Life Lately

Today, I thought I’d give you guys a break from my usual book reviews. I’m sure you’re tired of reading my nonsense, so what’s a better way than to chronicle my life outside of blogging by showing you pictures from my iPhone? I mean, I know I’m not going to be able to avoid posting pictures without any books in the background because it’s virtually impossible. There are books on every surface of my house, especially in my bedroom. Case in point: this stack of books beside my bedside table. I like that I can go to any random rooms and pick up a random book to read. Unless of course, I’m in the midst of a very good book, in which case, that book will be attached to me like an extra limb. What about you? Are books taking over your house?


Last Sunday was Father’s Day. I posted this picture on my Instagram account wishing every dad and single moms out there who are doing their thing day in and day out. My husband is a goofy dad. He hangs out with my kids any chance he gets. He’s hilarious and fun, but he’s also a disciplinarian. The kids know when it’s time to get serious.  Now that my boy is involved in baseball, they’ve been spending more time together. I like that they have this thing together so I try not to encroach. I don’t even watch his games and go to his practice. Is that bad? This picture was taken when we went to Hawaii 6 years ago. I can’t believe my boy is 9 now and my daughter is turning 15 on Saturday. Time sure is getting away from me.


I don’t know why we did this at the end of the school year. But we got his eye checked a couple of weeks ago and found that he really needs glasses. His eyes are worse than his dad’s. I asked the optometrist if it was because of the hand-held devices he’s into but apparently, bad eyesight is hereditary.  My daughter wears glasses, too. And she’s at -5.00 grade. So they blame me. *sobs*


Have I mentioned I love decorating? I’m constantly changing things up in my house. I drive my husband crazy but he’s got no choice. This is our dining room that we don’t use. My kids do their homework here mostly. It’s usually a dumping ground for mail, school bags, my purse, homework, and other things that need our attention right away. That wallpaper is starting to bug me. Lol.


Anyway, thank you for reading. Today’s post is short and sweet, but it’s a nice break, isn’t it?

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