[640]: The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone


The Hatching

by Ezekiel Boone

July 5th, 2016 | Atria Books | 4 out of 5 Stars

This was such an icky book. I had bouts of starts and stops because it made me paranoid. Like something was crawling on my skin, and every time I feel something brush up against me, I turn into a spazzing ninja trying to shake it off. But it’s not just the sense that something hairy was on me, it’s the thought that there are possibly millions of species of spiders that are unidentified out there in the wild. And one of them could be a man-eating, inside-a-human-body-hatching, flying, jumping spider. I shudder at the thought.

This breed of spiders is from the ancient world. Awakened because humans are curious fuckers. Especially those bazillionaire types wanting to explore the forest of the Amazon or some shit. So this Dora the Explorer wannabe and his entourage consisting of a tour guide, his bodyguard, and three supermodels (because he can) were in the forest when they stumbled upon a freaking nest. Long story short, the bazillionaire survived only to find himself (unknowingly) carrying an egg inside him. And it hatched.

Good times. Good times.

He’s not the only one who had a close encounter with the eight-legged kind. All over the world, they’re all awakening because it was their season. They live for a time, then die soon after they wreak havoc. They’re like carnivorous locusts with a taste for man meat and blood. In China, the infestation got so bad that the Chinese government nuked its own people. And these spiders don’t discriminate on their points of attack: sky, sea, water, land. They’re the stuff an arachniphobe’s nightmares are made of. But it bugs me that there was no precedent to the event leading up to their awakening. Moreover, because the epidemic is wide-spread, there was a slew of points of view. And yet, even with all the characters involved, the book is tiny. Each has a short tale of their encounters and their inevitable demises. So at the end of the book, there were only a few left. Which, oddly enough, makes me all the more excited about this becoming a series.

I’m especially curious about the survivalists in a remote California town who had the presence of mind to build their own nuclear bunkers. Though, I’m worried. Their bunkers were constructed deep in a mine. Mines are dark and deep and infested with who knows what. So I’m interested to know what will become of them. Also, implied romance between the entomologist and the FBI agent.  Crazy, I know. I mean, with horrors abound, who has the time for romance? Lol. Mind you, romance might be pushing it.

The Hatching is a perfect book to turn into a B-movie. The kind shown in the drive-ins. Despite the horrors I felt before, during, after reading this book, believe it or not, I had a great time. It  was perfectly paced regardless of the number of perspectives. When I was a child, my mom used to warn me that if I don’t wash my face and brush my teeth before going to bed, a cockroach will eat my face. I had nightmares about that. But let me tell you, that’s nothing compared to the nightmares I’ve had after reading The Hatching.

  • Alright so this book definitely doesn’t sound like my thing, spiders hatching inside of you? No thanks. Great review Joy!

  • I know this might sound weird but this one may just be too scary for me. I think spiders are the thing I am most scared of the world and then that first paragraph of this review? It already had me shivering and doing all the things you described. So this book alone? WOULD CREEP ME OUT SO MUCH D:

  • Adriana C

    Thanks for your review Joy but I don´t like this type of books, nothing creepy for me……I get scared easily.

  • Karen

    I’ve heard so much about this book. I’m weird – I am not afraid of spiders at all. I wonder if it would have the same creep factor for me.

    Not being afraid and having one hatching inside me are two different things lol

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  • This sounds really good. I like a good creepy book. I just finished Stephen King’s It, so yeah, creepy. I loved your comment about Dora the Explorer wannabe. That is a great analogy. I also agree that this sounds like it would make a great B movie. Where is Ed Wood when you need him? LOL Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  • aahhh, I like the sound of this!!! and I’d love to see this as a movie! It really sounds good to be a movie!

  • Shudders. I’m unsure if I would want to read this book, haha. But it sounds pretty amazing even so 😀 I’m so glad you liked it a lot, despite it being a bit creepy ;p Lovely review Joy. <3 Thank you for sharing about it 😀

  • Melliane

    you made me curious about this one mainly because of all the feelings you had during you reading

  • I just got this in the mail, and I’m both scared and excited to read it. I always loved these kind of stories, like Arachnophobia or killer bees, jaws, etc,. Any kind of thing that could spell the end of the world has always be a draw for me (adrenaline junkie, here) but I did usually have nightmares, too. Your review makes me more excited for this and I hope there is a romance! 🙂

  • Kate Bell

    This book sounds bizarre. And despite not typically being a horror reader – I’m all kinds of intrigued!

