Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 181


Alter Egos by Mark Landler | The Last Star by Rick Yancey | The Nest  by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney | The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout | Savage by Thomas E. Snigoski | Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes | Draw the Line by Laurent Linn | The Only Thing Worst Than Me Is You by Lily Anderson | Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee | Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse

I know, I know. I’ve gone and pulled a disappearing act again. Sigh. What can I say? May has just been one of the laziest blogging and reading month I’ve ever had. I don’t know what to tell ya. I go through spurts of inspired weeks then absolutely terrible weeks where I can’t bring myself to finish a book or write something. Anyway, I’m sort of back. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more and more importantly, read more.

So the stack shown above are two weeks’ worth of books. I’ve tried my best to steer clear of the bookstore, but I’m Icarus and the bookstore – the proverbial sun. It always leads to my ruin. I’ve been thinking about skipping all those weekly new releases posts on my feed. This way, I wouldn’t be tempted. But again, weakness and such. I’m sure I’ll fail over and over again.

I’ve got to say that I’m pretty excited about my stack. Especially  Girl in the Blue Coat and Girl Against the Universe. After reading Salt to the Sea, I’m addicted to YA Historical Fiction now. I also added a non-fiction to the pile  – which I’ve started and have been enjoying (in as much as one can enjoy a non-fiction work). Alter Egos is a book about a couple of Democrats whom I greatly admire and their political relationship over the years. Lots of discourse – especially with regards to the US’ foreign policy – and all the fun of politics.

Another month is drawing to a close and I’m nowhere close to erasing the deficit on my reading challenge. As of this writing, I think I’m 10 books behind. FML. How about you? How are you guys doing on your challenges for 2016? I sure hope you’re doing much better. I’m sucking big time. That’s why I decided to take advantage of Audiosync’s summer free audiobooks downloads. Here are the latest:

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 Half the challenge is actually finding the time to listen to them. Before I hurt my foot, I was able to take advantage of the commute and the amount of walking time. Because I’m still trying to nurse it back to health, my listening time has been virtually non-existent. I just need to find the time to listen to them when I’m at home – which is good because this would mean I will find menial tasks to do just so I can pop my earbuds in. Lol.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful week, dear readers and thank you for your patience. I appreciate all of you. Happy reading!

  • This was lost in my email. Sorry. I know about getting burned out-I am kind of there right now with paranormal books, but still enjoy them. I am cutting down a bit on my reviews here and there so maybe I can get back into it more. So I think it happens to everyone Joy. I hope your foot is better-especially since I am two weeks behind on commenting on this!

  • Montana

    So many of those books look amazing! I’ve heard awesome things about The Problem with Forever and Girl Against the Universe. I’m curious to see what you’ll think of Girl in the Blue Coat and I hope you enjoy all of your books! 🙂

    Montana @ The Book Belles

  • I listen to audibooks while I am working sometimes but I haven’t really felt like doing that lately either. Of course, I think that is largely because I am not enjoying the book that I am working on right now but it is for review so I feel like I need to finish. Never feel bad for needing a break!

  • Ah forget about the Goodreads challenge, it’s not worth stressing about tbh. When you’ve been blogging for such a long time sometimes you need these slumps just to relax and do other things.

  • You know, we all have times where it gets hard. I think it is better to take some time off then get burnt out and quit for good. I hope your foot is getting better. Enjoy your books

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  • I was with you on the MIA thing! Maybe it was just a dreary month, eh?

    I hadn’t heard of Girl in the Blue Coat before I shelved it at work, but it sounds so good! And I’ve heard nothing but good things about Stacey Lee’s books! I hope June is a much better month for you, Joy!

  • Jazmen

    These all look so good. I’m really interested in seeing what you think about The Problem With Forever–I’m eyeing that one hard!

  • karina

    As I said I am doing worse than you in my reading 🙂 audios are pretty much the only things that save my behind. Enjoy all your reads, darling x

    • Thanks, K. I really need to start listening to audiobooks again. It’s what saved my Goodreads Challenge last year.

  • Melliane

    oh many books and I heard about only one of them. happy reading!

