Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 193


Dark Storm by Christine Feehan | Pines by Blake Crouch | The Last Town by Blake Crouch | Broken Prince by Erin Watt | Paper Princess by Erin Watt | Kids of Appetite by David Arnold | The Reader by Tracy Chee | The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron


I’ve been suffering from a bout of the worst flu I’ve ever gotten in my entire life, y’all. It’s been exactly 7 days. My hearing is very poor due to both my ears being infected. I’m on antibiotics at the moment which seems to be helping because my ears aren’t as disgusting as they were a couple of days or so ago. But it still hard to hear anyone so I’ve pretty much been reading everybody’s lips when they’re talking to me. I’ve missed at least 3.5 days of work because of this illness which sucks because our year end is coming up.

As for the blog, there wasn’t much I could do; I couldn’t compose a single sentence to save my life. Lol. My brain’s been fermenting on flu meds so I wasn’t going to push my luck.  I did try to do a bit of commenting yesterday but I’m still days behind.  The good news is, I was able to read some when my head was not spinning or my ears weren’t aching. So there’s that at least.

I didn’t want to go to the bookstore this past weekend on account of there are a few books coming out tomorrow that I’m looking forward to picking up but my husband wanted to cheer me up so we went yesterday. Ear ache or not, I wasn’t going to say no. Lol. I found out that the Dollar Store sells books and wanted to see what kind of selection they have. I picked up three (two Blake Crouch and one Christine Feehan all for $3 each).

R  E  A  D



Those damn Audible sales always get me! I downloaded Easy Charm by Kristen Proby not knowing it’s #2 in a series but after listening to it, I was sunk. They’re enjoyable enough and easy to read but I find that most of the conflict in the books are just too manufactured and sometimes annoyingly unnecessary. She does sex scenes really well, but man, it got repetitive after a while. I didn’t like book #3 because I felt like nothing ever happened. It was the most boring romance/erotica novel I’ve ever read, to be honest.

I also downloaded My Life As A White Trash Zombie which is pretty cool take on zombies. Basically, these zombies have the ability to regenerate and be fresh as long as you keep feeding them brains. They only get rabid when they haven’t been fed for days. I enjoyed this one. But I’m not ready to commit to the series just yet.

Nutshell and The Couple Next Door were good! Review scheduled for this week.

I finally threw in the towel. I could not go on living without DNF’ing a book. It’s impossible and a waste of my precious reading time. So last week, I decided that I could no longer continue with The Swan Riders. The gist of my problem is my general apathy with the story. I didn’t care one way or another what happens to the characters or where the plot was going. It was also very bland so I think I’ve wasted enough of  my time trying to finish.

And finally, I re-read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire because I wanted to know what it was that made me love it the first time.  Good Lord. What in the hell was I thinking? Travis and Abby took codependent relationship to a whole another level of cray.  Oh, well. No taking back the 5 stars I gave it many moons ago! Lol.

How was your week?

Happy reading!

  • Oh girl! I hope you are feeling a lot better now!
    Haha! Travis and Abby may have been over the top back then, but it was good! I really liked that one… Travis’s book was the one that annoyed me…

  • Ahhh, I hope you are doing better sweet girl. <3 I'm sick too, and it is just aaawful. Ugh. I'm sorry you had to be sick for so long : Hugs. <3 But yay for getting so many awesome looking books 😀 I really, really loved The Forgetting. I hope you will too 😀 Happy reading Joy. <3

  • I hope you’re feeling better now. I hate being sick, I turn into a big baby. I hope you enjoy these. I really love The Forgetting 🙂

  • Oh no, you really are high on flu meds, why on earth would you put yourself through Beautiful Disaster again. Terrible book. The first time I read it, I didn’t mind it either but the second reading, I wanted to smack my head against the nearest wall. You poor girl, ear infections are bad enough. I’ve had dozens since I was young and had my eardrum burst and have never regained my hearing in that ear. I hope you’re resting and keeping warm sweetheart, and make sure you take care of yourself <3 <3

  • I hope you are feeling much better. I hate that you have been sick, Joy. I love the two books in the White Trash Zombie series that I have listened to so far! I need to read Pines and The Reader.

  • Hope you’re feeling better now, Joy. Ohhh I love the White Trash Zombie series! lol @ Beautiful Disaster… no way am I reading it.

  • Being sick is the worst. And flu is no fun at all. There’s a cold going around here that I think I caught, but not flu – no fever and chills and all that – so I am drinking tea with honey right now and hoping to wash it away with liquids…
    Feel better!

  • Ugh! So sorry you’ve been sick!! Hope you’re completely better now. I’m sad that you didn’t end up enjoying Swan Riders. I need to get my hands on that one because I really liked the first book – hopefully I won’t be disappointed too. 🙁

  • Oh no, I hope you feel better soon!

