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Today, I thought I’d give you guys a break from my usual book reviews. I’m sure you’re tired of reading my nonsense, so what’s a better way than to chronicle my life outside of blogging by showing you pictures from my iPhone? I mean, I know I’m not going to be able to avoid posting pictures without any books in the background because it’s virtually impossible. There are books on every surface of my house, especially in my bedroom. Case in point: this stack of books beside my bedside table. I like that I can go to any random rooms and pick up a random book to read. Unless of course, I’m in the midst of a very good book, in which case, that book will be attached to me like an extra limb. What about you? Are books taking over your house?


Last Sunday was Father’s Day. I posted this picture on my Instagram account wishing every dad and single moms out there who are doing their thing day in and day out. My husband is a goofy dad. He hangs out with my kids any chance he gets. He’s hilarious and fun, but he’s also a disciplinarian. The kids know when it’s time to get serious.  Now that my boy is involved in baseball, they’ve been spending more time together. I like that they have this thing together so I try not to encroach. I don’t even watch his games and go to his practice. Is that bad? This picture was taken when we went to Hawaii 6 years ago. I can’t believe my boy is 9 now and my daughter is turning 15 on Saturday. Time sure is getting away from me.


I don’t know why we did this at the end of the school year. But we got his eye checked a couple of weeks ago and found that he really needs glasses. His eyes are worse than his dad’s. I asked the optometrist if it was because of the hand-held devices he’s into but apparently, bad eyesight is hereditary.  My daughter wears glasses, too. And she’s at -5.00 grade. So they blame me. *sobs*


Have I mentioned I love decorating? I’m constantly changing things up in my house. I drive my husband crazy but he’s got no choice. This is our dining room that we don’t use. My kids do their homework here mostly. It’s usually a dumping ground for mail, school bags, my purse, homework, and other things that need our attention right away. That wallpaper is starting to bug me. Lol.


Anyway, thank you for reading. Today’s post is short and sweet, but it’s a nice break, isn’t it?

  • I’m always looking forward to
    your personal life updates, Joy. You husband sounds like a wonderful father. I
    actually read mostly e-books, though I do miss that unique feeling you get when
    you pick up a real book. As always great photos! And I had no idea that you love

  • karina

    all my books are on my kindle! :))) Yes, I miss looking at lovely book covers, but it’s just so nice to read in the dark and not holding a 2 kg weight hardcover over your head when you lie on your back… Also I can jump between books without carrying a huge bag around, and I love it. If that wallpaper bugs you, J., it’s gotta go *wink*

  • All my books are jammed in my cases or shelves… I wish I could leave them … hubby wouldn’t like it! Great pic of the fam and I love the dinning room!

  • Oh my gosh your dining room is picture perfect! It sounds like you had an awesome fathers day. All the books in your house sound heavenly! Thanks for the update and I hope you have a lovely week.

  • HAHAHAH you sound like my mom Joy! (Not that it’s a bad thing). I was/still am such a huge video gamer, and I used to play my gameboy all the time. My mom would get so mad because she said that it was ruining my eyes. She always wanted me to look away every 20 minutes or so, and always be an arm’s length away from the computer screen. Well, my eyes have been a -5.00 for 10 years now, and I’ve been in front of computers for years LOL. (It’s ironic because her eyes are at around -8.00?)

    Awww I like that wallpaper hahaha. But change is also great 🙂

    • I’m really surprised to learn that my boy’s eyes are worse than my husband’s. All I can hope for now is to somehow slow down the deterioration of their eyesights – which, according to the eye doctor is possible now because of the the kind of lenses they all got. Me? not so much because I’m legally blind now. LOL>

  • I love that wallpaper. I know how you feel, though. I’m always changing things here and there.

    • I love decorating. Husband hates it when I’m inspired, though.

  • Oohh.. I love your dining room. The colours look perfect together. I’m very much not into decorating. My homes always tend to look however they looked when I moved in forever 😛
    Happy father’s day to you and your family. And I think blaming parents for genetics is just part and parcel of life. My sister and I jokingly blame our mother for giving us horrible feet which are the size of elephants 🙂

    • I’ve always told my husband that we can move anywhere – it could be a dump and I’ll still manage to make it work. I enjoy it. I’ve always thought that it could’ve been my career given the opportunity.

      Hahah! I have massive feet, too. Even though I’ve barely broken 5 feet.