  • I know what you mean, it is hard to get back into the swing of things, and with your foot, who can be bothered! You will get there though!

  • Rabiah

    That’s the thing about blogging–do it when it suits you 😀 Welcome back and wow! Looks like you’ve got a ton of great books! I’m looking forward to reading a bunch of these, especially GIRL IN THE BLUE COAT and THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN ME IS YOU 🙂 Happy reading!!

    Rabiah @ Confessions of a Readaholic

    • Thanks, Rabiah. By the way, I think I left a comment on your blog yesterday, but I wasn’t sure it was the right one. I tried following your link from Disqus, but I got an error message. So then, I tried to google you and found Confessions of a Readaholic and left a comment. Not sure if it’s you, though. I would love to add you to my regular visits, so leave me a link, will ya? Thanks!

      • Rabiah

        Ooo that’s weird. But yup–I did get your lovely comment 😀 Thank you for taking the time to comment back! I love your blog and I’ll definitely keep visiting too!! 🙂 (here’s the link btw because for some reason Disqus hates me, haha: http://iliveforreading.blogspot.com)

  • Welcome back! I’m curious to see your thoughts on The Problem With Forever. I’m going back and forth on reading that one.

    • Ack. I know! I’m not too sure about JLA. We haven’t been seeing eye to eye in the last few years, so wish me luck.

  • Ruta, gotta check the library for that.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Hey! Welcome back! I understand having weeks where you don’t get much finished; it happens to us all. I really want to read The Nest. I hope it’s a good one! I do like YA Historical Fiction; I just need to read more.


  • Aw, no worries about blogging more 🙂 Hugs. I’m getting exhausted by having to comment on eeeevery blog all the time, haha 😀 But I always love commenting on your posts. <3 Hugs. Yay for getting so many books, haha 😀 They all look gorgeous. <3 Sadly, I didn't like Girl Against the Universe all that much.. but it do look so so pretty 🙂 Happy reading Joy. <3 I hope you are having an amazing week 🙂

    • Aw. That makes me sad now. Everyone seems to like it! Oh, well. We shall see. 🙂

  • I grabbed Every Last Word even though I’m not a big fan of the narrator. I’ll go back and forth between an e-copy (once I get it from the library) and the audio just to squeeze it in. Sorry that your injury is holding you back and I hope you get back to 100% soon! Happy reading, Joy! 🙂

    • I didn’t even look who the narrator was. Let’s hope it wouldn’t bother me so much. And thanks, Rachel! <3

  • Hope the foot gets better. Oh and I totally forgot about Audiosync! So bummed I missed the Sin Eater’s Daughter. Enjoy the books! Looks like you got some good reads ahead!

    • I know! It’s been such a bothersome thing. I missed out on that one as well. Boo.

  • You don’t EVER have to apologize for being away. We understand (me really more than anyone because pfft, I’m known to pull a disappearing act and stuff) but hey, life gets BUSY so… what are you gonna do? 🙂 I’m glad to hear that your leg is doing better and at least since you’re in a reading slump you still made time to read with your super awesome-full audiobooks! 🙂

    • I know! But sometimes, I feel really bad because you awesome people comes and visit me and I have nothing new up on the blog.

  • kindlemom1

    Hopefully June will be a better read month for everyone, I know I have those bad weeks as well. You have some great books lined up though, I really hope you enjoy them!

    • Thanks, Ali! I’m looking forward to reading them. I hope you’ll have a great month ahead, as well. 😉

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    Disappearing acts happen for lots of different reasons. I’ve pulled one or two myself lately. As long as you’re still reading and enjoying the things you do, everything’s great. I’m very much behind on my Goodreads reading challenge too, and for the first time ever. Ah well, priorities.

    • sadly, even my reading is affected. I wish you good luck with your challenge, Maja!

