong but it doesn’t lend itself to the reviewing and discussion of books. I wish all sides would stop taking digs at each other, and that publishers and other voices of authority would stop giving it attention – we are facets of the same industry and we all work hard on what is essentially an unpaid hobby, to support the industry we love. R xx

  • I had not heard about those changes, but they really suck. Sometimes I feel unappreciated in the blogging world anyway and this doesn’t help. I can understand how you feel, but I really hope you don’t go away. I love reading your posts.

  • WHAT? No ARCs for book bloggers anymore? Bookstagrammers doesn’t even give an honest review! Most of them just show off a book because of its pretty cover! ARGH. I dislike book marketing now. </3

  • I’m just sad πŸ™ You’ve made so many great points Joy and I sympathize with you and so many other bloggers who are frustrated (including me). I’m so sad to see Jenny go and hope you reevaluate because I enjoy reading your post for your unique views on books I may not know about until I visit you and discover them! Blogging began mostly as an output for my love of books and sharing that, and it can be tons of work, too. This whole ARC is disappointing.
    Thanks, Joy for the post!!

  • No matter which side of the fence you are on, it is hard to not take to heart what is happening with our country and the integrity of the election process. I am deeply saddened by the possibility of things being forever changed negatively.
    That is cruddy news about the ARC’s being distributed differently. Like you, I don’t care about the ARC’s themselves, but what the change represents is sad. I am a firm believer that book bloggers have the hugest influence on book sales. It isn’t just a review posted, but also a lot of time promoting the post, thus promoting the book. I love BookTube, but it is an entirely different sort of thing, really.

  • Oh, Joy, please stay. I love your blog and it would be so sad if you leave us. I’m sorry to hear you feel exhausted and burned out. But do you still have that urge to share your feelings about a book, to push your latest favorite book to all your bookish friends, to share you beautiful photos? Take a break, get some rest, change something if you feel like it, but stay.

    I haven’t heard about BEA and HarperCollins. In truth these news are not something that affect me personally, but I get your feelings. It looks like book blogs become less and less popular and Booktubers and Bookstagrammers are in trend now. But I love blogs. It seems that a person who loves to READ books would prefer to READ reviews.

    Oh, well, I hope November is a better month for you.

  • Wow. Thank goodness for me reading your blog because I’ve missed out on so much news. It’s so sad to see Jenny go, and I’m really sad to hear about the whole book blogger con being dissolved. But that’s terrible of Harper Collins. I do have a booktube account and a bookstagram as well that I put effort in, but if I have to say which of the three I value the most – it would be my book blog. I can’t believe how people are declining the right of book bloggers. Many authors who email me or see that I have written a review can’t thank me enough for the effort of unpaid work and how much it will help with the promotion of their novels. It’s just a shame that some particular publishers can’t see the value in that. I don’t mind not receiving ARCs – I only get a few anyway because I live internationally. It’s not the reason I blog. But it stings to know I’m being looked down on in such a way, and all book bloggers are…

  • I’ve always wondered why bloggers often get the short end, or horribly underpaid, when they’re so instrumental in introducing consumers to so many things. Bookbloggers not viewed as important when we promote the love of reading–I’m pretty sure that people who enjoy reading read BLOGS. I don’t see the logic in their decisions, but like you, I do it because I’m a true bibliophile. I enjoy reading and I love sharing it with other people.

  • This book blogging thing…. I can’t see myself ever giving it up because I’ve put so much heart and soul into it for the past few years that it’s become a part of me now. While the books and ARCs are great, the thing that keeps me going through every drama and shit happening are the people that read my blog, that take the time to leave comments, that support me everyday. I hope you’ll be able to find out what keeps you going Joy.