  • Aw, lovely post Joy 😀 But lol, I never tire of your posts. <3 Hugs. You are awesome 🙂 Love reading a bit of your life. You have it so awesome 😀 Thank you for sharing sweet girl. <3 I hope you are having the most awesome summer 😀

    • Aw. Thanks, C. <3 I love sharing (sometimes), but I get tired of my own senseless drivel. lol.

      • All the hugs. <3 Pfff, I never get tired of reading your reviews, though 😀 Love reading your thoughts on books you read.

      • My testing of the commenting went very well 🙂 I don’t mind this “old” system. <3

  • JOY! You’ve changed your blog! I thought at first it was because I’m using a new browser but it looks fabulous and suits the new uncluttered you perfectly. I love it. So fresh and lovely!

    Aww, happy father’s day Mr Joy. Ours is not until September here, I think. I’m not sure, I haven’t celebrated it in over 20 years actually. The joys of being conceived by an asshole. I love your dining light, gosh that’s spectacular! It’s minimal and a sleek industrial but still looks really lovely. I love these candid snapshots Joy, looking forward to seeing more <3 <3

    • I did. I did. I needed a change so I uploaded a new theme from WP and just went with it. The footer is driving me nuts though. I can’t seem to get rid of it. Gah.

      My dining room is having an identity crisis, I think. Lol.

  • Jazmen

    Great pics, love the shot of your kids and their father!

  • I wish I could decorate, but really, I can’t, trust me

    • Lol. Eh, sometimes you gots it, sometimes you don’t. Lol.

  • RO

    Dang Joy, even your piles are neat! (lol) Every time you show a picture of something in your home, it’s absolutely stunning and I love it! Those eye things are the pits! I can’t see worth a lick and have to go every year for checkups. Adore the father’s day pic! Happy Friday! RO

    • hahahah! I know, right? i hate when he asks which one is better? 1 or 2? I don’t know, okay? I don’t see no difference. Gah. so much pressure. Lol. And thank you!

  • Nice to get a glimpse into your life, Joy! Your husband sounds like a wonderful dad! I love the pictures in your dining room. They look vintage and I love the look of vintage and modern together. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • He’s a pretty laid back guy, so the kids tell him everything. My dining room is having an identity crisis. Between the industrial, vintage and contemporary, it doesn’t know where it’s going. Lol.

  • It was nice to read this personal bit about your life :3 My mum doesn’t let me have stacks of books everywhere in the house but they are all over my room and I’ve been noticing it more and more lately haha. I want to avoid it though so at some point I’m gonna have a serious clean up! And I am glad you guys had a good fathers day <3 I LOVE YOUR DINING ROOM. It looks so chic and clean and like interior goals 😀

    • Thanks, Olivia. i make more mess than my kids sometimes. Lol.

  • Your dining room is so pretty! My mom also LOVES decorating! *_*

  • I LURVE all of your decorations in your house! Especially the design for the dining room (even the wallpaper, although you say you’re getting tired of it but you see it way more than me) hehe I love the whole set up there! And also, I love the picture of you guys in HAWAII! I loos like so much fun and the only thing I caudal thin about was sitting int eh middle of the sand and reading in front of the water… SIGH… #LIFEGOALS

    • Thank you, Kei. I get very fickle with things so easily. But eh. It’s growing on me.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Fun post!! I like to see what people are up to away from reading/blog stuff. Everyone in my family has bad eye sight too, but it took some of us longer to need classes. I needed mine in the 5th grade though!!


    • My son is only in Grade 3 and my daughter got hers roughly around the same age. Gah.

  • I wish I could decorate – my house is … um … eclectic (which is a nice way of saying I have no sense of style) and lots of my furniture and stuff is so beaten up by the kids. We have pictures that we bought YEARS ago and never hung. Sigh.

    • Pictures are a pain in the butt especially since I have no leveller. Lol.

  • kindlemom1

    I love this! I grew up with a mom that loves to decorate so I can relate to always wanting to change things up. I love what you did with the dining room, it looks fabulous!

    • Thanks, Ali. It’s always been a passion of mine. I did a project for my aunt this past winter. I redecorated her dining room, living room and her kitchen for $1000. So much fun!

  • Rowena

    Great post! I like your dining room. It’s a gorgeous room with lots of amazing natural light. My daughter and I are both blind, too. Sucks big donkey balls.