    I absolutely love the covers on those Erin Watt books. So pretty. I read Easy Love and was just eh about it. It was okay, but not great. Don’t think I’ll be continuing the series.
    Haha, I feel you on Beautiful Disaster! I HATED that book. :p

  • Oh no, Joy! I how you feel better soon!

    My Life as a White Trash Zombie intrigues me a bit. I’ve seen it around and have hear, for the most part, positive things about the novel, though nothing that encourages me to rush out any buy it right this instant. For the sake of October though, I might scope out my library to see if they have it on their shelves…

  • I used to love the With Me books by Proby, but oh man you are so right. Her sex scenes get so repetitive and boring after a while. I haven’t read a book by her in a couple of years, but I did used to like them back then.

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

  • I know if I re-read Beautiful Disaster now I’d bang my head against the wall in frustration! I also gave it 5 stars long, long ago. Lol! I hope you feel better, Joy! I don’t think I’m as bad as you, but I got sick the Friday before last, perked up a bit and then came down with the cough from hell this past Friday! Dayquil and Nyquil are barely touching it. I’m going to take a nap this afternoon after getting up at the crack of dawn. Hopefully that will help. You get some rest, too!

  • Natalie

    Yikes! I’m sorry you’re sick! I hope you are feeling better! I ordered The Couple Next Door on cd from my library. I just like listening to mysteries more than reading them. Happy reading!

  • So sorry to hear about the flu – I saw about it on instagram and I really hope it will get better real soon <3 I haven't heard of any of these books before, so I hope you enjoy all of them! My week has been so hectic and I haven't read a single sentence of a book in a WHOLE WEEK. I'm suffering here but school is so busy I haven't had any time for blogging 🙁

  • LOl, re-reads can be scary 😉

    Get better sooN!

  • Haha…that’s how I feel like I would feel if I reread Beautiful Disaster!!
    I am sorry you’ve been so sick, and hopefully you’re starting to feel much better. This flu going around is no joke!!
    Curious what you thought of The Couple Next Door. I can’t decide if it’s worth reading. So many mixed reviews.
    I love that you found some Blake Crouch books. I now have to read all his stuff.

  • 🙁 I’m so sorry to hear (pun not intended) about your illness. ((HUGS)) UGH. That sounds horrible. I don’t even know how you functioned at all. At least you got some new reads and I’m glad you found a couple of them good! Feel better!

  • I’m sorry you have been feeling awful! I hope you feel much better, soon Joy. And, I’m sad to hear The Swan Riders did not work but your review saves me time as I had a feeling it was not going to be for me either. Yes, to Dollar Tree reads 🙂

  • Aww flu is the worst! I had an awful flu a few months back and it’s such a horrible feeling. Hope feeling better! <3

  • I need to read the zombie book, I have it for a while. Have a nice week and happy reading!

  • One thing I hate of being sick is how my ears get so I feel your pain :/ Dollar Store (or Dollar Tree) does sells books! Every time I go to US, I make sure to stop by one of them to get books. And they are great books, which is even better. I can’t wait for your review of The Couple Next Door! And I totally approve of Paper Princess and Broken Prince!
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

  • kindlemom1

    Oh no, I’m so sorry you have been sick, it sounds like it really hit you hard. We’ve had it here too but no where near your severity. 🙁 I really hope you are feeling 100% again soon.

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    Oh man! I hope you feel better soon. Both of my boys caught a cold and it’s lingering…those back to school colds/September colds are the worst! I always seem to get them as well when the weather changes, which it FINALLY did here in PA. I hope you start to feel better soon and I hope you have a better week!

  • I’m so sorry to hear about you being sick, Joy. I hope you feel better soon and get some well-deserved rest. But ugh. I can’t believe you had it for 7 days.
    I fell ill myself two weeks ago and it was pretty intense. I was droopy for days.
    You’ve got a nice collection of books to cheer you up and your husband is the sweetest. I hope you have a better week, Joy! <3

  • karina

    Awww, that’s the worst thing about the flu. It hits where your body has its weakest spots. I had one where my ears were in agony, then I remember having one where my knees were in major pain. hope you feel better very soon, J.! and thank god for the medicines! I remember downloading a freebie from Proby and DNFing it a few chapters in because it felt so fake. Sooooo…. I don’t like Beautiful Disaster now?! please say YES. I’ve been furious about the unhealthy relationship in this one when I read it years ago 🙂 Erin Watt! I want to read her. Looking forward seeing what you’d think of her. Hugs and get better, sweetheart xxx

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I hope you feel better soon, Joy! I’m glad you picked up the Paper Princess books because they’re such fast, entertaining reads that I think you’ll manage to enjoy them despite not being well. Happy reading and take care, dear!