  • Let me first talk about the blogging. Yea, I try to quit at least once a month, but it helps me to do something that I hope helps authors. I’m adding other things on the blog I always intended to add (like the crafts) but never did since it didn’t get as much interest. I’m just adding it anyway. Who knows what the blog will end up being in the end. I do hope you continue to blog (but would understand if you didn’t) since I like reading your reviews. I don’t do the booktuber thing or even watch b/c I can get bored much quicker that way. Yea, I don’t make sense to myself sometimes. LOL

    Okay the election thing. Let me see if I can not go hog wild on the comments here. First, go to This is Nate Silver’s who has been very accurate at predicting the winners of elections (higher stats than any other polls or stats). So far Hillary is still ahead by a big margin, but yea that FBI guy (who needs to lose his job over this… there are ethics violations in place to prevent it) did affect her numbers slightly and gave the orange menace a path to win (I’m not usually one to give into name calling, but he has become the epitome of hate in politics and society).

    Btw, loved this and didn’t know if you saw it…

  • You would be missed if you left πŸ™ I feel like more and more are leaving because of this. I saw someone else post their opinion about the rumor and it completely baffles me why they would go in that direction. I understand feeling rejected and not appreciated, I think it’s unfair to us bloggers. It takes so much time and we do it for nothing, but to completely go and try to disrespect us because of that – that is just insulting. I have no interest in becoming a booktuber. Not because I down own a camera, but because I don’t feel like putting myself out there like that for the world to see. It’s unfair that it’s now a requirement to be honest just because I prefer to hide behind my computer. Putting yourself on camera you are open to other shitty criticism from people who aren’t interested in books but are watching it to troll you or your appearance or other stuff. People are more cruel in that world. And I am sorry but what do bookstagramers bring to the table? >.>

  • Jasprit

    Joy nooooo you can’t leave either! I totally know how you’re feeling though, we put so much time and effort book blogging just to be overlooked, I for one don’t do it for the free books either, but for my love and passion for books. And really my blog is my baby, and I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far without so many of you around being supporting me through it! You know I’m always here if you ever need to vent or chat about anything! I hope things get better for you soon x

    • I know, I know. But lately, I’ve been imagining how nice it would be to just read and review when I want. Imagine the weight lifting off your shoulders? I do think that I need to stop thinking how nice it would be to receive books from publishers. I can’t have it both ways, you know?

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    JOY DON’T REEVALUATE!! It sucks that our presence isn’t getting even the slightest bit of recognition it deserves–especially because I think Booktubers and Bookstagrammers are much more privileged in the sense that they have video equipment and photo equipment that a lot of bloggers likely don’t have access to. Not to mention the majority of ARCs I get are e-ARCs so if I wanted to start my own Booktube channel, it would be a lot less glamorous than that of someone getting physical ARCs. But I would miss you so much if you left the blogosphere! I totally understand leaving if this just isn’t for you, anymore, but don’t allow these external happenings to influence your decision. :/ I hope November is a better month for you, dear, and know that some of us love your posts and appreciate your reviews so very much.

    • Some of those book tubers and bookstagrammers are talented beyond belief so I don’t discard their hard work. I suppose I don’t blame the publishers because it’s hard to accurately track traffic with book bloggers. As oppose to the view counts on YouTube or the likes on Instagram, they only have to take our words for it when we disclose of the visitors we get at any given time.

      Thank you for your kind words, Keertana. It helps to read comments like yours. <3

  • Yeah, the BEA thing didn’t bother me as much because I understood what they were trying to do. BUT, then someone mentioned that apparently booktubers and bookstagrammers are professionals and most are getting paid by publishers too and that certainly got me riled up.