    • Thank you! At this point, all four of us wear glasses.

  • Lol to your random stacks of books. It’s a nice idea but my neat freak tendencies would drive myself crazy… And wow, can you decorate my place for me? 😉

    • Oh, I know. Sigh. I create clutter more than my kids do.

  • I usually make sure I don’t leave my books anywhere. My mom gets crazy whenever she sees them around the house. So I usually just keep a book or two with me everywhere I go around the house. lol.

    And your dinning room is beautiful and looks relaxing to look at 😀

    • Like I said, I’m the worst culprit when it comes to clutter. But since I’m the one who cleans up, nobody complains. Lol.

  • You dining room is s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. I love the aesthetic you have going on there. My own look is “shabby chic” with heavy elements of “thrift store,” lol. Anyways, it’s nice to have a look into your everyday life. Despite what you say, I do NOT need a break from your book reviews, but these kinds of posts are refreshing.

    • Love shabby chic. That was sort of what I was going for, but since I can’t replace my dining room furnitures, the framed art worked just as well. But now, my dining room looks like it can’t decide what it wants to be in its life.

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    LOVE your dining room and the wallpaper! I also really like your photo from Hawaii. Is that Maui/Kaanapali area? Hawaii is my favorite place in the world. I would love to go back, but for now, I will daydream. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

    • Thank you, Christina! That was actually in Oahu. Gah. I miss that place!

  • I love your dining room! I love to decorate, too. We are hoping to move, and I’ve been thinking about all the new themes I want in the house. Changing up everything, because I’m tired of the same ol decor.
    And with moving, I’m probably going to have to get rid of some books. I have huge built ins in my bedroom now, but I know I will most likely lose all that space no matter where we move to. That is the only thing I’m going to miss about our current house.
    I like these posts and getting to know more about you! 🙂

    • Thanks, Brandie. Oh yeah. I get antsy easily. I like seeing change. I hope you’ll find the right place, the right space, and the right decor that makes you happy. 🙂

  • I love getting a little glimpse into your everyday life Joy! Your kids sound lovely, and a happy Father’s Day to your husband 🙂 Your dining room is gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my own place and decorate it like crazy. I actually really like the feature wall (is that what it’s called?) with the wallpaper. Breaks up the monotony of white very well! Hope you’re having a good week – can’t wait to see more of these posts 😀

    • Thank you, Joy. That is correct. That’s the feature wall. I’m thinking of putting up built ins instead of that cantilever. But yes, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. 🙂

  • Your house is lovely, Joy! Super pretty! And I’m with Keertana. I’m in awe that you are able to keep it so nice and clean with the kids. 🙂
    You and our husband sound like wonderful parents, Joy. It’s great that your husband and your son have their father-son bonding thing going on. I honestly wish I had something like that with my parents, but nope, we’re so different in personalities/interests. I do love them to death though.
    Loving this update! I’m ready for more! 😉

    • Thank you, Nick. Oh well. I’m the kind of mom who threatens to throw shit out if they’re not put away. My husband knows about it all too well. I’ve thrown away correspondence, receipts and other stuff he needs. But like I always tell them, if your stuff is important, you’ll put them away. If not, in the garbage they go!

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    Joy, your house is GORGEOUS! I’m amazed you can keep it looking like a magazine with such young children! Our house is constantly a mess and my mom and I keep saying it’s because my brother is still young, but that’s clearly no excuse, haha! Anyway, I love this life update and I’m so glad you had a wonderful Father’s Day! I think it’s great that your husband and your son have “their thing.” It’s cute. And books taking over the house sounds like a good problem to have! 😉 Take care, Joy!

    • Thanks, Keertana! My family has always accused me of not letting my kids touch things but that’s not true at all. Although, they know better than to leave their stuff all over the place. They’ve been warned many a times. Lol.

  • Oh, now I am not a fan of wallpaper but I do love that wall! Did you hang it yourself? As far as books, if I hadn’t moved 5 years ago two states away and had to get rid of most if them I would have lots. I share a bookcase with one of the people I live with. Thankfully I fell in love with my Kindle so only books from the occasional used bookstore visit has been added. Loved seeing your pictures!

    • Thank you, Lorna. I do like it as well. But it’s been at least a couple of years now. So a change might be in the cards. I don’t know…

  • Melliane

    Nice pictures and post. The decoration is beautiful, you did a great job!