Confessions of an Addict [42]: Hard Decisions


As most of you would know, I’ve been plagued with so many upheavals in my life lately. From walking away from a job for 14 years to failing at a couple of placements, let’s just say, it’s been rough. Well, here’s another that had been so difficult to make.

Last weekend, we decided to put up our cabin for sale. It was a sad day, but I felt like we had to do it so we can stop worrying about having mortgages when an emergency comes up. I also wanted to simplify our life,  but I don’t know where to start.

The short list according to this article, is to identify what’s important to me and get rid of everything else. That’s easier said than done. You know what I have a lot of? Books, man. Books. I’m sure I’ll work my way to that sometime. For now, I’m looking at the big picture. Big, as in the second home. As much as it’s a wonderful place to have, it is a financial heavyweight that we never had to think about before I quit my old job. But now that I’m starting over again, I thought we needed to reprioritize. It took me days of instigating dialogues with my husband because he wanted to hold on to it as long as we can. Thankfully, he saw some sense in my latest epiphany.

We had some great memories in this place. Lots of family gatherings, camping, great pictures and laughter. But all good things must come to an end. I told my husband that this is really not the end of our dream. It will take us a few years, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be right on track again if we are disciplined enough. I know have to declutter my life, my house, my closet. But I thought I’d start with something as big as an extra mortgage.

Next up: Clothes, designer shoes and purses. Welp.

  • Ksenia

    I’m sorry I’m so late to read
    this, Joy. I can tell from what you shared in your posts that the cabin is
    close to your heart. It must be hard to say good-bye to the place that holds so
    many good memories. I wish you all the best. I totally get you in your decision
    to simplify your life.

  • Audrey Mills

    So sorry!! That’s the worst. I’m in love with you place and really in love with your bookshelves. I know it’s bad timing, but can I ask where you got them??

    • No problem, Audrey. I got the bookshelves from a local hardware place in our area. But if you go to IKEA (or online if there’s none in your area), they have some really affordable ones.

  • Maaaaaan, adulting is tough.

  • Awww… so sad that you have to give up the cabin! It looks amazing! Hopefully the next owners make just as many good memories as your family did!

  • Aww, I am sorry that you have to sell your cabin. It must suck to get rid of a place that holds such memories for you.

  • I’m sorry about the cabin. It’s hard to let go of a place where you have happy memories. But I agree with Lorna — sometimes the process of simplifying and re-evaluating can also be very exciting and make room in your life for new and amazing things. I hope that is the case for you!

  • Aw man, now where am I going to stay when I go visit you? 😉 I hope you guys get back to where you want to be soon. I’m sure the cabin will be missed. Hell, I’ll miss hearing about your trips there. What are you going to do with all the books you have there?

  • So sorry you have to sell your cabin. I do know about simplifying life, I had to do that a few years ago when I moved from one state to another. I just couldn’t take it all and I had to make big decisions on what to leave behind. It is really hard, but also kind of freeing. I hope you also find it freeing, in the end. Just one of those things that happen in life and after it’s done, it’s done. Good luck with the process 🙂

  • Jazmen

    I’m sad you have to give up your cabin but I understand making hard choices. Good luck with this!

  • I’m sure its for the best, but I somehow empathize with you. I know how much you love your cabin and to let it go must be so hard. Good luck, Joy!

  • Gorgeous picture. It makes it very real that you’ve decided to sell, I guess, seeing that- a space that is clearly used and loved. But you know I’m generally with you, making decisions that will make your life better are hugely important, and I think this is probably the right move for you, even if I can feel your sadness.

    In other news, my last bout of commenting until next year! See you in February, lovely. xx

  • Aw, Joy, what a hard decision! I believe everything happens for a reason though and know everything will work out for you in the future, I have high hopes!

  • Rachel

    What a difficult decision to make, when it’s something that gave you so much enjoyment. I hope these decisions lead to much more happiness in your future! R xx

  • It definitely sounds like you’re making lots of major changes in your life Joy, and even though it’s sad to let go of your cabin, it sounds like you know in your heart that it’s the right decision.

  • I’m so sorry Joy, I know how much you love the cabin and like to escape to it. It’s hard to let something so incredibly beautiful go that’s such a big art of your lives, but I can imagine how much pressure a second mortgage is (we have one and that’s more than enough). I’m glad you and the hubster are on the same page though and of course this isn’t the end. I think it’s that we really don’t like big changes, but as they say, when one door closes another opens and this could be the start of taking that pressure off and maybe finding something part time even. I can tell you now, interior design would be a good choice, have a look at that loungeroom! I hope you’re doing okay Joy and hit me up if you ever need to talk sweetheart <3

  • I’m sorry you’re having to do this, but your attitude is so positive, I’m sure you’ll be right where you want to ASAP 🙂 good luck!

  • kindlemom1

    I’m sorry you are having to do this but I love your attitude because you are so right, who knows where you will be in the next few years and something better might come along! I know this will be hard and wasn’t easy but I think you are extremely brave and I wish you truly, the best!!

  • RO

    Wow! Can I totally understand what you are saying and what you are going through, ( I could share a story about me that would make your hair curl-lol) and the hurt is very real. Despite this, I believe that something BIG is going to happen in your lives that will surprise and bring smiles when you least expect it. As you know, I’m here to talk and offer support, as well as BIG hugs. Continue to hang in there!

  • Bec

    It’s a shame you’ve been put in such a hard position 🙁 But sometimes you just have to do what has to be done and get through it. Good luck with it all

  • Melliane

    I’m sorry about the cabin, I know you loved it there but I also understand why you did that, it’s complicated. Good luck for everything my friend!

  • shootingstarsmag

    I’m sorry you can’t keep the cabin, but that’s great you and your husband can work together on figuring out what you MOST need and try and get rid of some of the rest to relieve stress!


  • Aw, hugs 🙁 I’m so sorry about this sweet girl. But glad you are doing okay with it, even so. <3 Getting rid of things is always hard. Ack. It is so easy to spend money, though, lol. I have spent more than I have :p I need to start selling some things soon too 🙂 But I don't own any designer things.. that would be sad to sell. Ack. Aaanyway. Hope you are doing good sweetie. <3 Hugs.

  • Ah Joy, I can only empathise with you, but it sounds like you guys are making the responsible decision – and, like you said, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have a lovely cabin again in the future! <3

  • Nicole Hewitt

    This must’ve been an incredibly difficult decision for you guys. I hope that it all works out for you and things get easier soon!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  • Wow, that must have been a hard choice Joy! But it’s nice to see that both you and your husband can agree on it, and I hope everything goes A-OK in the coming weeks!

    – Aila @ Happy Indulgence

  • Aw, I know that must be hard

  • ChristinaBookAddict

    Thinking of you, Joy! I know how hard this must be for you. I think I could definitely benefit from some decluttering and simplifying as well. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  • Ah, you really are going through some tough decisions lately and a lot of transformation, but if you both think you’re making the right decisions, then that is the best for you. I really hope this is going to work, and I like the idea of decluttering. I think at times we all need to do this. Take care, Joy <3