October 2015



Boy. What a month. October was such a tumultuous month for me – personal life wise. I quit my job. I found a job…I quit my job. God. Yes, you read that right. I quit that job that I found a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster nowadays. I’ve been unemployed for a week now, but this past week, I never could pick up a book nor could I even entertain the thought of blogging. So, I’m sorry about that peeps. The job search continues. I’ve sent my résumés all over the place, so hopefully I’ll get a response right away. You ever feel like life is getting away from you? That’s how I feel right now. Full of regrets and just really down in the dumps. My husband told me that regretting something is a useless practice. What else can we do about the things we did in the past? Nothing, really. We can only look forward. So that’s what I’m doing. He thinks that I needed a break from working, anyway, so I thank him for that. Let’s just hope I’ll find something soon, because we really can’t afford it.


  • Jack [The Family Simon, #2] by Julianna Stone
  • Tucker [The Family Simon, #1] by Julianna Stone
  • After You [Me Before You, #2] by Jojo Moyes
  • Maverick [The Family Simon, #3] by Julianna Stone
  • Teague [The Family Simon, #4] by Julianna Stone
  • The New Hunger [Warm Bodies, #0.5] by Isaac Marion
  • Glory in Death [In Death, #2] by JD Robb
  • In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish
  • The Darkest Night [Lords of the Underworld, #1] by Gena Showalter
  • Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
  • Before We Were Strangers by Renée Carlino
  • Thursday’s Child by Sandra Brown
  • First & Then by Emma Mills
  • Brown-Eyed Girl [Travis Family, #4] by Lisa Kleypas

Fourteen books for the month is probably the lowest total I’ve ever had. But that’s okay. That’s still a good number by anybody’s standards. I’m hoping things will pick up as soon as I get over the fact that I’m jobless and am living off my husband. I hate that. Truly, I do. Lol.


In my defence, I agreed to tackle this project before my life spun out of control. I think I’ll be okay, though.  Olivia of Olivia’s Catastrophe approached me if I would be interested in collaborating with five other writers in launching a blog. These Writerly Conundrums is a place where we share our adventures in writing. There will be tips; there will be stories, and there will be giveaways. Not gonna lie, I don’t know what I’m doing. Olivia seems to think I can write to save my life. Lol. Man, those ladies are wicked-good writers. Wish me luck, and visit us, will ya?


Well, I’m in between books. I’m ready to give up on Illuminae. It’s taking me awhile to get into it.  The technical stuff is daunting. The narrative can sometimes be tedious. And because it’s a Sci-Fi, I’m missing that emotional connection with the characters and their personal stories. I admire the ingenuity, but I don’t think the book is for me, you know?

CATALYSTS: The Scientific Method by Kris Ripper. Hot. Really hot. I’m not one for menagé, but I see the allure. Don’t know if I’ll ever be a regular reader of it though.

WALK ON EARTH, A STRANGER by Rae Carson. I just started it. Too early to tell. This book reminds me of The Vespertine series by Saundra Mitchell.  But like I said, it’s too early to tell.


I’ve got nothing scheduled. So I’m going to blog on the fly. I’m sure I can shake off this melancholy soon and things will return to normal. I hope you all had a happy Halloween.




  • You quit your new job? I’m sorry to hear that, but… I’m always of the opinion that you shouldn’t do something that makes you unhappy. I know that it’s never really as easy as that- you need money and quitting your job is so hard to amends with- but hopefully being able to remember that the choices you made were the ones you needed to. Like, what if the next job you get makes you really unhappy? I don’t think you should keep doing it, even as an interim thing, because we should be doing whatever we can to be happy. But you should definitely be in charge of your own life.xx

    Ooh, you’re contributing to that new blog! I just went and checked it out. Happy writing for it- you’ll be awesome. xx

  • karina

    Joy, darling, maybe it’s time to think of other options rather than working? Maybe that’s what your mind is telling you. Anyway, don’t get discouraged, the life will show you a new direction to take, I’m sure. Huge hugs and best of luck from both of us! P.S. Will check out The Scientific Method 🙂

