On the Night Table [32]: February Reads


Coming in late in February, I know. But with all the stuff that happened at the beginning of the month, reading was the farthest from my mind. So this week, I thought I might as well do one of these posts since I’m still unemployed and I might have a better chance at actually sticking to this list. These books are all for reviews, and I’m feeling a little bad for not giving them any attention sooner than I should’ve. But it’s all good, here is now and all that. I really want to get these out of the way so I can concentrate on the ones I’ve been eyeing on my shelves.


I just started reading Dark Days Club over the weekend, but I didn’t get too far ahead. The Widow is Penguin’s book club choice and since I’ve not read it, I’m not even able to join in the conversation over at Goodreads right now. Fail. Pillars of Light is supposed to be romance – right up my alley. Black Apple is  historical fiction based on the Aboriginal children that were taken from the homes by the government to get schooling outside of the Reservations. I’m curious about this one because it’s a heated topic of conversation in Canada right now.


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It’s been a great week for reading. I finally finished The Impostor Queen after a very slow start. City of the Lost was a great mystery from the queen of Canadian mysteries herself. He Will Be My Ruin was surprisingly good despite the lack of romance. Patient Zero was soo good. I cannot believe I put off reading this book. I’m hunting for the next book now.

I’ve been behind on my Goodreads Challenge, but I manage to keep pace this week! Let’s hope I can continue the streak.

What about you? What’s on your night table this week?


Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about embracing Minimalism in my life. I’ve been reading up on it. Though whenever I see the piles of books everywhere in my house, I can’t help but feel like I’m dying inside.


A Life Minimized is a blog that’s currently in the works. If you’re interested in this lifestyle, give it a follow so you can join me in my quest to declutter my life.  There is no post yet, but you can at least, read the ABOUT ME section.

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