[654]: The Truth About Him by Molly O’Keefe

25387182 The Truth About Him by Molly O’Keefe
Series: Everything I Left Unsaid, #2
Loveswept | November 24th, 2015
Adult Fiction | Romance | Suspense
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

We played our roles, told each other lies.

But now Dylan is no longer just a mysterious deep voice on the other end of the line. We’re face-to-face and our relationship is very, very real.

We still have secrets—but so much is crystal clear:

The thrilling danger.

The raw, naked desire.

The need to keep feeling the way he makes me feel. Forever.

Dylan is putting up walls, trying to keep me safe, but he can’t shut me out. He has seen my darkness and rescued me. Now it’s my turn, if only he will let me.

The end of Everything I Left Unsaid just about killed me. I can’t even imagine the pain of reading this book the first time it came out. To have to wait just to find out what happened next is a torture I’m lucky enough not to have endured. Sometimes, it pays to be unaware and I’m glad I was a latecomer to this series. Like I mentioned in my review of the first book, I had to fight the urge to pull an all-nighter because Ms. O’Keefe’s ending was torturous, to say the least. And so, I devoured this installment with the same fervor I did with the Everything I Left Unsaid.

In here, we find Dylan and Annie coming to terms with what they need from each other and what they have to do to move forward. Annie’s past will thankfully be behind her at the beginning of this novel. Dylan, however, still had a lot of shit to deal with. First and foremost, the burden of his missing brother that will threaten everything he cared for. And he’s yet to reconcile the fact that he can’t see himself ever forgiving his father who’s practically near death. The past is rushing up to collide with his present in possibly the most devastating way. Unless he can somehow stop it. 

This felt like a prolonged ending of the first book and an introduction to the third  (Burn Down the Night), which is Max’s story. He’s Dylan’s older brother who, unfortunately, couldn’t escape the life their father forged for him. But we’ll learn that Max did everything he could to give Dylan a fighting chance at a better life. Though it would seem that Dylan has succeeded, he’s never fully escaped. Because the criminal clutches of that motorcycle club Max belonged to is far-reaching, revengeful, and they never forget.

Annie and Dylan’s relationship finally moved forward in this book. Dylan had a few moments of self-flagellation and pity party which drove me insane. The martyrdom didn’t suit him, which made me want to kick his ass every time he thought Annie deserves better (I’m sure she did, but come on.). I’m also happy that Annie stood her ground. She wanted Dylan to have a semblance of a relationship with his father regardless of how tumultuous it had been in the past.  So she made sure he understood how important it was for her to stay put so she can care for him.

I’m happy with the resolution of Annie and Dylan’s story. I’m ready to move on to Max. I’m not gonna lie, I’m terrified too because Max’s story sounds like a road trip to Angstville. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m really glad I found these books. It made me realize that not all NA are created equal. This series is definitely one of the good ones!

  • Nick loved the first book so I got both of these. I’m in the mood for an all consuming and maybe a bit dramatic kind of romance. And yes, I love that perk of being late to a series. Especially with endings like this!

  • YAY 😀 So glad you loved this sequel sweet girl. <3 That is the very best thing 😀 Not a series for me, but ahhh, you are making me so curious 🙂 So happy you love these books. <3 Hugs. Fingers crossed you will love book three too 😀

    Question. Is your images supposed to be that small? 🙂 Or is it just me seeing it so with your new design? lol. <3 Just wanted to ask about it 😀 Hugs. <3

  • I’m so curious about this one but I don’t want to get addicted…lol XD

  • So glad you loved this! I did too! I am nervous for the spin off though!

  • So glad you loved it! I have the first book, and I think I’ll start it next.

  • Ahh, I’m so glad you loved this like you loved the first! Second books are always hard, so it’s more than a little exciting that this one lived up. I just hope the third does the same! 🙂

  • shootingstarsmag

    Wow, 5 stars! That’s awesome. I haven’t read any of these, but it’s always nice when the second in a series is worth reading!


  • RO

    I haven’t been reading NA lately, but the idea of a romantic suspense that has some teeth intrigues me, for sure. Review is right on point! Hugs…

  • I rarely read NA b/c I always fear the cheesyness and tropes they all seem to manifest in them. BUT, like you said, some ARE different. I quited liked Paper Princess… have you read it? 🙂

  • Not all NA created equal sounds good

  • These sound like the kind of books I’m certain I will have problems with (angst) but end up enjoying the story. I really need to try the first two books. I thank you for letting me know to have both at the same time. Sleep? Who needs it? LOL

  • kindlemom1

    Yay for not having to wait for the next, that really is the best thing about waiting to start a series.

  • I’m so glad you were able to get to this sequel so soon afterwards because as you mentioned in your previous review, you were absolutely head over heels craving this one. And boy, does it sound like it delivered well!

  • Wonderful review. I still need to start this. I’m happy that Dylan and Annie finally got a break though, sounds like things worked out well for them. As for Max, yeah I’m scared of getting inside his head. But still so curious. Gotta catch up so I can read Burn Down the Night when it comes out.

  • Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

    I agree Joy, sometimes it pays to be late to a series! I felt that way about The Others even though the endings weren’t brutal cliffhangers, I just loved being able to spend all that time with Simon and Meg without waiting! I feel like I’m going to need lots of chocolate on hand with this series, and maybe a stress ball 😉 Lovely review as always!

  • Jazmen

    Another five stars? Man I need to check this out, like ASAP!

  • Great to hear there was a good resolution for the characters

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I’m really glad this series worked out for you, Joy, and you found a NA novel/series that is perfect for you! I read the first book and part of this one (because that cliffhanger!) but it just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t as invested in this love story as I wanted to be so, sadly, I won’t be continuing the series. I hope Max’s story continues to be amazing for you, Joy! 🙂

  • I’m so glad you love this series, Joy. I love it so much despite it not being my typical kind of read at all. I’m obsessed! Annie and Dylan’s romance is one of my all-time favorites. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Max’s story as it didn’t work for me fully.
    Great review, Joy!

  • I will get to these books, Joy! I will!

  • This series sounds so good! I’m definitely looking forward to picking this up. Ellen has been going on a NA binge lately, and I’m feeling the itch to join her. Great review as always Joy!