  • Aw, I’m sorry that you had to quit your job sweet girl 🙁 Best of luck finding one that is much more perfect for you. <3 Hugs. You can do it 😀 And aaaaw, I am SO SORRY that you aren't liking Illuminae 🙁 SOBS. I wish you would have loved it. Sigh. Hope you loved Walk 😀 I loved it lots, lol. And aw, I'm sorry you haven't read much lately. But all of those books in October is still so many books read 😀 Hope you are having a great week Joy. <3

  • A shame about the new job… something will come up soon!
    You’re not liking Illuminae? That’s a shame… I was hoping to like that one!

  • Oh wow. I’m sorry about the job! But I’d say, if you don’t think you’ll be happy doing it, it’s for the best. I’m with you on the job hunt, though–always, always, always looking and tweaking my resume and applying. I mean, I have my full-time job, which I love, but it’s retail and that’s not exactly why I have a college degree, you know?

    For sure, 14 books is a lot my most of our standards, so no beating yourself up!

  • I’m so sorry to hear that the job didn’t work out Joy, but sometimes it’s definitely a wise decision to quit before you get to ahead of yourself if you’re unhappy. I hope you get another one soon, fingers crossed!

  • Oh, so sorry the new job didn’t work out. But keep in mind, you were working before that so I am sure you have marketable skills-even this blog proves you have skills! I totally understand, having been unemployed for 6 weeks years ago after quitting a job. it was very scary for me, as I am sure it is for you. Just try to hang in there, and I am sure something good will come along-and try not to worry-I know it’s easier said than done!

  • So you’re saying the bookmark you gave me will have increased value when your fame heightens? WONDERFUL NEWS.

  • Jazmen

    I know your life because I live your life. Minus the kids and the husband. It has taken me years to get a solid job. I’m working now but it’s temp-to-perm. So there’s that chance that I’ll get the boot before the 3 months are up. I’ve been struggling with employment for years. I personally go to GOD when I’m feeling that down in the dumps feeling but everybody deals differently. BUT the regrets thing will eat you alive. I’d listen to your husband on that one. Good luck with the job thing and don’t let it get you down. 🙂

  • I’m sorry about the job and just being down in general! Your husband’s right on not obsessing on the past. It’ll eat you alive.

    I haven’t picked up Illuminae. I can never connect with Sci-Fi, and that’s kind of the point of reading, for me at least.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I’m sorry about the new job! That’s great your husband is so supportive, and he’s right, you can’t dwell on the past. I hope you find something soon though and you find it enjoyable! 14 books is fantastic (for someone like me) so you still got a lot of reading in.


  • Nicole Hewitt

    So sorry about the job – I know you were worried and I was really hoping that your fears were unfounded. Your husband’s right about regrets, though. Hope your job search goes smoothly! Feel free to link this post up to my Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up if you’d like!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  • Oh no! Joy! Sorry the new job just did not work out. Your hubby sounds so supportive, too. <3 I hope the break away from working gives you a much needed breather so you can find a new job and get back in the swing of things!

  • Regrets, well I have them too. I wanna quit my job, but not before I have a job. But omg the mold, the chronic sinus infection, I wanna quit

  • Oh wow, Joy, that stinks about the job. I hope you get something soon. November will be better!

  • I totally sympathize with how you must be feeling without pulling in an income. I’m not the one to offer advice (what do I know?), but I can be cheesy. Even though we’ve never met, you brighten my day all the time by stopping by my blog and more often than not, being my only commenter. It keeps me blogging, Joy! So, believe me when I say that I’ll be rooting for you from afar, friend!

