Garage Sale

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This week, I’ve put up my purses for sale on @dclttr. I think it was more difficult to let go of these because I’m more of a purses type of gal than shoes. To be honest, those aren’t all of them. I kept some because they’re the ones I use the most and the rest were pieces that never saw the outside of my closet. It’s impractical to keep them, I know this, but it’s got me thinking about how things have changed for me whenever I’m out shopping.

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Do I really need this?

Lately, I’ve found that every time I’m at a store, I’m making a conscious effort to really think hard about the stuff I’m picking up. Yesterday at the mall, for instance. I picked up a couple of blouses at Forever 21 only to put them back because even though it will only cost me less than $20 for the two, I don’t need new clothes right now.  Heck, my closet still needs another purging even though it’s gone through one already. Just because the item is on sale does not mean I should get it.

My husband offered to take me to the bookstore again yesterday, but I declined because there wasn’t a newly released book that I want to read.  We could’ve still gone, but I thought I might as well eliminate the temptation and not go the bookstore altogether.

Making a Grocery List

I’ve started planning dinner menus for the family. This eliminates unnecessary pantry stock, food waste, and fast food take-outs. Gone are the days when I would shop like I’m prepping for the zombie apocalypse. I’ve started freezing fruits when it looks like it’s getting too ripe then use them for my breakfast smoothies. I’ve made an effort to check what’s in the fridge, freezer, and the pantry before I make my grocery list. This way, I’m not buying more food items than necessary. I’m sure this is not an avant-garde method of feeding a family of four, but it’s a new practice for me. I’m on a quest to reduce waste, increase our savings, and actually spend more time having a sit-down meal every chance we get.


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