On The Night Table [40]:


The Farther He Runs by Lynda Aicher | Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvelย | Swan Riders by Erin Bow


Do you ever feel like your days have become an endless cycle of waiting for the weekend to come? I wait so long for the weekend then it goes by in a blink of an eye. So here we are. It’s Monday again. Thankfully, there’s a long weekend coming up so I’m pumped for that. But I bet it’s going to be a long week ahead.

You know what I’ve been doing nowadays? I think I’ve mentioned it before how big of a fan I am about apocalyptic films and since getting Netflix and Amazon Fire, I’ve been gorging myself silly. I’ve been watching pretty much every single superhero movies I could get my hands on. I just watched Xmen Apocalypse and Batman vs. Superman. I feel like I’m missing a storyline in B vs. S because I was so confused. So further research and perhaps a rewatch is in order. I also watched Legion the other day; it’s amazing how I could easily see the angels in Susan Ee’s books in this film. Have you seen these movies?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. This week’s reading pile consists of two SciFi novels and one M/M romance. I thought The Farther He Runs would be a great way to cleanse the palate after reading those two books. Sleeping Giants is amazing so far. It’s an Experimental Fiction about a little girl who fell into a giant mechanical hand and grew up to lead a team to recover all the missing pieces. It’s very interesting in all the ways that matter – especially the way it’s written.

I’ve barely started The Farther He Runs so I’m reserving judgement and I’m hoping Swan Riders will be better since The Scorpion Rules was a total bore. It’s also very confusing. At the end of it all, my life neither improved nor worsened by reading the book. I hate when that happens.


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Have a great week, everyone! September is upon us. Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to the changing of the season. My kids are going back to school soon as well and I’m sad about that. I know, I know. I shouldn’t. But I love having the kids at home. Anyway, happy reading!

  • karina

    Sleeping Giants intimidates me by its sheer length! Well done for reading it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I want to read Blow… Heidi McLaughlin is one of those one day authors for me… when I find more time!

  • Kara Lauren

    I hope you are enjoying Swan Riders. I hate when a book leaves you feeling underwhelmed! I love Superhero movies too, but I am really behind on the newer ones.

  • I am feeling you so hard Joy. I’m feeling so exhausted and drained lately but weekends are always so full, I don’t know how long I can keep it up for. This is a wonderful haul though! Yay for superhero movies!

  • Is it just me, or does the cover for Swan Riders not match the previous book at all? Maybe it’s just me. Anyways, I love superhero movies, but I haven’t had the time to watch much at all. I haven’t watched B vs. S, and I’m still not sure if it’s the film for me, but I guess we’ll see.

    So true about weekends. I wish it could be the weekend forever ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m so exhausted this week trying to move between houses and setting up a classroom so I’ve barely read recently, I have The Swan Riders for review so it’s disappointing to hear that you thought it was boring and confusing. I’ll attempt starting it this weekend and we’ll see how it goes.

  • Yay for doing good. <3 And watching lots of movies and reading lots too ๐Ÿ˜€ YAY! Those books looks so pretty. I hope you are loving what you are reading sweetie. <3 And aw, I'm sure you will be okay with the kids in school ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs.

  • I really liked Xmen Apocalypse. I honestly prefer the Xmen world out of Marvel and DC world. B v S was confusing for me since I haven’t seen any movie related to these characters..
    Netflix is a major addiction! Once I start, it’s hard for me to stop.

  • I would love to read The Scorpion Rules, the cover is amazing! Batman vs Superman was a fine movie, tho at times I did get slightly bored….

  • I still need to catch up on SO many superhero movies. Probably the only ones Iโ€™ve seen are the X-Men ones, and I still need to watch maybe one more of them (Wolverine???)??? Maybe. I donโ€™t know. But I definitely need to more, โ€˜cause Marvel and DC are HUGE now. Did you watch Suicide Squad? I actually enjoyed it. The soundtrack is amazing!
    Hopefully THE SWAN RIDERS is a lot better than the first book. Iโ€™m definitely interested to see what you have to say about it.
    Happy reading and have a great week! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Rabiah @ Confessions of a Readaholic

  • Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

    I was super confused during Batman v. Superman too! My husband and I kept looking at one another going “what’s happening right now?” I thought it got much better by the end, but clearly if you haven’t read the comic you miss a bit of the movie:(

    I started reading The Scorpion Rules and stopped because I was bored as well. I look forward to your thoughts on The Swan Riders!

  • Jazmen

    Love the pic!

    I really hate reading a book that leaves me feeling like, meh what a waste of nothing. As if it happened and you don’t care.


  • Yes, Netflix is such an addiction, lol. My family recently binged the series Stranger Things with Winona Ryder. Have you seen it? Anyways, I hope you enjoy Swan Rider, I had trouble with the first book so I’m real curious ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ohhh you’re sucked into the Netflix universe! ๐Ÿ˜€ I haven’t watched B&S yet. Glad you’re liking Sleeping Giants. That reminds me to check to see about ant sequel news.

  • I do love apocalyptic or disaster type movies. Not a big fan of all the zombie fandom, but I love the other stuff. I binge on amazon all the time. I think its so great that you love having your kids at home. My mom was totally different, she celebrated us going to school hehe

  • Ooh, apocalyptic! I love disaster movies more rather than the superheroes. Like Deep Impact and The Day After Tomorrow. Kynn loved Sleeping Giants and the author loved her review so much, that he sent her a replica of the hand that he made himself. Such a beautiful gesture! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you think of it too Joy, I plan on starting it myself shortly. Hopefully this week flys by and you can enjoy a much deserved long weekend sweetheart <3 <3

  • I love the cover on The Swan Riders!