    • Psssh, girl. You have to keep blogging. I love the way your write. So whatever I need to do to keep you writing those stellar reviews, I’m doing it! But thank you. You’re a sweetheart. <3

  • kindlemom1

    I’m sorry you are going through a hard time but something better, something perfect for you and your family, will show up. Just hang in there. *hugs*

  • Hi Joy!! Yes, it’s me, long lost Rachel! I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles finding the right fit with work. That’s terribly difficult because we spend so much time at our job so it’s really hard if you don’t like it. I hope you find what you’re looking for. It’s nice that your husband is so supportive. I’m sending good wishes over to you! 🙂

    I’ll have to look up your review for Sandra Brown’s book. Haven’t read one of hers for a while, but I’d like to get back to her. I’m not into menages either, BUT I have read a couple that were so freaking hot I thought my panties would melt right off me! To me, they’re not something that could ever work long term realistically. I think two of the three may end up liking each other just a little more, and inevitably one would feel a little left out. But they are fun for fantasy purposes, lol!

    • Ah Rachel! How have you been? Enjoying your break, I hope. 🙂 I didn’t really do a review for that Sandra Brown book – it’s an oldie. Anyway, I hope to see you soon on the blogging world. And thank you. <3

      • I’m really good, Joy! I have been enjoying my time off with family and no pressure reading. I am back starting this month, but I’m trying to keep with the no pressure way of blogging so it stays fun. I’ll check out your rating on GRs for the Sandra Brown. 🙂

  • i’m so sorry to hear about your job trouble! something amazing will finds it’s way to you soon, i know it!!!

  • Jasprit

    Sorry to hear about not working right now Joy, I shall have my fingers crossed for you that something amazing will come your way soon. And I totally get what you mean, it’s super tough to get over your regrets and look forward, but your husband really has given you the best advice. And what amazing news about your writing project, I can’t wait to hear more about it. I’m hear if you need a chat about anything! x

    • Thanks, Jas. Thankfully, I’ve already got a few prospects waiting for me, so I don’t think I’ll have to wait long. <3

  • I’m sorry about your job woes and hope a new opportunity comes your way soon! Good luck!

    14 books is still a great achievement!

  • Oh no, I’m sorry the new job wasn’t for you. My fingers are crossed that there’ll be something for you just around the corner 🙂 life throws unexpected things at us sometimes, but I’ve always thought that everything happens for a reason. A break from work might be what you need to recharge <3

    I think 14 books is pretty awesome, I wish I could read that fast!

    • I remind myself of that too. Let’s just hope it’s for a good reason. *crosses fingers*

  • Melliane

    I’m sorry for your job and I hope your search will get you something great! Good luck!

  • Oh Joy, I’m sorry to hear that things have been so down lately. And if the new job wasn’t for you, then it wasn’t for you and you are doing right by yourself for quitting. I hope something you can enjoy will turn up soon and that you will be able to enjoy that job more! I’m sure all those resumes your sending out, well, one of them will come back positive in the very least 🙂

    Also girl, you CAN write. From what I have seen as drafts, it definitely proves it. But if things have been a bit down and out lately, don’t worry about not being too present to start with. Thanks for mentioning it though <3

    14 books is still a crazy good number DD:

    • The job would’ve been amazing. But I had some troubles with the person training me. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be, I suppose. And thanks for the vote of confidence, girl. I hope I won’t be a disappointment. Lol.

  • Uh oh, I just bought Illuminae and even though I also have trouble with sci-fi I do have high hopes for it. Guess we shall see.

    I will also be wishing you luck and hoping everything gets sorted out for you soon and that you find a great job you are happy with 🙂

    • You might like it, Alise. it’s just I haven’t the patience for it nowadays. Good luck!

      And thank you. <3

  • Aww Joy, I’m crossing my fingers and toes for you. I know you will find a job soon, because you’re brilliant like that! Take some time to enjoy your freedom for now, because sooner or later you’ll be back in the midst of it.

    14 books is certainly more than the amount I read in a month, so you should be happy about it! I’m happy with just 3 books hehe. Happy Halloween! I love your creepy photo even though I hated Frankenstein heh.

    • Thanks, Joy. <3

      It is still a great number, and thankfully, I don't have the pressure of meeting my reading goal since I've surpassed that a few months ago.