    It’s not about the arcs for me either because the books will always come out, it’s about the feeling of being “discarded” and like we’re being replaced. It sucks as a feeling given how much of our time, money that we give to this hobby for FREE. I certainly don’t blog for publishers. I blog for myself, but I’m not gonna lie, I like being acknowledged for the work I do. It makes me feel positive and motivated about what I’m doing. So yeah, this whole move sucked balls. I feel like if they had said they would stop sending arcs/limit numbers of people to non-industry professionals (basically anyone who is not a librarian, bookseller and so forth) I would have handled this better. But they are focusing on BLOGGERS only. Also, LOL at them thinking that people buy books by looking at a photo on bookstagram. Yeah, no. I’m broke so no way am I going to buy a book thanks to a photo. They are nice to look at but to convince people to buy? Yeahhhh no.

    JOY. If you even think about quitting, I’m going to take a plane to Canada, and shake some senses into you. I can’t have you leaving either!!!

    Also, this election. It makes me lose faith in humanity. America likes to think that it’s super progressive, but this election is showing it’s not. I’ve had it with Trump and his annoying supporters. If they elect him, the will deserve everything that comes their way but they are too blinded by their racism, sexism and homophobia to see beyond his big talk. They are kidding themselves if they think Trump wants to help them. I’m just scared for the rest of the level-headed population, especially marginalized groups.

    Freaking hell, Joy. I hope this week is better! >.<

    • I like being recognized for the hard work as well but hearing the opposite of that was a little hard to take. I understand what they’re getting at but at the same time, a little recognition goes a long way. Sales and marketing goes hand in hand, so even though book tubers and bookstagrammers are becoming more popular than book bloggers, we still have a hand in promoting the book industry. I had plans on going next year, but I’m going to reevaluate in January.

      AMERICA. I’m scared for you. >.<

  • The BEA thing I don’t much care about because it always seemed to be more about appealing to bookstores and resellers. That one I get. I mostly do audiobooks so the ARCs thing doesn’t really bother me either but the disrespect bothers me. When I thought my hosting was up this month (it is next year)–I considered throwing in the towel. After 9 years, this was the first that I can honestly say I just didn’t enjoy blogging. I enjoy all my friends and fellow readers but the act of blogging–not so much. I stepped away from getting review copies and next year (for as long as I stick to it–still thinking it might be the last) will all be library, shelf, or borrowed books. It really has become a more flash and dash kind of appeal to publishers but that just doesn’t appeal to me. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • It is that disrespect that creates the rancor. Wow. 9 years is a long time. I’ve only been blogging for 5 years and it’s taken me this long to figure out my niche. My main motivation when I first started was to share the love of reading. But I’m not gonna lie, the last few months have started to make me feel bitter. :/ I think the moment we start to feel bitter about reading is when we need to reevaluate our choices.

      Thank you for stopping by. I’ll be sure to return the favour soon!

  • I think it’s a new thing this year. Something big appeared with booktubers. I “worked” with a French publishers for years and at the beginning of the year they said that they didn’t want anymore because they only wanted to send books ARCs or eARCs to librarians and booktubers. I was a bit sad but well it’s like that.

    • Oh that sucks, Melliane. I can’t believe they actually said that to you. But I guess it’s their prerogative.

  • Quote:
    “At the end of the day, we need to recognize our reasons for blogging in the first place.”
    You couldn’t have summed up my feelings better than that – well, your whole post couldn’t. Also, good old reviews are still relevant to me, and to many others I hope. AND the very reason why I started my blog in 2012 was to give an outlet to less hyped books, which in turn brought me to establish a few great relationships with indie/small pub authors. At the end of the day, while – like you said – rejection hurts, we need to look into our mirror and see our own value reflected there.
    I hope you’ll find your groove back, too :).
    BTW, I was redirected here via Karen’s blog (For What It’s Worth), which featured a link to this post. She’s an old and close friend (though a virtual one, because I’m in Italy!) – we don’t read the same books much, but we respect and support each other in the blogging game :).

    • That’s one thing I’ve neglected in all these years: I feel like I’ve not given some indie authors the opportunity they deserve. After everything that’s happen this past weekend, I think that’s one of the things I need to revisit. I know they’ve gotten some bad reps in the past, but I’m sure there are gems out there.