  • Yay audio sync…even if I have only gotten one so far :/

    • I remember you not being a fan of audiobooks so much, so I hope you’ll enjoy it, anyway. 🙂

  • I think a lot of us are going through a weird slumpy year. There are days when I’m FULL of inspiration and others I just want to do nothing blog/book related.
    Your collection is so beautiful! I see lots of great looking titles there! Especially GATU which I sincerely hope you love. I also have copies of Outrun the Moon and Girl in the Blue Coat. I can’t wait to read them. I’ve turned to YA HF thank to Salt to the Sea too.
    Anyways, I hope you get back your blogging inspiration again, Joy! Take care!

    • Isn’t it, though? I swear, sometimes, I feel like the weather affects it too. Lol. Weirdo.

  • Ahh I so badly want to read The Problem With Forever and The Last Star! I absolutely loved the first two 5th Wave books so I really want to get it BUT I’m on a book buying ban…what to do, what to do?! >.<

    • Aw, man. I hear ya. I’ve put myself on many a ban but I’ve failed time and time again. Sigh. Good on you, though!

  • Glad to see you back! I’m behind in my reading challenge as well, but I’ve been making some ground up through listening to audiobooks. Oh yeah, and I’m drooling over your haul! Such pretty books! I guess I’m lucky that my closest bookstore is 40 minutes away or else I’d be there all the time making poor decisions! I look forward to your review of Girl in the Blue Coat!

    • Yes, indeed. But the distance probably wouldn’t matter to me as much since I’ve also been stalking online bookstores lately. *sobs* Oh, my poor wallet.

  • YA Historical Fiction? You should my favesies MG Hist-Fic of last year in Blackthorn Key. And to a lesser extent, the recently released Outrun the Moon!

    • I just bought Outrun the Moon and I almost picked up Blackthorn Key last week. Drat.

  • RO

    Hey There Joyous Joy! I can totally relate to the disappearing act. It’s not that I didn’t want to blog, but this new project has completely monopolized my time, and when I get a spare minute, I’m watching tv to get a breather. Slowly, I hope to get back into my books and blogging again, because I miss the interaction. Looks like you have a nice haul there! Sending out HUGE Hugs…RO

    • Hey, Ro! I haven’t seen you in a while. What has you hiding away from me?

  • I go through blogging spurts and slumps all year. It’s a vicious cycle. Nice new stack!! I want to read The Nest and the new JLA book. I need more ya historical in my life so now I need to check out what the girl in the blue coat is.

    • It sucks. I wish I can be one of those consistent bloggers who are able to schedule posts months in advance. Sigh.

  • Ooh, The Last Star as well? I just started reading it too Joy and so far, it’s confusing me senseless. It sounds like a much needed break Joy, we’re all still here for whenever you want to post 🙂 I’ve developed a real love for historical YA too in the last year, since reading Prisoner of Night and Fog actually. I need some new recommendations actually, so will be looking forward to seeing what you think of those two. They sound brilliant! <3 I hope you have a wonderful week Joy and hope to see you back and enjoying your books again soon sweetheart <3

    • Lol. Well, I have yet to read The Infinite Sea, so I might be just as confused as you are right now. Oh, I’ve been meaning to read Prisoner of Night and Fog for a while now! I need to find my copy first, though. Lol. Have a great week, Kelly love.

  • I used to devour political books of all views, but I just can’t stand it anymore. You wouldn’t believe what I did on Friday (it involved a political figure, but not in THAT way). Belch! Damn, your foot needs to completely heal already! Come on, use your super healing powers, Joy! 😀

    • YOU. DID. NOT.

      Was it as maddening as what’s been reported?

      • I did, indeed. I had to witness the insanity myself. It was … baffling. And mind-numbing. Also, very sad.

  • I’ve heard that Girl Against the Universe and Every Last Word are supposedly really good. And Egg and Spoon is supposed to be a good laugh as well. I do hope you enjoy all these books <3 Oh, and I absolutely loved Outrun the Moon, so here's hoping it's one you can enjoy. Nothing wrong with some good YA historical fiction at all 😉

    • Oh, me too! I love the premise already. I mean, I typically like reading historical fiction set in wartime era, but the San Francisco quake is an interesting time too. I know about the devastation, but I have to admit I’m really curious about the main character.