[653]: Opportunity Knocks by Alison Sweeney

26033642 Opportunity Knocks by Alison Sweeney
Stand Alone
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Hachette Books | April 5th, 2016
Contemporary Fiction | Romance
Rating 2 out of 5 Stars

Alex Cleary has 48 hours to resolve the nightmare her dream job has become…and the clock is ticking.

Alex Cleary has careened from one dead-end position to another. But suddenly the ingenious makeup artist finds her distinct talents are valued by none other than lifestyle-empire mogul Hillary P.–renowned for her golden touch in broadcast and print media, as well as for her hair-trigger temper. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the daytime television scene that Alex is determined not to screw up.

Then a frank word in the wrong ear puts Alex’s job on the line. Alex anticipates Hillary’s rage, but she can’t believe that this multimillionaire is holding her newest staffer to a nondisclosure agreement that demands reparation of 5 million dollars.

Alex has only 48 hours to repair the damage. And with a vengeful Hillary P. watching the clock, the devil will have her due…

So I remember now why I don’t enjoy reading celebrity-written novels. I mean, don’t get me wrong. There are actually talented celebrity writers out there, but you can tell this one was written by an amateur because it shows. She was fond of telling instead of showing and the characters are nothing but cardboard cutouts possessing the personalities of bland gruel. Let’s not even talk about the plot. If you think Hollywood is far out of realism, this book blows that perception out into outer space.

Alex Cleary is a fledgling makeup artist who hasn’t made it to Hollywood. She knows what she wants to do but just hadn’t quite caught a break. For now, she’s taking small time gigs while helping out in her family’s pool business along with her on-again, off again boyfriend. Who, by the way, seems to be only interested in her for the career her family name can afford him. On the other hand, hers wasn’t going anywhere, and her life is at a standstill. Β Until she finally snags the opportunity of a lifetime: working as Hillary P.’s (even her name sounds pretentious *gag* ) makeup artist.

Lauded as a Devil Wears Prada wannabe, Opportunity Knocks tells the story about how easily it is for Hollywood to squash your dreams. Actor or not, it’s a shark infested water and you’re a bleeding, flailing bait. Alex Cleary finds herself on the cusp of a breakthrough but when she trusted the wrong people, it was all over even before it begins. Hillary P. is your typical egomaniacal villain bent on showing off her influence and power. She’s rude, a devil of a diva, and she makes sure everyone knows just how big her head is.

The writing is barely passable; the only good thing it had going for it was the fact that you’ll fly through this book. Though, now that I’ve thought about it, I think I skimmed a lot of nonsense. The characters are what you see what you get – no depths, no charms. They are just there to play their parts. You don’t get to know them any deeper than what’s there on the pages. Overall, I’m just happy I gave her work a chance. At least I know now to avoid them in the future.

  • Gaaah πŸ™ I’m so sorry that this book was so disappointing sweetie. Ack! That’s not good : But yay for not fully hating it, haha πŸ™‚ It sounds pretty awful. Sigh. I adore this actor πŸ˜€ But hah, I don’t think I could ever read her books πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing. <3

  • I’ve never heard of this one before, until now. But, I do think I’ll skip it!

  • Jazmen

    Love the cover, but I am so not going to bother with this one. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Yeah, so I don’t think I’ll be reading this one, it kind of sounds like the writing was terrible and the only thing that would make anyone read this is if they were fans of the celebrity. Thanks for the honest review, Joy!

  • Sounds slightly silly in premise but oddly that appeals to me. I’m one of those people that books about ordinary people rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous are written for. I didn’t realise Alison Sweeney was a celebrity and that’s what puts me off a little. I’m just not a fan of contemporary fiction which only seems heavily on the celebrity cachet to get sales.
    Thanks for the review, Joy. I’ll steer clear of this one!

  • When I saw the author’s name, I wondered if it was the Alison Sweeney I thought it was. Guess so. I still remember her from her soap opera days. I’ll pass on this, though.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I was not interested in this one to begin with, but yeah, definitely not now! Sorry it wasn’t good. It’s tough to find celebrities that write well, I think!


  • *cringes* That sounds absolutely atrocious! And I have no idea who the author is, haha.

  • Oh nope, nope, I’m not going to be reading this one. I hadn’t ever heard of it until now and to be honest, I’m still not interested. It seems like this one was really badly written and I hate when my books are that way. So thanks for warning me away!

  • Is it terrible that I had no idea who Alison Sweeney was? I wouldn’t have known it was celebrity-written if you hadn’t mentioned it. I’m sorry you didn’t care for it too much. But it must be a relief that you didn’t have to invest too much time into it. Hope your next read is better!

  • I thought the name was familiar!

  • Ugh, I cannot read books that have stale writing. Just no.

  • The only celebrity-written book I read and enjoyed was Miley Cyrus’ ”My Life” The other ones, like you said, are passable in terms of writing and characters (barely). I’ll steer clear of this one!

  • Well that really sounds bad! And I actually really like her. But I sure haven’t read anything by her and actually even before your review, really didn’t want to.Thanks for an honest review πŸ™‚