September: A Month of Indulgence


According to Environment Canada (our weather channel), Fall will be in full swing next week; meaning, low temps, rain, and blustery wind. Goodie. But I don’t really mind Fall. It used to be my favourite season but since my football team has been sucking lately, I can’t summon enough enthusiasm for the changing season. I wish they’d figure out which personality would show up and none of this really good and really awful see-saw they’ve been doing for the last three seasons. My heart simply can’t take it. Sigh.

Anyway, September has come and gone. There are less than three months before Christmas and I’m freaking out just a little bit. My job is a temporary position that ends in April. I’m not really looking forward to going out there again to pound the pavement but I suppose I have no choice. I know I have a bit of time yet, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately. I don’t know why. I think it’s because as the year draws nearer to a close, the more I’ve been stressing out over it. Then again, I may just be borrowing trouble.

So, September. Gosh, what a month! I’ve been sick for the better part of last week and have not yet fully recovered. I went back to work just because I missed so much time already and even though my company pays for sick leave, I didn’t want to take advantage. My ears are still plugged and I still have bouts of coughing fits so needless to say, my quasi-fitness regiment has stalled as well.

The good news is I read 26 books for the month and well on my way to reaching my Goodreads reading goal way ahead of time. The bad news is I doubt I’m going to be able to write a review for all the books that I’ve read.






Not in the picture is The Swan Riders because I technically didn’t finish the book. So I only read 25 and 1 DNF. I blame this surge in the tally to my appetite for romance in September. When I was bedridden for almost a week, all I wanted to read was Romance books. So you can say most of the books I read this month were pure indulgence.  I unearthed my Kindle and downloaded a whole bunch of books. I enjoyed The Royals by Erin Watt and the collaborative (unrelated) series by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. Three books, three different flavours. Loved every minute of it!

This is it for now, ladies and gents. I hope to write a few short reviews for these books sometime this month. I have a massive Fall TBR that I will share with you this week, as well new releases that I’m dying to read! I hope you’ll all have a spooky October filled with books that will scare the pants out of you!

What was your favourite read in September?






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