Favourite reads from the month of September

September came and went without much fanfare. But over all, a successful reading month. I read 23 books! Gosh. That’s mind boggling to me. Unfortunately, most of those remain unreviewed and will probably remain so depending on whether or not I will remember to do them. Here are the books I devoured last month:

  1. Chill Factor by Sandra Brown – 4 stars
  2. Ricochet by Sandra Brown – 4 stars
  3. Chasing River by KA Tucker – 4 stars
  4. The Coincidence of Coconut Cake – 4 stars
  5. Overruled [The Legal Briefs, #1] by Emma Chase – 2 Stars
  6. Killer Instinct by SE Green – 1 star
  7. Stand Off by Andrew Smith – 4 Stars
  8. Surviving Ice by KA Tucker – 4 stars
  9. Bream Gives Me Hiccups by Jesse Eisenberg – 4 stars
  10. Night Owls by Jenn Bennett – 5 Stars
  11. The Mistake I Made by Paula Daly – 4 Stars
  12. Sustained [The Legal Briefs, #2] by Emma Chase – 5 Stars
  13. Where There’s Smoke by Sandra Brown – 4 stars
  14. The Witness by Sandra Brown – 4 Stars
  15. Slow Heat in Heaven by Sandra Brown – 4 Stars
  16. Smash Cut by Sandra Brown – 4 Stars
  17. Alex [Cold Fury, #1] by Sawyer Bennett – 1 star
  18. Instant Attraction [Wilder, #1] by Jill Shalvis – 4 stars
  19. Instant Gratification [Wilder, #2] by Jill Shalvis – 4 stars
  20. Instant Temptation [Wilder, #3] by Jill Shalvis – 4 stars
  21. The Hooker and the Hermit by LH Cosway & Penny Reid – 4 stars
  22. Jefferson Blythe, Esquire by Josh Lanyon – 4 stars
  23. Saga, Volume 5 by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughn – 4 stars

I’ve been thinking about the stale books in my TBR lately, and basically just wracking my brain as to how I may be able to give them the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, there really is no science to it. I just have to hike up my skirt and dive in. So for the coming days, you’ll probably see a lot of old books being reviewed here. I know most of you would rather read a review for the latest releases, but sadly, I probably will be getting less and less of those.


I have a few books sitting unlistened to on my Audible account. So I might spend sometime trying to clean these up as well. I just used my September credit by downloading After You by Jojo Moyes, and I’ve recently started listening to Seveneves again. Honestly, I just need to do a lot of housekeeping in the next little while. And that would include my iBooks and Kindle accounts.


I signed up to participate in Queer Romance Month. I’m on the hunt to discover some new stories from authors that I’ve not read of before, so I thought this is the perfect time for it! The event is on for the entire month with a whole slew of authors and bloggers participating. So far, I’ve signed on to review a few books for the month.


So exciting news! I’ve quit my job. I bit the bullet and just did it. Of course, I didn’t just do it without making arrangements first. Because goodness knows I’m broke. I found a job at another company. I am now a PROJECT ACCOUNTANT for a small construction firm. I sound so…special. Lol. So yeah. I will probably be a bit frazzled what with cleaning up my stuff at work and training at my new job, but I’m excited, nonetheless!



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