On the Night Table [34]: April Reads



I find it odd that the more time I have on my hands, the less I feel inclined to read anything. As a result, I’ve fallen way behind on my for review pile and feeling the crunch of time slipping away from me. For April, I’ve made a deal to myself to remove temptation from the equation. Which means, Netflix is banned for the time being. Because that is the root cause of my laziness nowadays.


You will probably recognize three of the books on my pile this month: The Immortals, Shylock is My Name, She’s Not There. That’s because I had them up last month, but I didn’t get to read them. I’ve added the third and final book to The Passage series by Justin Cronin (The City of Mirrors) – which I’ve been reading off and on for the last few days.


To be honest, I’ve not been in an ideal frame of mind so my reading habits are taking a toll. Right now, I’ve been stuck reading Pillars of Light by Jane Johnson for almost a couple of weeks now. It’s a book set in the time of Crusades, and while I like the story, it’s just not moving fast enough for me. But I’m halfway done, so I think I’ll see through the end.


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