Confessions of an Addict [44]: Finishing Unfinished Books


It’s always been a problem of mine; a sickness that I can’t seem to find a cure for. I’ve read this meme somewhere about all the things you shouldn’t waste your life on and one of those is forcing yourself to finish a book you don’t enjoy.

But I’ve always had a hard time giving up on a book. I’m scared that once I start, my finicky standards would win out and I’ll be stuck with an entire bookshelf of unfinished books. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have over 25 books with bookmarks hanging out of them. And the pressure is building.


I have a whole slew of reasons why I started then stopped. Not in the least of which is out of boredom. I have no qualms giving up on a book that doesn’t hold my interest. But therein lies the crux of the problem. I am an eternal optimist when it comes to books. I like to give them a chance even if the writing is subpar or the story isn’t quite as exciting or interesting as I first thought it to be. I believe in my ability to pick a good book (some days).  I believe that once upon a time, there was a reason why I bought that book. I am a firm believer of reading the full book then giving it the review it deserves – good or bad. But I end up with a shelf-full of unfinished, bookmarked books.


One of the things that add to this conundrum is that I live in a house full of books. As in, I have books everywhere: bedroom, living room, hallways, kitchen. Most of the time, I pick up a book whenever I find myself in any random room in my house. I start them, put them down, and voila! Another unfinished book in the pile.  And since the TBR is reproducing like rabbits, there are always new books arriving at the scene. Who could resist picking up the new, shiny thing? Sometimes, I think I have an undiagnosed attention disorder. Because I can’t focus on one thing before I move on the next.


In the words of a certain ice princess, I need to learn to let it go. I will give these books one more try. Every night, I’m going to pick up one book from my pile. If it holds my interest, I’ll read as much of it as I can. And if not, I’m going to have to learn to let shit go. I can’t hold on to these books like they’re my lifeline, or that I owe it to the universe to finish them simply because I started them. I need to learn to stop feeling guilty over missed review deadline or hating the book that was sent to me for review. Because if it’s not there, it’s not there, you know?


My new employers don’t mind it if I’m listening to a book while I’m working. So in the event that a book in my pile actually grabbed my attention, I’ll download a copy of it if my budget allows it. I’ve never been one to shy from owning duplicate copies (and editions, for that matter) of a book, so if it’ll help me curb this growing problem, hell yes, I’m downloading that sucker!

These little tips are not only for my own gain. I’ve shared it with you if you are having the same problem. Let’s hope I’ll practice what I preach and finally finish these books in my pile! Wish me luck. 😀

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