      Thank you for stopping by. I’ll be sure to thank Karen and to return the favour soon!

  • HC does not I exist either, and I know that some love those e-arcs, but for me, eh, I do not have eink, it’s like staring at a computer screen. I so need to read more print, like old ones from the library

    I have also noticed more review requests that are demanding and nothing else, not even a thank you

    • And I’m not even bitter about that, to be honest. I’ve been working with Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster Canada and to add HarperCollins to my repertoire would just be asking for trouble. I don’t think I can handle anymore. It’s just the rejection really hurts.

  • I totally agree with everything you said. I could care less about the Harper ARCs because I wasn’t requesting them anyway… but like you said, it’s the disrespect that IRKs me. Blogging is here to stay and the publishing companies are kidding themselves if they think otherwise. Pictures get buried in the feed, but a review on Goodreads or Amazon lasts forever. The BEA thing to me is the saddest part. Like really?? Bloggers aren’t part of the process anymore?? Oh right, that was someone else who tells her local librarians books they just HAVE to order for their teen and MG sections. And opps, yeah that was totally a Bookstagrammer who was at Barnes and Noble last week telling the manager what books they should really get on their shelves in-store. Not to say Bookstagrammers DON’T do that stuff, but I just don’t think it’s as influential to people buying books as an actual review. But yeah, it’s just sad to see that bloggers are getting pushed aside when all we’ve done is put our hearts and souls into book promotion. Just makes me feel like crap. But hopefully I’ll still be able to go to BEA… even if the dude running it doesn’t want me, I still get a lot out of it, so I’m going to just try to ignore the stab in my heart.

  • I’m sad to say that I think the vast majority of blogging (all topics, not just books) is being pushed aside in favor of other forms of social media. It’s frustrating and disrespectful. Also, I’m ashamed to be an American at this point.

    I hope you find something that works for you!

  • I’m sorry Joy, I feel the same way as you, especially when it comes to the lack of respect. As of right now, I am really hoping that the changes mentioned in that article do not affect bloggers too much when it comes to BEA. And the rumors about HarperCollins, well I think it may only be a rumor, in that they are still sending physical ARCs, but only individual rather than a huge package as they have done in the past (to only very certain bloggers, I am assuming). But even so, I think just the news in general is sucking the motivation out of me, and I guess, making me step back and realize that I need to take blogging more as a hobby rather than a job. Because yeah, I am not making money from it. Which is fine, because I do have a real job that I actually need to focus on over blogging.

    I think I read only a few books in October. I’ve been wanting to read The Sun Is Also A Star, but I’m not sure how it’ll go seeing as I did not like Everything, Everything.

  • Sara Walker

    Sigh- I am sorry you’ve had a rough month, Joy. I am always so encouraged with your perseverance when it comes to blogging. I find I fall off the wagon all the time- I feel like no one noticed. But I love reading and books and having an outlet to gush or whine. When I remember that I blog for me and not for anyone else, that’s when I really enjoy it.

    It sucks that book blogging is taking such a back burner though. It stings… a lot. We like writing reviews, and making lists, and sharing things through words. Why can’t that be equally appreciated? Encouraged?

    I hope November is a better month for you.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I hadn’t heard about the HarperCollins thing. I don’t do this for the ARCs either, but I also don’t like the idea that a big publisher thinks book bloggers don’t make a difference and that only bookstagramers and booktubers are important. To be honest, I’d rather read a review than watch a video. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m not the only one out there that think this.

    At any rate, I do hope you keep blogging! Maybe add in other things other than books? It keeps things interesting!


  • I don’t keep up with news but that SUCKS! I feel you, it’s not the arcs, but now I feel like chopped liver. Really?!

