Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 182


The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson | Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish | Before the Fall by Noah Hawley | Sing by Vivi Greene | This is My Brain on Boys by Sarah Strohmeyer | Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers | Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick | Appealed by Emma Chase


On Saturday, I had bloggers from my city come over to take some books off my hand. All in all, they took home ____ books. They didn’t manage to take them all home because, well, it’s virtually impossible.  They promised to come back and grab some more, though. If not, I might just end up sending the rest to the library. Basically, I’m getting rid of the books that I’ve read that didn’t leave a lasting impression; books that I’ve got multiple copies of, and books that I have no intention of ever reading. I promise that I’m being smarter with the books I buy nowadays. But at this point, I don’t know how I’m going to manage to read them all. I really need to re-think owning hard copies or paperbacks and stick to audio or Kindle copies. Because it doesn’t make sense for me to get rid of physical copies only to buy some more.

Which brings me to this haul.

I hate myself.


Kiss, Kill, Vanish by Jessica Martinez | Sometimes it Lasts by Abbi Glines

I couldn’t resist bargain books. I like the premise of Kiss Kill Vanish so I had to pick it up. And even though I’ve parted ways with Abbi Glines years ago, I couldn’t resist this one.


Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler | Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump by Aaron James

I would like to thank Penguin Random House Canada for these review copies. Two books that I’m dying to read! I’m sure I’ve talked about Hogarth Shakespeare before. Well, this month, they have Anne Tyler’s interpretation of The Taming of the Shrew – perhaps my favourite out of all Bill’s works. And of course, I don’t need to tell you   how much I’m dying to talk about Donald Drumpf on the blog, so I was so happy when I saw this book from PRHC’s email.

So as I was saying, I think I need to rethink my stance on ebooks. Or maybe have my earphones surgically implanted on my ear so I could listen to audiobooks all. The. Damn. Time.

  • Adriana C

    So far, I´m buying more ebooks than physical books due than last year I move to another city and I had to haul 8 large boxes of books and this summer I´m moving again 🙁
    Enjoy your books.

  • Bargain books get ya! I see a book for only a couple bucks? YEP i’m buying!

  • Sometimes It Lasts is next on my Glines reading list… I just need a little time to fit it in.
    And don’t hate yourself about buying books, that’s what we booklovers do! Sometimes I think it’s a compulsive disorder!! lol

  • karina

    Which is why I don’t do paper books anymore. first, I live in the middle of nowhere, secondly i’ve got no space for them. I feel your pain, J., but you are doing the right thing. Yay for Voodoo Killings, enjoy!

  • I’ve also set aside some of my books to donate to the library and some to sell but I keep on putting it off -___- I read Every Exquisite Thing a week or so ago and ended up really loving it. I’m getting a physical copy soon! And it really made me want to read more books by Matthew Quick!

  • It’s so great to do a clearout and see all the space you have afterwards, and I do love sorting out my books at the end of a year, since I’ve tended towards keeping all my review copies and second hand copies- everything- and then setting myself down to go through them all at the end of the year. And I can get rid of so many, because I only really *want* to keep the books that inspired me and that I love so, so much. I saw the massive amount you were getting rid of and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the sheet amount. So. Many. Books. I’m glad they’ve found some good new homes!

    It sounds like a good idea, too, to think about what books you really want to own, rather than read but not actually have your own copy of. I don’t read ebooks, but that sounds like a really good, inexpensive way of doing things. I hope that process goes well for you!

    Vinegar Girl has such a gorgeous cover *heart eyes* That’s delightful.

  • lol. <3 You are adorable Joy. YAY for getting so many pretty books 😀 Hugs. But also yay for getting rid of a few too. <3 Hugs. I have been selling my books like that, pretty cheap.. and just these past few days I managed to sell above 70. WHAT. Feeling so happy. Yet sad. But happy, because more space for new books. <3 I just need to remember that I did not want to read the books that I sold, lol. Anyway. I hope you are doing great sweetie 🙂 Happy reading. <3

  • Jazmen

    Joy you’re funny. I have a couple of these to review. Maybe, I’ll get to them…this year. Good luck with these, Joy!

  • Haha, I wish I had the strength to give away my books, but sadly I do not 🙁 I can’t wait to read KISS KILL VANISH–I loved VIRTUOSITY, her other book 😀 And yaaaasss to ASSHOLES: A THEORY OF DONALD TRUMP! Looks like you’ve got a great haul 😀 Happy reading!!

  • I am totally in love with listening to books lately. I just wish they weren’t so expensive-I am very picky where I spend my Audible credit let me tell you.And my Kindle is my favorite thing I own-tied with my IPhone. I don’t ever buy hard backs-they are just ridiculously expensive. Although I have a friend that used to buy a couple of series we both read in hard back and I certainly reaped the benefits then!

