[599]: In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume


I must admit that my initial reaction when I heard that Judy Blume was coming out with a new novel was ecstasy. Imagine being a part of a generation that lives in the same era as beloved as Ms. Blume?  I can only imagine it being a blessing to some. And this from a reader who didn’t grow up reading her books. Her reputation proceeds her. In as much as Margaret Atwood and Stephen King in their respective genres.

This book, however, was not what I’d expected. The biggest obstacle for me was the lack of concise plot direction. The story was about the events that happened back in 50’s when a town in New Jersey was plagued with air disasters. This tells the story of the people that were affected. I would like to argue that Blume didn’t really explore how, though. In fact, it only showed that their lives turned out every which way simply because – well, life. It went on regardless of the tragedies that happened. No one developed a debilitating fear of flying because they witnessed the plane crashes. It is but a story to be told without any consequent reaction to the reader.

Another hindrance was the overwhelming number of narrators that I had a hard time keeping track of. An overpopulation, as it were. It contributed to my disconnection with the story as a whole. Because when everyone vies for my attention, the more I become stingy with affection. I’m a cold-hearted bitch reader, I know. And I feel doubly bad knowing that Ms. Blume practically wrote this novel all her life. I hate reducing a lifetime of work into a badly-written review. But trust me, it’s not my intention at all. Besides, I’m sure I’m only going to be one faint voice amongst Blume’s rejoicers.

In the Unlikely Event is published by Double Day Canada. Published, June 2nd, 2015. 2 stars out of 5. 



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