[634]: Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop


Marked in Flesh

by Anne Bishop

There’s a myriad of reasons why I love this series. As a reader whose tastes tend to lean towards stories that are more in touch with reality, The Others is one of the few paranormal series that slipped through that filter. Typically, I’m drawn to the romance that a book promises. This series, however, doesn’t offer much in that respect. And that is why it’s astounding (especially to me) that I’ve consistently rated them high with every installment. So what is it about them that keep me coming back?

For one, Ms. Bishop has created a world that to me, is fascinating. Now if you’re a regular reader of paranormal fantasy, you would probably consider hers as one of many. But since I have no basis for which to compare it to, I remain amazed. After all, I can only name at least one other series that I follow in this genre: The Black Dagger Brotherhood. And that’s about the extent of my experience.

Second, Meg and Simon themselves know how to tease me enough with their budding romance. Confounding, really. Because if it were another book, the slow as molasses progression would have me running out the door faster than you can say DNF.  That is not the case here.  I love how seemingly innocent they are. Simon has no experience whatsoever in handling a relationship with a human. Meg does not have any experience with any healthy relationships period. Together, they are sweet, funny, and more often, silly – which makes them so irresistible.

Third, the anticipation of reading the demise of the Human First Last Movement. Truth be told, I thought it was unrealistic how far The Others have let them. It took too long to snuff them out considering how easily they can destroy their enemies. It’s just silly, I thought. So with every installment, I waited upon bated breath.

There is an underlying social relevance to these books that I’m just now realizing. Nowadays, talks of climate change and its deniers persist in social media platforms. Some political groups insist that humans are in no way responsible for the increasing greenhouse gases that contribute to Earth’s rising temperatures. But scientists insist that we are destroying the only place we call home. We have the same scenario in this series, albeit the humans were only too happy to accept responsibility. Sometimes, I wish that we have the same creatures governing the world’s natural resources.  Because if you think about it, we would probably live more harmoniously in a world where war can easily be eradicated by much more superior supernatural  beings. The conflict in the Middle East would not exist because the land would not be owned by Israel or Palestine. Countries cannot invade other countries. There will be no Axis of Evil. World peace is not just a wish uttered by beauty pageant contestants. It could be a reality if The Others actually existed.

  • Jazmen

    Again, I’m reminded that I am one of the very few people that hasn’t read this series. I really want to try this one out. I haven’t read a single thing about it. Now why couldn’t I remember this book, when I was in the bookstore this weekend? Sheesh.

  • Wow, it sounds like this one really made you think deeply about the socialist movement in our world and the war that have occurred. Which is definitely the beauty of this series. I absolutely LOVED the progression of Simon and Meg in this book! I’m so happy that you continue to love this series , as well.

  • I have only read the first book, on audio, but I do have books 2 and 3 also on audio waiting for me. Nick is on love with this series and I really liked book one.

  • I am so glad you love this series so so much 😀 Gorgeous review Joy. <3 I like these covers a lot. So pretty 😀 Just, so happy you weren't disappointed by this book sweetie. <3 Not for me, but so glad you love them all 😀 Yay 🙂

  • Yeah, I love how there are a lot of connection in this book to real stuff – like social injustice, the environmental stuff, and just other political parallels and incidents throughout history. And of course the romance. It’s much more realistic this way, and still so satisfying.

  • You know a book is special when it defies your usual pattern of book that you can appreciate. I do like my slow and steady romances because sometimes the suspense and frustration is something I can truly love. And it sounds like the world is also done wonderfully here in a way that hooks you. Oh, how I need this series in my life.

  • All reviews I have read of this final book have been fantastic! I am glad that you have found a paranormal series that you have loved, considering you don’t read a lot of them.

  • If only there could be a world where world peace could exist. Thoughtful review. I like that it’s not so heavy on the romance. That’s always a bit refreshing. I’m gonna add these to my to read list for sure.

  • You know, I’ve seen quite a lot about these books (and I always recognise them because of that cover art, which always catches my eye, no matter how many other books it’s sitting amidst), but not once have I ever read a synopsis- or if I have, it was long enough ago that I no longer remember it. Anyway, judging by the few reviews I’ve read, it sounds like this is a pretty interesting series that I maybe should look into a little further.

    I’m probably like you, Joy, in that slow burning romances have to be very specific if I’m to enjoy them! *laughs* I don’t like it to be too slow, I don’t want it to be too quick, I like things to be really… nice, I guess! But when it works, it works, and sometimes things take longer than I imagine I would like and yet it is just what I like best. *sighs* I think maybe that’s the unpredictable side to reading. With some things, we can always be surprised. Lovely review. x

  • I so need to get my ass in gear and read these!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Thanks for sharing! I used to read a lot of paranormal romance, but haven’t as much in years now. Regardless, I’ve had the first book on my wish list for a LONG time. I need to get on it!


  • I so love this series. It is one of my favorites on the market right now. I completely agree with you that this series is mimicking the real world right now. I also agree with Braine, I want to be an Other. Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  • Yes, finally I’m not the only one who thinks this is a satire/metaphor of some sort. That’s why I love this, the way she pokes fun and criticize humans is so spot on. I wish I was an Other

  • You make me want to start this series soon. I have been putting it off, but it continues to call to me.

  • kindlemom1

    I do love this series too there is just something so unique about it and yes, the characters definitely make the series stand out as well.

  • I adore everything about this series. Once started I can’t put them down. So well plotted, characters you wish were real, unbelievably good world building. I could go on and on. I actually don’t know anyone that doesn’t love these.

  • I am finally reading book 2

  • Melliane

    I just love this series so much and I’m so curious to read more

  • You know I love this series, as well, Joy! I totally agree, in any other series the slow progression of Simon and Meg’s romance would drive me bananas but somehow I’m riveted instead of being frustrated. I wish there was a superior power to step in and take care of all our world’s woes, too. Maybe someday? Here’s hoping! Wonderful review. 🙂