  • You know I haven’t really heard much about the ongoing a with Harpercollins but wow… That is kinda crazy. I really really hope you don’t leave though!!! But if that is what you decide is best for you I completely understand. For myself, I plan on staying as long as I can. But it can really be a downer to be so under appreciated as bloggers. And you read some great books!!! I just loved Royally Screwed and Rock Addiction

  • This HC thing it new to me, I have been ou tof the loop but sad to hear that bloggers are quitting because of it, but it is already a tough hobby with little gratification so it is hard when a big house makes a stance like that

  • Wow, I get a bad cold and miss all the drama! I’ve been wondering about the ARC thing for some time. I’ve been blogging 5 years and I’ve seen the number of ARCs I receive really dry up over the last year or so. No big deal- I still have plenty to read. Plus, Harper has always been generous with the e-ARCs, which works for me.
    As for BEA, as a four or five year attendee, I’m skeptical. I’m not surprised they cancelled BloggerCon – it was a nice idea but always felt more like marketing than networking or educational. BEA has been threatening to cut down on blogger attendance for years but I have seen no evidence of it … yet. I understand if they want to try to funnel bloggers to BookCon, but I’m not interested in that and I don’t think most bloggers are either.
    We’ll see what happens, I guess!

  • 150 books? My god how did you do that? Teach me your plays. And stick around. Booktube and instgram are on the rise for now, but their momentum wont last forever πŸ˜€

  • I have…lots to say about this… no surprise there, but most of it will probably get me in trouble πŸ˜‰

    NIck and I predicted this would happen. It’s funny because before anytime someone dared to say anything about bookstagramers/booktubers (i hate both those terms, they sound so juvenile) you were labeled as jealous. But now that the precious ARC’s are on the line, now all of a sudden those people care. (I don’t mean you, I mean the people who always defended them).

    I don’t care about BEA. I was never gonna go. It was too far for me and I’d rather waste that money to go on a real vacation so that makes no difference to me. And about Harper, I used to get their books and *spoiler alert* most weren’t that good. They were just pretty covers and lots of hype without any real substance so I can’t really say I’m heartbroken that I won’t be getting their books either.

    And no, it’s not about the fucking arcs. Like most people pissed about this, it’s the fact that we aren’t respected for all our hard work. Ask any blogger I’ve ever talked to and they will tell you that they prefer reviews over pretty pictures, yet the publishers don’t pay attention to that. This is about us not being recognized for the time we spend reading and reviewing, actually reviewing and not just a lame squeeing instagram caption talking about how pretty the cover is. It’s about the fact that most of those people are being shady and not disclosing that they are getting paid for their videos/instagram posts. This is about longtime and maybe smaller bloggers that have been loyal fans of a series/author and have done everything they can to support that series/author being ignored over a more popular person who hasn’t even heard of the book. It’s about the fact that fucking libraries have a horrible selection of books meanwhile bookstagrammers are getting a free mini library in their own homes (most books are not being read, let’s ace it) and so much more.

    I hope you don’t go away. You’re one of the good ones Joy so I hope you stick around. Like you, I have other interests beyond books which is why I used to have my other blog. It was too hard to keep up with 2 blogs so I’ve been trying to implement more non-bookish posts in our book blog lately and it’s going over well. You should try it!

    PS-sorry for the long ass comment…oops.

    Nereydaβ”‚ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

    • THIS is why I love Nick & Nereyda!!! They always say exactly what I’m thinking!!! Thank you for being honest Nereyda πŸ™‚

    • You are so right, Nereyda. I totally agree with you. <3 Yeah, I don't want Joy to go, either. πŸ™

      • πŸ™ Thank you. I’m not leaving. I just took a break (again). But my enthusiasm is renewed! Despite more drama circulating in the blogosphere.

  • The election news I try not to think about because this election has been taking far too long to end! I understand trying to find to remember the reasons you started when publishers are showing blatant unappreciation. I enjoy your reviews and I hope you continue, but even if you don’t this is all about what works for you, and I celebrate any path you choose! Tori @ In Tori Lex

  • Ohh, I’ve been away for a while, completely overwhelmed and unaware of all these changes. I didn’t even know about Jenny, and that makes me so sad! The book blogging community has lost one of our very best. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point as well, but it’s the people. I would miss all of you terribly, I really would. So I keep doing what I’m doing, even when there isn’t time for it.