  • I liked Sleeping Giants so hopefully it continues to go well for you. I love the cover of The Swan Riders. The cover alone makes me want this book to be good. Have a great week!

  • I actually really liked The Scorpion Rules, so I’m excited to read The Swan Riders! Hope you like it better!

  • Oh I’m so curious about Sleeping Giants. You really captured my curiosity with that one. Hm… Legion? Haven’t seen it and now I must. I also haven’t seen S Vs B yet. Honestly, the reason I want to see that one at all is the cameo of WW. I also want to see Into the Badlands show. I still have to find it. It is apocalyptic in nature and looks good.

  • Yay for finishing Game of Thrones! That’s the one I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts about. And I think Sleeping Giants sounds brilliant so I’m so happy to hear that you’re loving it. I have seen Batman vs Superman and I liked it well enough and the intro to Wonderwoman but I wasn’t a big fan of this new Batman and the movie kinda fell flat to me :/

  • shootingstarsmag

    I’ve read All the Words Are Yours – I’m in awe of people who can write poetry. hah I actually liked Batman Vs. Superman when I saw it. I mean, it’s not the BEST movie, but it wasn’t as terrible as a lot of other people thought – at least for me. haha


  • I’ve watched all of the movies you mentioned. I didn’t really like Legion, but the visual effects are great. B vs S wasn’t that great. Too many different story arcs, and I wanted WW to bust out in her battle gear earlier. I am very much looking forward to The Justice League next year. I’ve not read either of your nightstand books, but I look forward to your reviews. Have a great week.

  • Emily Alfano

    How did you like GOT?! I have the leatherbound copies of the series and I have read the first one so far. Unfortunately I haven’t made it past the first one yet because they just take SO dang long to get through and I had so many other books that I wanted to get to!
    I feel you though on the weekends! They always seem to fly by!
    Hope you have a good week! And i love your blog by the way! it’s my first time stopping by!
    Take care!
    Emily @ http://www.rabbitholereviews.com

  • I’m binge watching The Last Ship right now, which I totally blame for my lack of reading last week. I’m addicted. I liked B vs. S though I spent a good chunk of the movie confused too. I’m right there with you on a rewatch because I definitely need one.

  • Haha I always feel like the weekend was too short!

    Omg though, I had similar thoughts with The Scorpion Rules. I saw no chemistry with the supposed love interests and the world didn’t pull me in at all. Overall very average, with not many redeeming qualities for me. : Hopefully you enjoy the second one more!

    – Aila @ Happy Indulgence

    • Sammmmmeeee, Alia. No feelings whatsoever with the book or with the characters.

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    I was super confused with Batman vs. Superman and ended up not seeing the end. I’m sure I’m missing something. Now X-men, on the other hand, I can watch over and over, and same goes for Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers are awesome.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I was totally confused. So then I started looking for other Superman and Batman movies to see if there’s something I’d missed, well it turns out that this was Ben Affleck’s first and Henry Cavill’s second. So no background story whatsoever.

  • Batman vs Superman was sooooo long, but ok

  • kindlemom1

    We went on a superhero movie watching kick last summer with our girls and it was so much fun, they loved it! I can totally relate to doing it again. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I ‘m looking forward to a long weekend as well. Let’s hope this week goes by quickly for us all.

    • It’s so addictive. Especially since my husband is a wealth of information when it comes to the original comics. It’s so interesting!

  • RO

    Despite being a serious book nerd, there’s nothing better I love than kicking my feet up with a really good movie, so it may be outdated, but I still collect DVD’s. To make things worse, like you, I also subscribe to Netflix and Epix! YIKES! (lol) As a fan of Batman, I was super iffy about watching him fight Superman. In fact, it caused some debates about who would win, and how in the world can you choose, when they’re both so cool, right? At the end, I was pleased and loved the movie. Legion was better than I expected, and glad you enjoyed it too. I haven’t seen X-Men yet. How was it? You’ve got some great choices on the shelf this week. Yay! I’m reading a serious spy suspense novel called Back Blast by Mark Greany. Nonstop action. Sleeping Giants sounds very interesting and unique. Hope your week is fab, and dang let it pass quickly! (lol) HUGE Hugs…

    • I really loved how the fight sequence between Batman and Superman was choreographed. But I can’t help but feel so pissed at Batman because I have no idea why he was so mad at Superman for. And for a moment there, I thought that he would legit kill him because: kryptonite. In any case, omg. That. Ending. Tho. *sobs*

  • Ooh sounds like you’re having a blast watching all those movies. I can only watch the Marvel superhero movies because they aren’t as dark or bleak as some of the DC ones. I haven’t heard the best things about B v/s S and I can’t say I was keen on watching it either no matter how good looking HC is!
    That sucks about The Scorpion Rules. It had such an interesting premise. I hope the sequel is better. What did you think of Blow??

    • I’m definitely more partial to Marvel comics. I love the chemistry between actors. They’re funny and just kick ass! Blow was just okay. I didn’t love it, unfortunately. :/

  • So great to know you’re enjoying Sleeping Giants. I’m really hoping to read it soon! Have a great week, Joy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh, it’s soo good! I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.