  • Lately I’ve been on an ebook only purchase plan until I rid myself of a lot of my unread and didn’t like books as well Joy, they tend to keep building up and taking over my shelves as well. I wish I could get rid of more of mine, I’ve already sent on around 40 books to new homes, but still have another 50 or so before I can make room to clean out more. It’s too hard to resist a bargain and really, what’s only another handful of books in the long run <3

  • I’ve switched almost exclusively to ebooks and audiobooks. The only way I buy physical books is if I absolutely love the e/audiobook, haha.
    Appealed was really good!

    • That’s what I keep hearing! So that’s why I picked it up.

  • I’ve switched to mostly ebooks and audiobooks because I’m out of room for any more physical books. If I make it to a con next year, I know I will come home with new books. I might even buy some books for signings. I hope you enjoy your book haul. I want to try Voodoo Killings.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  • Can’t wait to see what you think of Vinegar Girl – The Taming of the Shrew is a favorite of mine as well! Good for you for parting with some books!

  • Hmp! I didn’t get that invite to unload some titles off your shelves 😛

    I should do something similar too. Mine isn’t as massive as yours, but it’s always good to let go of some old meh books to make way for new ones.

  • You broke up with Abbi Glines too? Haha, I used to really like her books, even though they clicheesy but I’m done with her. I have so many books too and I give a lot to my niece but I can’t part with most of them.

  • I find e-books much more convenient to read and own, but there’s just something about owning a physical copy of a book. I loved Martinez’s Virtuousity but haven’t read any of her other books since the reviews that I’ve seen for them haven’t been very favourable. Hopefully you’ll like Kiss, Kill, Vanish.

  • Even though I’m sick of Drumpf, I might have to pick up that book. LOL I think most if not all of us commenting here totally get what you are saying. I’ve been trying to stick to more library books, but I still pick up books. I’m still trying. LOL

  • If I lived there I’d come for soooo many books

  • Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings

    I am all about bargain books, too, don’t worry. I always tell myself I’m saving so much money when, really, I’d be saving even MORE money if I hadn’t bought them but I so rarely regret these decisions. It’s OK. I’m excited to see what you make of Quick’s latest since I’ve been hearing interesting things about it around the blogosphere. Wonderful haul, Joy–happy reading! 😉

  • It happens. It happens, lovely Joy. Teehee! Sometimes I feel bad over the fact that I don’t have many hard copy books, but then I KNOW I’m doing okay because… they’re on my Kindle and I’m saving space. BUT I still miss smelling and feeling the pages. I think we’re kind of screwed either way Joy…. #bookwormprobs

  • kindlemom1

    This was why I went to mostly buying e-books, I just ran out of room! Although it sadly didn’t help my buying quirk, I still buy way too many and have more books that I will ever be able to read in a life time. Oh well, what’s a girl to do right?

  • I’ve quit buying physical copies a while ago, with the exception of buying for a book signing. I just don’t have the room. There are so many books on my shelves that I need to get rid of because I won’t ever read them. I have a lot of YA I’m just not interested in anymore. I should see if I can give them to my local library, but a lot are ARCs and I wonder if they’d have a problem with that. I should hold another giveaway on the blog, too.

  • I love hardbacks – I just can’t help it lol! So, I feel your pain. I need to try more ebooks. I’ve been requesting/reserving more through the library and trying to get books that I’m curious about through them and only buying books I really want/love author in hardback. I think its wonderful that you shared some of your books with other blogger as well. I hope you enjoy Assassin’s Heart – I want to grab that one up as well 🙂

  • Lol, you could be buying worse things, so just think of it that way. I parted ways with Glines a few years ago, too. She was one of the reasons I fell in love with NA, but then I got burnt out on her books. Maybe I’ll revisit them some day. Another great book haul!

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    I look forward to your thoughts on The Summer Before the War. I like the sound of that one. I hear you about giving away physical copies of books…I did that before I moved a few years ago and have downsized my collection quite a bit. I only keep books that are special to me now. It sucks, but my collection was getting crazy. That’s awesome you were able to give your books away to bloggers! I hope you had a nice weekend.

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    I’m afraid Kiss Kill Vanish might disappoint you, but I just recently finished Assassin’s Heart and really enjoyed it. Good idea to share your books with bloggers! I wish I lived closer. 🙂

  • That’s really great that you’re giving some books away! .<

  • That was really nice of you to give your books to other bloggers. 🙂
    And definitely think about sticking to audio and ebooks too. Plus, there are some great deals frequently on Kindle books + audios as well.
    Sadly, Abbi Glines and I just don’t work. 🙁 I hope you enjoy your new books and have a good week!

  • It’s so good that you are giving away some of your books that you no longer want or really appreciated. Good on you for doing so, and especially when it comes to multiple copies. That’s one of my rules – no matter how many books I get, I simply cannot own a multiple copy. If that happens I just host a giveaway. But you got some good books here. You’re really thinking about the amount of books you own which is great. I just seem to acquire more and more, and although I AM reading, it’s just not happening fast enough.

  • Appealed! I still need to read that. You could also look for other places to donate your books besides the library. I donated some of mine to a battered women’s shelter, some to a long-term hospital that had a sad library, and a lot of YA to my son’s schools. The librarians were very thankful to get some new books in.