  • Ugh…I so feel you. This whole election thing? WTF? I am so scared for the future of this country and are foreign relations. We must look like the biggest *insert negative descriptor here* in the world πŸ™ It’s freakin’ embarrassing, too!

    And the whole BEA thing…sigh…definitely has been heading in that direction for a while now…clearly the free publicity and marketing afforded by bloggers is not valued πŸ™ Makes me wonder why I burned myself out for so many years on this “hobby”

    And I hadn’t heard of the Harpercollins thing (they don’t know I exist either)..but I really am not into the whole Booktubers thing…I do not have the time to watch someone yell and shout for 10 minutes. I am a reader! I want to read a review at my own pace!!! I can see the appeal of the Bookstagram community-I recently decided to try to emulate some of the pretty bookstagrammers I follow but it was more of a photography thing to me than trying to increase my cred with publishers…

    Regarding being burned out…all that I can say is that I’ve felt that way for the past 1.5 years and have really scaled back. It’s less stressful if I have less deadlines and less self imposed rules (ie. I no longer have to post 6x per week, etc.) Jenny’s post did make me think twice though about how long I’ll hang on. I love it…when I’m not stressed…but Real Life seems to get in the way more and more lately.

  • Karen

    October totally sucked for me both personally and with reading/blogging. Glad it’s over! lol

    The BEA thing made me sad too. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming but I’ve often felt like traditional blogging is going the way of the dodo bird. I really feel that looking through Bookstagram – value is placed more on perfect beautiful pictures rather than the joy of reading and community (not that I don’t enjoy all the pretty pictures!!!). I don’t watch book tubers but it feels the same to me. I’m never going to do that so if that’s where it’s headed then it’s over for me.

    I’m guessing the publishers want the rah-rah enthusiasm and polished videos/pictures more than the *boring* posts.

    Or I could be getting melodramatic about the whole thing lol

    I do still get a small # of ARC’s but I don’t care about that either. I bought books before I knew they existed, I buy them now, and I’ll keep buying them. We aren’t owed arc’s so they get to do whatever they want with them. It’s more about of the attitude towards something we put our whole heart and energy into (for free!) like you said.

    I guess we’ll carve out our own little niche where we hang in there an support each other.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  • I sometimes feel like throwing in the review towel, too. I haven’t done many reviews lately. Sometimes I don’t feel like it does any good anyway. But I hate to give up my blog completely and lose the interaction I have with my blogging friends. Blogging should be fun, not a chore. When you start to feel burn out, it’s good to take a step back from it!
    Great reading month, though! I want to read The Hating Game asap.

    • I know. I’ve come to know some pretty kick ass women through blogging, so to lose that is a such a sad thing to think about. What I need is to find a great motivational book to get me out of this funk.

  • kindlemom1

    I hate to admit this but I am right there with you. In fact, ever since Jenny’s post and if I’m completely honest before that even, I’ve seriously been debating not blogging anymore. It just seems like my passion for it has dwindled and even for writing reviews. I kind of miss just being able to read a book just because and not feeling pressured to write a review for it. Does that make sense? I don’t know, I don’t want this to feel like a job or a responsibility and it is starting to…

    • I know what you mean. But I’m scared to be out of the loop at the same time, you know? Hopefully, our maudlin moods will improve soon, Ali. <3

      • kindlemom1

        I know exactly what you mean! That and I like all the friendships I’ve made, I think I would really miss that more than anything else too.