  • Sounds incredibly creepy! The cover is spooky, too.

    • You should see the ARC packaging it came in. *shudders*

  • This sounds exactly like my kind of book. I love this review! I am going to have to put my name on the list at the library because I need this creepiness in my life.

    • I hope you’ll enjoy it, Carole. Though “enjoying” it is a relative term. Lol.

  • woow, looks like it had a grand effect on you!! I don’t exactly like horror, or being paranoid, but I just love how intense it looks. Great review, Joy!!

    • Well, let’s just say, I’m even more afraid of spiders now after reading this book. Lol. Thanks, Lola!

  • RO

    YIKES! T probably is not a book for me, but I love the way you wrote your review. As a kid I used to love horror movies like The Birds and Dawn of the Dead and more, but those days are long gone. I don’t want to see any arm chopping or leg biting, if I can help it. (lol) Hugs…RO

    • Hahah! I can only watch horror films during the day. 🙂

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I haaaate horror movies and avoid horror at all costs so it’s safe to say that I am NEVER going to pick this up. I’m glad you enjoyed it but it’s not for me. *shivers just thinking about spiders*

    • Lol! Well, at least you’re honest. Horror books are a hit and miss for me.

  • I’d watch the movie if made 😉

  • shootingstarsmag

    Glad you liked this one, despite feeling icky. I don’t think I could handle this book AT ALL. I’m so terribly afraid of spiders. haha I’d probably have really weird nightmares and feel things crawling on me all the time.


    • I didn’t think I could finish it either, but I persevered. 🙂

  • I’m so impressed with you for being able to read this! I saw your first paragraph and inwardly screamed. And then I skimmed through because I didn’t want nightmares of my own by proxy :P.

    • Oh, I know. But I have this morbid curiosity, so I had to. It’s like watching one of those stupid video posts on Facebook that tells you to stare at the screen. You know something bad is going to pop out, but you still watch it because, well, you’re an idiot. Lol.

  • This sounds horrific! I’d rather read about ghosts or serial killers! Nope nope nope! No spider books for me! Eek!

    • Almost torched the book when I got it in the mail. The packaging had web and plastic spiders. Ick.

  • Oh man. *shudders* I’d say my favorite “bug book” is Micro by Michael Chrichton. In it, a team of young scientists get shrunk to the size of insects a tropical island and have to survive outside in a landscape teaming with bugs. It was a really entertaining audiobook and I’ve never thought of insects the same way since. I listened to it with my dad and we still reference it, years later.

  • kindlemom1

    Ack! I think this would give me nightmares, NIGHTMARES! 😛 So glad you had a fun time with it though. A good scary read is always nice once in a while. 😉

  • Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

    Nope. Just a big fat no to this one Joy! I got as far as “icky” and “crawling” in your review and those words combined with the title are enough to know this is NOT the book for me. *shudders* I already feel like things might be under my skin and I haven’t even cracked the spine yet. *falls down dead*

    • LOL. Well, my review definitely didn’t convince anyone of you to read this book.

  • Jazmen

    Very interesting but it sounds creepy as all get out. Ick, not for me. My mind is telling me to run, and run fast. Glad you enjoyed this one though, better you than me. Lol.

    • Ha! I know. I hate spiders, too. But I don’t know. I thought there was romance.

  • Joy, wtf! That first paragraph had my skin crawling. Also what a gross concept. I despise spiders or anything that crawls and can hide in crooks and nooks, so this is not the book for me. *shudders*
    I’m glad you enjoyed it? LOL! I don’t even know! Haha!

    • WTF is right. This book was so far out of my realm of enjoyment it’s not even funny. But it was such a fast read that I didn’t mind.

  • Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. I got up to the part in your review about the egg hatching Joy and couldn’t continue. That is stuff that could fuel my nightmares for years. I sure hope this book comes with a coupon for free counseling because holy shit, people are going to need it. I think this is one book I’ll have to pass on. And possibly run from.

    Holy shit.

    • That’s exactly what I was saying the entire time.