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    I didn’t hear about the HarperCollins news. Wow, that’s really a shame! Like you, I am so sad Jenny is no longer blogging. She will definitely be missed. She has been one of my oldest blogging friends! πŸ™ I don’t get the popularity of book tubers. I guess I’m not cool enough. πŸ˜‰ I hear you about getting burned out regarding blogging. I went through a really rough reading slump not too long ago. Anyway, I look forward to your thoughts on The Sun is Also a Star!

    • It’s a nasty rumor someone had spread on Twitter and I hope that it remains just that – a rumor. I’ve only started following Jenny in the last couple of years, so I’m pretty bummed about. She’s one of the nicest, established bloggers out there. She’s approachable even with her popularity.

      I follow some but they’re not the popular ones. Last week, I followed this nice, old man who reads books about history and world wars. He’s very informative and not at all the screaming, flailing book tuber I’ve come to expect. (Does that sound judgmental? Gah. Sorry. I’m a buzzkill today…and a little mean.)

  • Don’t even get me started on the elections. It kills me to see my kick-ass country being torn down the way it is. Sigh. I Hadn’t heard of the HarperCollins thing. Honestly, I have little patience when it come to booktubers. I don’t want to sit and watch a 10+ minute rambling video when I can read a post in less than one. Oh well, guess I’m not the target audience.

    • How can American people be so wishy-washy? Don’t you know what’s at stake?! Are you kidding me with this shit right now? Fucking emails over a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, sexual predator? Really? Really? Ugh.

      You are so right about watching vs. reading. I would rather read because I’m doing it on my own pace.

      • It’s a big lack of logic and critical thinking. A lot of people are too lazy to actually research things themselves and know the difference between primary sources & secondary sources – fact from opinion. The media is pretty bad too, even when they try to be balanced. The way they report stuff, their wording, etc … makes me smack my head sometimes. Then you have the true wackos like Hannity – Lord help us – that millions of people believe. And have you ever watched/listened to some of the popular internet shows like Infowars? I honest to God feel like I’m listening to a science fiction/fantasy/alt-universe story, but then remember that these people & their large following actually believe that shit. Not gonna lie, I started crying one time because it made so sad that people believe in that “reality” & harbor such hate and cant see things objectively.

        Also, I’ve had to study cults and Trump & Co have used the same techniques. It’s fascinating to step back and marvel at how effectively it has worked and how many people fall into it, but it’s fucking scary too. And then we have one political party that is … ugh, I’m just going to stop there. lol.

  • RO

    You bring up some really good points. A few bloggers get paid really big bucks to talk about books, but for the most part we do it for free. I stopped reviewing books years ago, and have decided to focus on getting to know the writer, or the chef, or the entertainer via the interview thing. That frees me up to visit bloggers I love to find the books I want to read based on their reviews. If it were up to me, any person who blogs should be paid, (lol), but if we’re not gonna get cash, we should at least be respected, right? You do so many other cool things Joy, like photography and decorating, perhaps you can change the blog around for a time to focus on those things and do the book piece when you feel like it. We still want to see you around. Hugs…RO

    • Thank you, Ro. I think you’ve given me a spark of inspiration about doing more than blog about books. I have other interests so yeah, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. <3

  • First of all-booktubers? that’s the first time I have even heard that term. I did watch a review once-how I got to it I don’t remember. I wasn’t impressed at all. Harper-Collins seem to like pissing people off don’t they? Aren’t they the ones that caused all the problems with pricing and Amazon?Can’t remember all the details. Maybe Amazon was the bad guy? BEA? I can’t believe they would do away with bloggers there! That’s a shame. You are right, that is pretty depressing. I think I would still wait and see what happens next. I understand being burned out. And maybe you just need a longer break than usual, cause I know you love talking books. But you gotta do, what you gotta do and I don’t blame you. Hang in there!

    • I understand BEA’s position, though. Expos usually are sales oriented more than marketing. But at the same time, sales and marketing typically goes hand in hand. I want to re-invent myself and the blog but I don’t really know where to start. :/